Top 10 Best Yoga Apps For Android And iOS

Yoga is universally accepted as the perfect way to work on yourself. People from any age group, any professional background and anywhere can exercise a few minutes of Yoga to maintain a healthy body, de-stress the mind and prepare themselves for the upcoming day.

While every person has their own morning routine, the number of people who do yoga or those who pair up Yoga with another routine- is inexplicably high. This popularity of Yoga is well explainable by its benefits. Instead of working in a single mechanism, it enhances all the aspects of a body. Yoga helps in orientation of the mind, body and soul.

For people who which to start yoga, however, it becomes a problem to take their amateur stretching skills to a classroom.  Even for some people, who wish to make the most out of de-stressing, they might want to do yoga in their own personal space. Considering all these factors, and considering that Yoga is required to be performed under proper guidance, we think that apps for Yoga are a blessing.

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There exist numerous yoga apps for both android and ios platforms. All of these apps feature some sort of guidance and self-paced learning while some might also have a community of Yoga enthusiasts.

To ease the beginning of your yoga journey, we have enlisted here the 10 Best Yoga Apps for android and ios. We hope that one of these will exactly check in all your boxes.


10 Best Yoga Apps


The very first one in the list of Yoga apps is Glo. The app deserves to be called the best because of various reasons apart from its basic function.

Like every other yoga app, Glo does offer a lot of videos, pictures and even written articles to make your body and mind healthier. All of this content is professionally certified by trainers so you don’t have to worry about over-stretching a muscle.

What makes this app wonderful is its search feature. You can search how you feel like at the moment, and join a class that talks about it or guides through it. This includes some classes of breath-work, stretching or even meditation.

Overall, it is a great app to work on your mind, body and soul altogether.


The next up in the list is another amazing and one of the most popular yoga apps for android and ios. This app has a pretty user interface. Everything from the tip to tip of this one is designed to calm your mind, get your body working and you- at peace.

Grokker features thousands of videos on Yoga, guided meditation and even healthy cooking videos. All you need to do is search and find the perfect class for yourself and it is a promise to help you with it.

The training sessions of the app are so detailed that you can surely learn any skill you want to. All of this is brought to you by Grokker and personally verified by different health professionals.

5 Minute Yoga Workouts

5 Minute Yoga Workouts is a great app for beginners in the field. It offers details of various effective and simple yoga poses for the amateurs to develop into pros.

As the name suggests, it is not designed to deliver hour-long sessions on what is more effective and what is not. Rather its functioning involves focusing on one pose at a time, mastering it, and then moving to another pose.

The app has two versions- paid and free. The free version is a great thumbs up for the beginners to start with, and well, after you have learnt yoga, you could go for a more community oriented training program. The paid version, however, does bring a lot of additional features.

Alo Moves

The next up in the list of best yoga apps for android and ios is Alo moves with its remarkable collection of over thousands of yoga, meditation and workout video sessions.

The best part about the app is that it offers you video suggestions based on your goals. It can be anything- losing weight, gaining weight, mobilizing body, mindfulness, etc. and you would find at least tens of videos for it.

It is also a personal fitness app. That is to say, the app keeps a record of your eating, working out and sleeping habits.

Overall, it is a powerful app to be on your device.

Pocket Yoga

This one is also a great app for people who like to do their yoga by themselves, at their own space.

Pocket Yoga offers hundreds of yoga poses, and a proper guidance to attain them. It is focused on working step by step, pose by pose.

With its artificial intelligence capabilities, it is very easy to look for a pose on the app. Essentially, you can look for a body part specific yoga pose. It lets you focus on yourself entirely, by focusing on you little by little.

One amazing feature of the app is its ability to play music while you do your yoga. By creating a playlist of your favorite morning music, Pocket Yoga can be the one-stop morning routine assistance.

The Underbelly

The Underbelly, makes Yoga more interesting for you.

For my friends who have tried to maintain healthy habits, healthy morning routines or just a 10-minute morning yoga session, but failed, this app will surely be a holy grail to you.

Just like all yoga apps, it offers to you a collection of super detailed video sessions and verified guidance from real life professionals. But what is more to it is its interface.

While you need to voluntarily search for yoga poses and classes on other platforms, this one designs tasks for you which are your personal goal-oriented. By offering 5-10 minutes daily tasks and reminding you on your habits throughout the day, The Underbelly sure brings itself up as one of the most worthy yoga apps.

Asana Rebel

Get in your dream shape, be more productive and build your body strength with the powers of the app Asana Rebel.

This one on the list is also a goal oriented app-technology. Just that it offers a little more.

When you tell the app the goal you have in mind, it does suggest you the most suited sessions and classes that you can watch and learn from. You will also have an access to the community of Asana Rebel, of people with similar goals in mind. This is optional, and some people find it motivating.

Additionally, it sends regular pings, reminders and tips and tricks for you. These are all related to your goals and handpicked for you!

Down Dog

This next one in the list offers a decent amount of videos and pre-recorded sessions from trained yoga professionals for you to start yoga, wherever and whenever you like.

All the sessions can be accessed by you for unlimited number of times. You are completely free to learn on your own pace. Additionally, the videos are so detailed and so assisting that even a beginner to yoga could easily master it at the end of their sessions. 

Another great thing about the app is its ability to sync. So you can access your videos from any device you like. Bonus, they offer the app in 9 different languages.

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is an amazing app for people who are time specific. Like people who schedule their morning hours to last exactly these many minutes.

The app offers 20, 40 and 60 minute workout routines. That is to say, if some morning you wake up late by a few minutes but do not wish to skip your routine, you could go for a shorter session. All these sessions are designed for 100% delivery and would genuinely help you get to your goal.

Additionally, they offer tens of yoga poses, studied in very details for you to try. They are designed for learners.

Yoga studio

The last one on the list of best yoga apps is Yoga Studio. This one functions as a community based learning platform, where users can upload their poses and directions as a class and other users can access it.

So when you take a class with Yoga studio, you are actually connecting with a person who created the class. All of these classes are made by the yoga enthusiasts for the yoga enthusiasts and hence, stand 10/10 on learning.

All the video sessions deliver high quality yoga and meditation features. Moreover, you can always create your own class after you’ve surpassed your level of learning!

Given all these apps, we understand how difficult it is to start a new habit and then maintain it effectively. Therefore, it is important to choose an app that makes it fulfilling and interesting for you to do Yoga every day.

While choosing the one that serves you the best and suits you is completely up to you, we did our best by sorting it down to the 10 best yoga apps for android and ios.


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