Top 10 Best Health Coach Apps In 2023!

Being Healthy is something that is highly advisable but now a days it’s more of a fashion and status symbol then just being a lifestyle.

One of the most reliable way of having a personal health coach is having Health coach apps on your smart device.

All people out there are running after gyms and expensive heath coach but everyone cannot afford the same or do not have ample of time to maintain this regimen.

Here Health coach apps land into the picture, just by downloading the app you can connect to all health related advice and stuff available online.

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This way you can plan your convenient time for working out without being stressed about going to gym. Some of these apps also provide online expert and coach advice facility.

Health coach apps allow you to stay healthy without spending raving amount on the same. It provides you the freedom of planning your routine whenever or wherever you want and no one would be able to comment or judge you for flexible workout timings.

In this article, I am going to list top 10 best Health coach apps that you can download on you smartphone and start monitoring your health.


Top 10 Health Coach Apps

Sanitas Health Coach

Sanitas Health CoachWith the maximum number of downloads, this app aims at guiding so many people about health benefits. It helps us to track our blood pressure level, which is an important indicator of good health. It comes with a device called Pedometer which counts the number of steps taken.

This app is also useful for losing weight quickly. We can track our sleeping hours and increase it in case of insufficient sleep because we all know that good sleep leads to good health.

Wellness Coach Health

Wellness coach healthAnother app on our list with another round of benefits is ‘Wellness Coach Health.’ This app comes up with thousands of health tips that help us to stay healthy. Using this app, we can track our blood pressure level, sleeping hours and other indicators of health.

With the pedometer, we can count the number of steps we took during a walk. It has some extra features which add stars to its effectiveness. It not only helps us to control track our health progress but also reminds us of our meals.

Samsung Health

Samsung healthThis app comes on the third position in our list. It comes with lots of workout options to provide us with the best health service ever. It helps us to track total calories taken per day and keeps a record of whatever we have eaten in a day.

It comes preinstalled in Samsung smartphones but in case you don’t find it, in the end, I will provide you with the link from where you can download it. It is an easy and simple app to use.

Personal Training Coach

Max health coach

This app on our list is developed by Max Training tech. This app not only helps to provide intense fitness guidance but also provides the best means to lose weight faster.

It comes up with High quality workout programs and lots of health tips. We can check our progress by the charts provided by it.

It also tells us each exercise in detailed manner along with the number of reps, sets and weights required. You can also track calorie burned and compare it with the workout.

This app has a hell lot of goodness and fitness to offer. It is available for both android and iOS users.



With several other benefits, this app is just not a health coach it’s a complete life coach. Now using this app you can set any goal to make a change in your habits. Whether it is Health, relationships, addictions and what not!

It helps us to maintain our goal by continuously tracking it and following the plan. It also encourages us to make a progress, learn and succeed. This app works on the aspect of positive psychology and self-introspection.

You can track your health by making plans and tracking it. This also provide some premium features. You can download it from Playstore or Appstore and try.

Schaeffler Health

Schaeffler health coachAnother on our list, this app acts as a personal health assistant, this makes all your health-related queries be answered by the professionals. It helps us to lose calories much faster to get a good health.

It lets you know about various healthy diets and chooses the best suits you by consulting to professionals on this app. It keeps a record of the various health indicators like how many hours do we sleep, how much calories we took, etc.

Lark- 24/7 Health Coach

LarkNow prevent yourselves from developing diabetes using this wonderful app which occupies the sixth position in our list. This app is completely ad-free and helps us to maintain a healthy body. We can now calculate the amount of fat, carbohydrates and calories taken by us per day.

Available for 24/7 in your service, this app comes up with lots of motivating quotes which keep us motivated to attain our goal of a healthy body.

Vida Health

Vida HealthAre you searching for a health assistant, who can guide you through your health issues and that too for free? Here is the right app for you. This free app holds the seventh position in our list.

It comes with thousands of health tips which are helpful. It will you tracking your fitness goals like hydration level. It will set our goals for good health and accordingly we have to follow that. We can change our target once attained.

Health Mate

Health MateNow develop healthy habits using this app. With several other features, this app comes eighth on our list. Taking a sleep of sufficient hours is very important to maintain good health but in this world of no time, how can we help ourselves to sleep well?

This app serves the same purpose, it helps us to track the total hours we sleep thus to know if we require to sleep more or is sufficient. It provides many health articles.

Fitbit Plus

Fitbit PlusOn the ninth position, we have ‘Fitbit Plus’ using which one can track their blood sugar level and thus prevent oneself from diabetes. It is an easy and simple app to use.

We can ask questions on various health problems and the answers will be provided by professional health coaches. Interesting right! We will be guided by the professionals. Now keep yourself fit using this app.

Wrap Up

These were some of the best health coach apps available on Android and iOS devices. Also, for your convenience, the links are already given at the end of each app to download from.

All these apps are wonderful to use with the best features they have. Losing weight will no longer be a headache for anyone as these apps provide a convenient way to achieve the same.

We all know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so stay healthy with the help of these apps!


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