Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Ever since it came into being, the profound WhatsApp messenger has been the most preferred messaging app. Such is the popularity of the app that it checks all the requirements of a default texting system, sometimes even better.

Being used to it, switching to a different app for communicating purposes might sound difficult at first. However, with the announcement of change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy to be implemented soon, many users have started looking out for alternative apps. 

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A best switch would be to an application with almost the same features and user interface with a secure data privacy and encryption.

Here mentioned are the most popular apps, with features similar to WhatsApp and high end data security.


10 Best WhatApp Alternatives Apps


TelegramEven before the need of switching to alternatives arouse, telegram has been a popular communicating app. Apart from all the features of WhatsApp, this gem comes packed with some innovative and unique features of its own like -public channels, data sharing up to 1.5 GB, pass code lock, disappearing messages and formation of groups with as many as 100,000 people.

It promises end-to-end encryption of all conversations and data. The app also allows calling, however, it does not yet support video calling.

The user interface is a simple but modest one. It uses your mobile number to create an account.


Signal  If data privacy is the only reason you wish for an alternative, signal grants it.

The Signal foundation powers the end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp and facebook messenger. The app ‘Signal’ is their product and hence is being endorsed as the most secure messaging app by Elon Musk.

With the closest user interface to whatsapp and additional security features – self destructing texts, file protection and screen security i.e. prohibiting users to take a screenshot, signal makes your texting experience worthwhile without compromising with the data security.


DiscordAs many of our gamer friends would already be aware, discord offers great and unique features like that of discord servers (which have no maximum members’ limit), that make discord a worthy switch from WhatsApp.

Apart from these, it also provides a user friendly environment for personal chats – including high quality calling. The groups in discord can have a maximum of 10 people, but this shortcoming is overlooked as the better option is to create a server.

It also enables you to share your screen with your friends over call, which is an unusual feature. 


SnapchatThe next in the list is Snapchat, given its popularity among the youth. The basic USP of this app is not really texting, but a lot of users do use it for the same because of certain distinctive features like disappearing messages, screen security and file protection.

The high-end features like stories, disappearing texts, etc. in all facebook related apps are derived from this one. Therefore, Snapchat remains one of the best regarding innovation. 


Skype Lite

With specialty in voice and video calling, Skype turns out to be one of the best conversing apps.

This app is already the choice of various companies that need strong platforms to communicate through high quality calling with their employees.

The group video calling feature is one that is worth mentioning. While several social media apps fail to provide a group call with many people, Skype offers high quality group calls with a lot of people at the same time.


ThreemaThe next up is Threema, which has a remarkable user interface and experience. It promises end-to-end encryption of all data.

Users need to pay to use this app and there is no calling feature. Yet, the unique features in texting like those of poll option in group chats, password or fingerprint protected chats and an option to agree or disagree to a message – make your texting experience worthwhile. 


ViberGiven end-to-end encryption of chats and data and all the features of a usual communicating app, Viber comes up as a promising alternative to WhatsApp.

This app has multiple device support- i.e. you can use it on various devices at the same time. It also features a bot which lets you play games in-app.

Voice and video calling is available, including Viber out – which lets you make international calls at nominal rates powered by Viber.




When talking about secure apps, one might be looking for apps that do not even take your mobile number to register. Kik app creates your account using your email ID and also promises to not to link any of your data to your account.

The texting feature is quite close to that of whatsapp including the media sharing.

Besides this, it comes with a Kik bot. Such bot enable game playing in-app and other services like the weather, news, etc.

Kik is a great app if one wants to connect with people without sharing their contact number. However, the calling features are not very high quality. 


KeybaseThis is the perfect app for people who want to connect with people anonymously. It creates an account on keybase without asking for your contact number or email ID.

It also ensures encryption of all data shared and texts for a high ended secure experience.

One of the rare features Keybase has is the screen protection n feature which strictly prohibits users from taking a screenshot anywhere in-app. 


BridgefyBridgefy is not a normal texting app. Unlike other apps which use either an internet connection or network to send and receive messages, Bridgefy uses Bluetooth for the same.

However unusual it might sound, this is a really useful app when you need to communicate in areas with no network like trekking trip, protest rallies, etc.

It can be used in three modes- Person to person (limited range), person to group (broadcast) and a person to person through mesh network (broader network reach). 


With growing concerns regarding data privacy and security all over the world, it best serves our purposes to switch over to an app with data encryption policies.

Every app offers a different set of features, user interface and user experience – be sure to choose one according to your need! 


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