Top 10 Best Watermark Remover Apps In 2023!

Watermark remover apps have become a necessity for this modern world which comprises digital creators and photo editing enthusiasts. 

Be it a professional photographer, someone who’s an enthusiast of capturing beautiful moments or just someone who has a camera in hands, these apps are equally helpful.

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You can edit, trim, beautify, remove or add watermarks.

Come and indulge yourselves in the deeper realms of photo editing using these top 10 watermark remover apps compiled by us, for your ease.


10 Best Watermark Remover Apps

Remove Unwanted Object

remove unwanted

As the name suggests, this app removes unwanted elements from your pictures. 

You can remove a person, text, sticker, or any object from any image. 

This app is free of cost and very easy to use. With few taps, you can undo the unwanted blemishes and redundancies from any picture you want.

All you have to do is to select a picture from your gallery and mark the elements you wanna remove. Your selection will be marked in red. 

After selection, tap on the ‘process’ button, and the selected objects will be removed. You can now save the edited image or share it directly.

Pic Lab

pic lab

This app is also known as a photo editor. Pic lab is one of the most powerful digital photo editors that help you edit photos and give them a professional touch. 

It is one of the famous apps in this category with over 20 million downloads.

You can remove blemishes, objects, unnecessary things, and anything that depreciates the quality of your picture. Beautiful typography and effects can also be added. 

It also boasts of a constantly growing filters library to base your photo on various colors. The imposition of images is also a feature of this app using overlays and masks.

Background Eraser

Background eraser

The name itself implies the key features of this editing app. Background eraser helps you to remove the background of images. 

A unique “Target” function removes the part of the image with like colors automatically. This app provides you the option to work on pixels on a finer scale by just zooming in.

You can also undo your previous removals to restore the original photo. Photos can also be cropped using the fifteen pre-installed presets. 

After removal, you can also add an image in the background. It also gives you the freedom to choose from between PNG or JPEG image format.



For all the photogenic people out there, this app is a must to have. It is equipped with tons of mouth-watering photo editing features and tools. An interactive assist panel helps you get familiar with all the attributes of this app.

You can add text to your pictures or choose speech bubbles if you want a more designer approach. 

Depth perspective allows you to stretch An image to look taller or slim the image to look leaner. Fix keystone distortion and hide the unwanted components of your image using mosaic.

Working on the complexion in the pictures is also possible using beauty tools. Loads of colors and abstract artworks are available to choose from.

Photo Retouch

photo retouch

Photo retouch is an images based object remover application. With just a few taps, you can remove the redundancies from your pictures to make it more serene and up to the mark. 

All you have to do is to mark the item(s) you want to remove and after tapping on the button, your image will be clear from unwanted objects.

This app is great for beauty purposes as it can also remove untimely pimples, acne, and blackheads from your selfies to make it suitable for all the social media platforms.



This photo editing app is one of the most famous names in image editing applications. 

Airbrush offers loads of features and tools to beautify, edit, improve, or radiate your pictures. 

With an average rating of 4.9 on the apple app store, it has a strong foothold in terms of user satisfaction.

In terms of beauty effects, you can whiten teeth, remove pimples and blackheads and differ complexion as per need. You can also brighten your eyes, look awake, or energetic.

Depth can also be added to the image using the blur effect. The lighting and colors of the images can also be controlled. Whereas photos can be framed with vignette and pre-set sizes.

Photo Eraser

photo eraser

This smart and intelligent application removes watermarks and unwanted items from your pictures. It supports various modes. For watermarks on complex backgrounds, it smears the following.

For single-colored background having a watermark in its foreground, it extracts the color and fills it in place of the watermark, providing excellent results and clarity. 

You can also remove the video watermarks using this application.This app is only available on iOS.

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Touch Retouch


Praised by the Guardian as the simplest way to edit photos, touch retouch makes photo touch ups hassle-free and simple. 

It offers you all the photo tools and effects to get rid of the unwanted objects in your image. You can remove items such as telephone wires, posts appliances, etc.

You have to select the item to be removed and mark it with a brush or a lasso. After marking, tap the go button and all the marked objects will be removed. It also comprises of a clone stamp tool which removes the duplicate items.

Opacity, hardness, and stamp size can also be adjusted as per your will and desire. You can watch in-app video tutorials to have a better understanding of the tools that are being offered.

Watermark Photo

watermark photo

This multi-purpose app is a one-stop-shop for all your watermarks related needs. 

You can add your watermarks and add them to your projects to create a brand of your own. 

Custom made watermarks can be added using this app so that your creativity can reflect off your work.

If there’s a need to remove watermarks, you can do it too using watermarks photo. With just a few taps, you can achieve the quality of the image desired. This app also contains numerous cool fonts too.

eZy Watermark

ezy watermark

If you want your photographs to be safe from theft, use eZy watermark to watermark all your work. 

This easy to use app lets you create a watermark of your own or you can choose from many presets and use it on your pictures.

You can save time by using batch processing where you can watermark up to 5 photos at a time. Editing your photo before applying the watermark is also possible using this app.


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