Top 5 Best Free Voice Chat Apps For Gamers In 2023 !

If you are a hardcore gamer, you know how important it is to communicate properly with your team members for a smooth multiplayer game. While most games nowadays allow fluent communication through some kind of voice application, they usually end up proving that they are not very good.

If you are looking for voice chat applications for your games that allow you to talk with your teammates and other players, we present the 6 best voice communication applications for gamers.

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Proper team communication is an important part of winning any multiplayer game. These VoIP applications will help you communicate with your colleagues in the most effective way. If you are one of those who continue to use Skype when playing games, you should try these applications.


Discord is a free chat service that allows players to communicate with other members of a Discordgroup within the app, via voice or text. 

Players can create friend lists, to get in touch with each other quickly. The service can be used directly from the Internet or through the Discord desktop application. 

Since it is available as a web service, players can log in at any time and start communicating effectively while their game is going on.

Discord offers very useful features. Players can customize hotkeys and use the application in an in-game overlay mode . This “overlay” feature allows players to seamlessly interact with the game while communicating with each other.

The service also allows gamers to control individual volume for other players’ voices, so that everyone can choose who to listen to and who is best kept in the background discreetly.

To all this we must add that Discord uses very few system resources, in addition to using bandwidth quite efficiently. It also offers IP protection and DDoS protection, so you won’t have to worry about someone attacking your server. A set that makes this service one of the best of the moment.

Game VoxGameVox 

GameVox is another great service that you can use to create and manage your own voice chat server. 

It offers a free standard server which is perfect if you are testing these types of services. One of the best features of this service is the way new players can be added to the group. 

The admin just has to share a link with whoever they want to add to the server, and all they have to do is follow the link to join. No need to enter a username or password.

GameVox also offers custom themes to give your server a more eye-catching appearance. Administrators can even customize the appearance of each user within their server.

GameVox uses the latest voice codecs, which is one of the service’s best assets: very low latency. 

Administrators can create and customize privileges for each user, setting some people as a priority. GameVox is powered by Overwolf, allowing it to seamlessly overlap in games.

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Team SpeakTeamSpeak 

TeamSpeak uses the Opus codec (also used by Discord for its voice chat), and it achieves really low latency. 

For administrators, TeamSpeak offers a large number of permissions that they can use to control and manage their servers.

This is something that they are ahead of Discord, which offers significantly fewer management options. This variety is what makes Discord a simple and easy-to-use app. Let’s go back to TeamSpeak.

Among the customization options for its servers, TeamSpeak includes themes, sound packs, designs per user and much more. TeamSpeak supports AES encryption \, which can be enabled by the administrator. 

This guarantees that all communication within the server will be encrypted, preventing them from accessing it outside the server. Its level of customization allows encryption to be enabled on the entire server, or only for specific conversations.

We recommend Discord for a small team, and TeamSpeak if you want to create a server with a large number of players.


Mumble is a VoIP application that comes with encryption enabled by default. 

If security is one of your priorities, with this application your data will always be safe. 

Mumble supports low latency audio streaming, so you will experience minimal lag while chatting with your friends.

Its great asset is that it supports positional sound, which gives games a much more realistic and immersive feeling.

Mumble gives server administrators the ability to grant a large number of user permissions, allowing them to manage and control almost every aspect of the server and the way players interact within it. Offers in-game overlay mode.

Mumble adds to its functions the “Ice” middleware, which offers players additional functions on the server, such as web interfaces, channel viewers, authentication and much more. It also has the alternative of mobile applications, developed by third parties.

TwitchTwitch App

Formerly known as Curse, the Twitch App, is another good alternative in voice transmission services. 

The Twitch App is a VoIP service that has a really attractive user interface. 

Among its main functionalities are the support of audio messages and rich media in general, including the mentions through the use of  “@ username”. You can also send files attachments and more.

The content of the Twitch application can be voted up or down by players using the acronym GG. This is a sample of how everything in this service is geared towards players.

Curse supports voice activation and push-to-talk. The administrator can choose what suits him best. 

In addition, the Twitch App uses a custom audio engine along with techniques to reduce the negative effects of packet loss, in order to offer users the best audio experience.

Curse also supports in-game overlay, as well as offering its users protection against DDoS attacks.


Raidcall is another free VoIP service that you can consider to use as your voice chat app. One of its advantages is that it uses very few system resources. 

When you run it, you will hardly notice any differences in performance while playing the game.

However, the best asset of this service is that it can support up to 100,000 users in the same group, without altering the sound quality, which by the way, is quite good. 

It offers some additional features like voice recording, noise reduction, polls, announcements, and more.

Users can use Raidcall to transfer files, keep records of their chats, share YouTube videos… Raidcall servers support customization of themes and also emoticons. 

It has integration with Twitch videos, since you can use Raidcall to talk while you stream a video.

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Proper communication from your clan team is an important part of winning any cooperative multiplayer game.

These VoIP apps and services will help you communicate with your clan more effectively. If you are one of those who still use Skype, you should try these applications. If you know of any other application, you can make it known in the comments section.


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