Top 10 Best Diabetes Managing Apps

If you have diabetes you know that it is necessary to keep updated with your exercise, medications and readings. In the past, you had to visit the clinic to know your status but now all the services are available on your phone.

There are diabetes managing apps that act as a reminder, deliver your charts and minimize your efforts to fight against diabetes.

These different apps have different features and functions. Some of the apps will help you as a tracker of meals and activities, logbook and many more.

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There are Top 10  diabetes managing apps for Android & iOS select your favourite one and keep yourself updated with your diabetes status.    


Best Diabetes Managing Apps


diasugrThis app is a free app for in-app purchases. With a customizable dashboard, intuitive and clean interface and the ability to get sync with the glucose monitor make this app greater.

This app has some features which make it unique from all other apps. Some features include a reminder which notifies you about after workout sugar level, you can easily send this data and charts to your doctor.

So you can better manage your diabetes with accurate and real information. Additionally, this app also estimates the most important indicator of diabetes that is HbA1c.
This app plays an important role in providing you with a cure from diabetes.

Diabetes Connect

DiaconnectThis app will work for you so that you will have better control over your diabetes management. Depending on your choice that toggle feature will be switched on and off.

For better viewing, you can see the results on your desktop screens. Through this app, you can do medications, track your meals, sugar levels and weigh everything on one platform.

Also, you can use different devices to sync it. It means you will have your data always in your pocket.

The expert of data can be printed out and you can share it with doctors at the time of the visit to make the treatment more productive.



forDiabetes is an amazing app that just not enables you to monitor your blood sugar data but also helps you you regulate in ample of ways.

It facilitate you with a logbook and dashboard feature. Also you can track blood glucose, blood pressure, medication, meals and much more.

You can easily find all your data in one app that helps to sync with other health apps like Google fit, Fitbit, weight watchers and many others for tracking your statistics.

forDiabetes presents data in interactive colored scheme. You can also download and use reports for clinical purposes or to share your data with the Doctor. It allows you to modify data in offline mode and later can be synced once online.

According to logged readings, apps estimate Hbc1a as well. Cherry on the top is it’s ability to get connected with Accu-check instant glucometer using Bluetooth.  

This app is really convenient and easy to use. Hence, can be managed by aged people as well without any complexity and ambiguity. The app is free and available for both android and iOS users.

BG Monitor Diabetes

diabgThis app is not so popular but has functions which are useful in diabetes control. To enhance the treatment it can work as a logger for some main indicators.

In 2018 this app has been ranked by Healthline once for the best Healthline app.
This app is recently launched thus it doesn’t have any ios version. The previous app of this brand has free purchase which starts from 2.



This app offers you multifunctional services for free of cost. It can also collect useful data about diabetes such as carbs, glucose and medications.

According to your logged data, it can estimate insulin through its built-in calculator. One of the major benefits of this app is it can integrate with other great apps such as fitness trackers and glucometers.

In Fact, it can also sync with your smartwatch. A premium version of this app is also available with lots of perks such as a second profile for the other member, no ads and synchronisation with different apps.

Blood Glucose Tracker


As like other glucose monitoring apps, Blood Glucose Tracker does not only provide glucose trackers only but also have main features includes
● Statistics reports
● Meal or sleep tags for before and after
● Logging of blood glucose level
● For a different type of marks there are stages.

Diabetic Diet


Diabetic people must be aware of their food more than anyone else. Also, they should know about the impact of the food they eat.

Diabetic Diet app is for those who have diabetes and prediabetes, it guides them about the food and gives information for it. Also, weight control and healthy eating guides are there.

As we know that food is an important aspect of diabetes that is why this app also recommends weight loss programmes and diet plans.

Diabetes & Diet Tracker


Mynet dairy has created a tracker called diabetes & diet tracker and it includes all types of tracker that you need to control diabetes.

It includes the functions for blood glucose level, insulin, medications, sports activities, water intake, etc.

The progress or regress of a blood glucose level will be shown in the charts which display the statistics. Also, you can set a goal or plans.

Glucose Buddy


This app has a complex interface and comprehensive design with the diabetics features which is most essential.

Firstly, sugar sense apps have a logbook in which you can add carbs, glucose levels, steps and daily meals. Also provides you with last week or month’s full report.

Secondly, this app estimates HbA1C levels. This information is essential for monitoring and treatment of diabetes.

Furthermore, this app has connections with other trackers and counters which gives it more info.



This app contains all the tracking of diabetes main indicators. It is not so possible to keep and monitor your main reading in time and take them on one platform. the main features of this app include;
● Diastolic and systolic blood pressure are included in the blood pressure log
● You can add notes attach photos and medications while logging the blood sugar level
● Food and weight tracking
● Also updated with dynamics of glucose levels and shows you the main trends.


Take a look at all the applications and download any of them. So keep yourself updated and share your results with your doctor and save your time. All of these apps have different benefits for you. Also, they can be downloaded on every platform including iOS and Android.


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