Top 10 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

With the advent of technology now it gets easy to go back to the conversation that occur in past. There are many reasons that people need call recording service on their smartphone. 

From memorizing the important plans and discussing the ideas with their colleagues many iPhone users would like to go back to in to time later. However getting efficient call recorder apps for iPhone is quite difficult.

But as Apple phone highly boast of military guard security this feature is not pre-installed in their devices. As it can violate individual’s privacy. However if you ever need this function on your device there are plenty of apps that will work for you.

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And these apps available in both free and paid version. These apps will help you to record, synchronize and create backup of your recordings. You can also convert your recording in to text. Along with this you can generate a link of your recording and share with others.

Though it might get difficult to choose the right app as per your need .Here we have curated some of the best call recorder apps for iPhone.


10 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

TapeACall Pro

Tape A Call Pro

TapeACall pro is one of the highly rated call recording apps for iPhone users. This app allows you to simply record any calls easily on your smartphone.

Along with this you get easy sharing of recordings, unlimited access for records and easy integration to social networking sites. You can also add labels for easy recognition in future.

And its most interesting feature is that you can convert your recordings in mp3. In addition to its free trial you can get advance and unlimited features in paid version on apple store easily

Call Recording By NoNotes

Call recording by No Notes

Call Recording by No Notes is a top notch with easy user interface app. This app allows you to record both your incoming and outgoing calls.

Not even this you can also transcribe all the recorded calls. You also get all the features like cloud storage, share via email, Facebook and many more. And its most exciting feature is that you can use this app for the purpose of dictation.

In addition to this you get 20 minute free of cost each month. Apart from this you get a tremendous support in case of any grievance. In short you get all in one features at one place that makes it worthwhile to have it.

Rev Call Recorder


Rev Call Recorder is an excellent app which is absolutely free to use. You get unlimited recording storage that too without ant ads or charges.

Along with this you get incoming- outgoing calls recording, high quality playback, and easy integration with other devices. And you can also transcribe your calls.

Moreover, you can control and own all you’re recording with encrypted privacy. So if you looking for a app that doesn’t put any burden on your packet then this is just for you.

ACR Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

ACR call recording app for iPhone is also one of the popular apps famous among iPhone users. This app based on a 3- way call system to record calls.

It gives you a place to record your calls and arrange the file in different categories. Along with this you get ability to edit your recordings, domestic and international call permission, automatic call recorder and much more.

And it also supports different cloud services like Dropbox, One drive, and Google Drive. Its interesting feature is that you get this in 50 languages for its widest reach to users.

Call Recorder Lite

Call Recorder LIte

Call recorder lite app is easy to use and one of the popular recording app. Its best feature is the easiest user interface. And this app is available in both free and paid version for some advance features.

It allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls just by tapping one call record button. And once you are done with your recording you can easily share it via email, Twitter and iMessage.

You can also upload it on Dropbox and Google drive for any further use in future.

Call Recorder Int Call

Call Recorder Int

It is one more, great app specially designed for iPhone users. This app is such stable and reliable across all the devices on which it is used.

To record any call you will have to dial number from the app’s built-in dial pad. Along with this you are allowed to save on your phone and later upload on any cloud service like Google Drive and Dropbox.

However you get 30 cent to get started on app but later on for recording more you will be charged.

Call recorder App

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is also an easy user interface app with little price tags. It allows you to easy record of incoming and outgoing calls on one tap.

And its delightful feature is the high quality of voices from both sides of conversation. This app is totally based on conference call system for recording.

Along with this you also get the ability to see the recording time of any call. And you get unlimited number of recording with great customer support in grievance.

CallRec Lite

Callrec Lite

CallRec Lite is an app that is free to try for 3 days but also available in different subscription price as per your need. It works on 3 ways merge call recording system.

Along with this you are allow to record incoming & outgoing calls and the ability to upload on different cloud storage. In addition to this you also get multiple sharing options for many social networking sites.

And with priced version you can make unlimited number of recording. So if you are looking for an easy and outgoing app with latest trend then it’s for you.



Rekk is also one of best tool for call recording on iOS. And it is absolutely easy and free to use. This app is an excellent example of simple user interface. It gives a detailed instruction of call recording process and high quality of records.

Along with this you get easy synchronization, cloud storage, backup option, sharing on social networking sites, generation of recording links and much more.

Additionally, you can also convert your recording in to text. Isn’t it amazing to have all at one place and easy to grab?

Recording App

Recording App

Recording app allows you to make any domestic or international calls. Not even this you can also record your calls by using s private Id and private number.

Along with this you get unlimited recording, cheap international calls, sharing on different social site and easy integration with cloud services. Although it also boast of transcribe recording feature.

This app is easily available on apple store with different subscription prices.


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