Top 10 Best Cooking and Recipe Apps In 2023 !

Cooking Food is still a dream of many and cooking delicious food doesn’t proves out to be a cake walk for everyone. You give up on it thinking that it’s not my cup of tea.

However your Smart phone can assist you in solving this problem as well. All you have to do is to install cooking apps. Just by getting these recipe apps you get access to all your mama’s kitchen secrets.

Most of the Youngsters who live away from their home and parents waste a lot of their hard earned money on restaurants and compromise with their health which is not a good deal in this vulnerable world where diseases and pandemics are spreading like anything. 

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We are living in 21st century where technology is changing at a very significant rate. Who must have thought that cooking can be learned and done through a 6.67 inch screen? So let’s make correct use of this virtual world and learn something new out of it.

I have brought you ‘TOP 10 BEST COOKING AND RECIPE APPS ‘.Lets begin with some amazing cooking apps which will teach you some real cooking skills.


10 Best Cooking And Recipe Apps

Food Network

Food Network Kitchen

So as you have made up your mind for learning cooking, we will get started with very first app. It is one of the most appreciated cooking app among learners and foodies. 

This Recipe app is compatible for both iOS and android users. It is easy to use and is one of the best cooking app for layman.

It has whopping 80k dishes to learn, so you will never run out of dishes. One of the best thing about this cooking app is that it has live mentors to teach you every week which will clear your queries while learning .

You can save your favourite recipes and watch them anywhere anytime required. This cooking app will make your dream come true without even charging a single penny, so no subscription required.

Big Oven


Coming to this amazing cooking app of our list which is one of the most best performing recipe apps out there. Its mind blowing features will make your learning easy and fun. 

It is the only cooking app which has more than 13 million downloads which shows the trust among the users on the application.

 You will never run out of recipes and searching is also faster. You can make your own grocery list which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

You can also find your family and friends which will give you home like feeling. You can also take pro membership for enriching your cooking experience.  



This cooking app is built by Youtube cooking vlog channel known as Tasty, which is one of the most famous Youtube channel. 

This is an easy to use app and provides you with best features. It has filters, so you personalize it according to your taste.

 You can change settings if you only want vegetarian recipes or vegan recipes. You can try different cuisines and like them and can save it for later. It has live coaches who will help you to learn proper cooking and make delicious food.

BBC Good Food

bbc good food

Coming to Good Food Cooking app which is an application built by none other than BBC for their customers. You can learn to make the most trending cuisine out there and share it with your family and friends.

You can search for the most trending recipe on the BBC website. Save your favourite recipe for later. 

The best thing about this application is that you can save your recipe in your device and can resume it on another device. New dishes get automatically in the app so you will never run out of delicious cuisines.



This cooking app provides you with various cooking options with step by step guidance. 

You will get new recommendations everyday of various delicious recipes, so you will never run out of ideas. It has special filters which can be personalised according to your taste, nutrition etc. It has video tutorials and timers

This cooking app helps you with everything you can imagine while cooking, so you don’t need to worry, this recipe app will always be there for your rescue while learning cooking. You can make your own grocery list and add items of your interest and taste.



Cooking is social but sometimes you might feel lonely or not feel like cooking then this cooking app is best for you. 

This app will always provide you some spark of motivation and inspiration with its unique new recipe algorithm. Get new recipe every day and surprise your loved ones with new delicious cuisines everyday. 

You can save your new idea for later and cook it anytime you want. Make your own cooking plan and collection. 

You can also click pictures of your recipes and upload it to show others your recipes. You can make connections with other cooks to see what they are making and can follow their recipes. 

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

ALLrecipes dinner spinner

This cooking app can make your learning easier and has outshined many other cooking apps in recent times. It has best searching options.

 You can even search according to the ingredients you want in your recipe making your learning journey easier and smooth.

 You can make your own shopping list and can add items according to your area of your interest. One of the best feature of this cooking app is that it will make you see what’s on sale near you.

 You will get notifications when you visit nearby store.  You can share your recipes on your facebook feed and can brag about your new cooking skills.



With unique name comes the app with unique features which is obviously going to teach you some unique cooking skills. 

This cooking app is exclusively compatible on iOS, which is really a good news for iOS users.

 One of the most unique feature it has is called Smart Kitchen Timer which helps you in judging the time taken by you in making a particular dish. You will get notified whenever there is a new dish in the feed.

 It has feature of seasonal ingredients so that you can check out the local food. Their constant updates keeps the cooking app bugs free making it smoother for you. 

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen stories

Next on our list is a very user friendly cooking app which will make your learning hustle and bustle free. You will be guided step by step by activating cooking mode. 

You can share your recipe and can boast about your cooking skills everywhere. It has tutorials of professional cooks which will guide you from basic level to advanced level.

 Share your cooking experience in the comment section of your uploaded photos of recipes. Even you can publish your own recipes and get reviewed by international and national cooks which makes it different from other cooking apps.



Last but not the least comes the most praised cooking app out there. It provides you step by step guidance and is great for beginners. 

It helps you in meal planning which acts as a boon to your learning. Many beginners are confused with what to start but if you are using this app then you need not to worry about anything. 

You can also purchase ingredients from the app and can get directly delivered to your home.



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