Top 10 Best Thermometer Apps For Android And iOS In 2023

To measure your body temperature, a device called thermometer is used. Thermometer Apps makes you resourceful in terms of measuring temperature without actually carrying a thermometer. 

Your body temperature is an indicator of your health. When you have a higher body temperature, this means that your body is trying to fight off some infection – viral or any other. 

Usually no one carries around a thermometer, but everyone sure carries their smartphones with them. You can utilise your smartphones as thermometer by using thermometer apps. 

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Smartphones contain sensors that can help you measure your body temperature. Similarly, temperature around you is an indicator of how you should be prepared to face the day and what should you carry and wear. 

Smartphones have the capability to get you that information and make everyday a better day than it would be otherwise.

Here are top 10 best Thermometer apps to enable you to take care of yourself. These apps are available on App store or Play store or both, based on your smartphone’s operating system.


Best Thermometer Apps

Digital Thermometer

digital thermometer

Digital thermometer is one of the most popular apps used currently. Not only it is available on both iOS and android, but it is available for free. 

It gives accurate values of temperature of your surroundings, provides both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. This is great for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, etc. It provides real time values for the same.

Real Thermometer


Real thermometer uses a powerful passive infrared sensor for taking temperatures. This App is available for free on Play Store and App Store. With this amazing app, you can measure temperature of objects 3-5 cm away from the sensor. 

It also has the feature of storing the recorded temperatures and see them whenever you want, even sync them across all your devices.



Thermometer++ is a new and trending temperature measurement app available on both android and iOS. It uses your current location to provide temperature and humidity info, both on Fahrenheit and Celsius scale. 

This app requires you to enable you location to provide you information. It’s pretty fast, accurate and available for free.

Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer

Thermometer & Hygrometer is available for both android and iOS users for free. It is a fresh and popular app which provides information about the temperature and humidity. This thermometer app turns your smartphone into an elegant digital thermometer. 

It provides both Fahrenheit and Celsius scale, so you will not have to do the conversion. This app uses you current location to provide the information.

Temperature Dairy

 One of the best one we came across while looking for the best thermometer apps for android and ios devices is the Temperature Dairy by MedM Inc.

Just like all other related apps, this one is also incapable of measuring temperatures directly from human contact. But it offers one of the most detailed and organized temperature recording facilities.

The app layout and the interface of it is super simple, which allows you to accurately record data, even when you are sick. The app developers have paid extra attention to the features like trend graphs and analysis, through which you can easily learn your body behavior.

What is more to the app is that it is completely free to use, and can be used offline. All of such data is stored directly in your device. However, if you register yourself as a user, you can record and store more than one person’s temperature logs and this data will be stored in the app cloud.

The data can be easily shared or exported to your connected devices.

Overall, it shows up as a great option for maintaining your temperature logs and studying them whenever needed.



Thermometer is currently the most accurate app available on a smartphone­­­­­­­ that uses multiple data sources to find the most accurate values. 

Available on both iOS and android, it uses a unique algorithm to find the most reliable values by combining data from all trustworthy data sources. It has more than 10 layouts for both digital and analog style.

HD Thermometer

Hd thermometer

HD thermometer uses your location to provide accurate temperature information, so you will have to enable location on your smartphone. You will also need to provide internet for this application. 

You can use it get indoor temperature, as well as outdoor temperature. It is available on both android and iOS. It is free to use application.



iThermonitor is an amazing thermometer app that track body temperature 24/7. It is highly recommended to track your Child’s temperature. Once connected to sensors, this app keep a track of child’s body temperature and present an overall graph. 

These graphs are quiet useful and enable doctors to understand fever progression easily. It is available to android and iOS users for free.

Fever Tracker

Fever Tracker

Fever Tracker can be used to provide artificial fever reports. It is available only on android. It is a free, prank thermometer app with two simple steps to get your body temperature on your android device. 

You just need to put your finger on the fingerprint scanner and after a few seconds you will get a temperature analysis in very less time.


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