Top 10 Best Free Drawing Apps For iOS & Android In 2023!

Since ancient times drawing has been the most fascinating way to show our deepest thoughts. Imagining life without art is just living life without emotions. In order to make this experience more trendy and worthy you should consider using Drawing Apps.

Back then in time art exists in different form like stone carvings and painting on papers. Though the joy of drawing with paper and pen can never be compromised but with time changing we have to be updated with time.

And now in today scenario art evolved and can be access from anywhere. And all thanks to technology. There are tons of drawing apps available in the market that gives you joy of painting and drawing from anywhere.

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You can just draw and produce any form of art without, color, pen, and canvas. And if we see in a broad view having the option of creating work digitally and showcasing to the world is all we need. 

Though there are plenty of options available but it is important to know what best for you.  So if you are wondering what available drawing apps that can enhance your creativity up to zenith you are at right place.

Here we have curated some of the best apps that will compensate all you needs, Let’s get started.


10 Best Drawing Apps

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk Sketchbook

It is one of the exclusive and free drawing apps for iOS and Android users. This app comes with 3 different perspective guides, a snipping toggle, vanishing point lock, and horizon line visibility.

Along with this you get different drawing tools such as customizable pains, brushes and markers. There is also a screenshot tools that allow other people to view and add notes to your artwork for review.

And you get an option to create animation on your drawing. Its most exciting feature is scanning that enables you to capture sketch direct from your phone camera.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This app is another best drawing apps to take your creativity one level high. It’s a powerful app that shows off your digital drawing process with an automatically created time lapse video.

Apart from this you get 24 built in brushes with adjustable sizes, colors, opacity and blending settings. And you also get an option to mix photos with drawing layers, re-stack transform and merge them.

Additionally you get access to perspective and graph grids to keep your art in an organised way. And the most convenient feature is easy synchronization with Adobe creative cloud.

MediBang Paint

Medibang Point

Medibang paint is one of the most favorite apps among manga and comic artists. The app comes with some robust artistic tools such as comic panels, screen tones, layers, rulers and a lot more.

You also get 1000 different type of tones and backgrounds. And its multi-platform support makes the synchronization with different devices a child’s play. Through the app you get connect to a large community of artist to showcase you art worldwide.

Not even this you get access to cloud storage and auto recovery of all your data. This app is available both for iOS and Android users in free and paid version.



Concepts is an unreasonably fantastic drawing space for all your creative endeavors. This app employs an infinite canvas/ sketchbook, doodles, mind maps, realistic pen, pencil and brushes.

Apart from this you get access to editing tools like move, size, smoothing, opacity, transform and much more. And you can easily share your artwork directly to email, cloud and on social network sites.

Its best feature is measurement tools that calculate the real world dimension useful most for architects and contractors. It is available free but to enjoy advance feature you can upgrade it anytime.

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint is another versatile drawing app popular among 80 million people worldwide. This app come with over 2500 material, 335 customization, 46 screen tones, 27 blending modes, tons of filters and much more.

Apart from this you get stroke stabilization feature, recording of drawing process and clipping mask features. Its smooth functional and professional feature gives your artwork a professional touch.

And through the SNS feature you can even learn drawing technique from other users’ drawing process. You can easily get all the features in both free and paid version.



Procreative is an award winning app designed especially for creative mind using iOS devices only. With procreative you will never get out of tools anytime.

You get ultra- high definition canvases up to 14k to 16k and the fastest 64- Bit painting engine for iPad. Apart from this you get more than 100 beautiful customized brushes, layering system, design tools, animation assist, and dramatic finish effects.

And its time lapse replay enables you to relive your journey through all the artworks. Additionally you can always share your work on different social networking sites or via email.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe illustrator Draw is a vector graphics editor for both iOS and Android users. This app is straightforward and easy to use with plethora of tools for your creative works.

It contains many features like customizable brushes, basic shape stencils, re sizable canvases, vector drawing layers and time lapse feature.

It also has full layer support withx64 zooming capability to magnify all minute details.You can get this app in free version but to enhance you storage and feature you can get premium subscription easily.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

This app is an ultimate alternative of adobe illustrator. So in case you want to try something different with newbie user interface then this one is perfect fit.

This app has so many features like real time performance, precise vector tools, easy switch b/w raster or vector, and sophisticated topography.

It also supports wide range of color models, unlimited art boards, customized keyboard and multiple file support systems. In short it’s a perfect package that fulfils all your creative needs.

Art Rage

Art Rage

Art rage is another app for creative buds who want to explore creativity in unique way. This app has many features like real world painting tools, layering, import- export of images, and digital RGB blending.

And you can also record your paintings with Art Rage script system. And most important you can personalize your drawing and tools anytime with ease.

So, if you are looking for an app that gives access to create realistic artwork then this one is for you.

Art Flow

Art Flow

Art flow is fast and intuitive painting and drawing app to unlock your imagination at fullest. It’s in built features and tools let you feed on your creativity from anywhere anytime.

This app comes with high performance paint engine, 100+ brushes, layer clipping mask, stylus pressure support and 10 layer filters.

It also supports two layer drawing experience and easy import- export between devices. In short this app aims to replace your physical sketchpad and get you a professional studio just on your smartphone.


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