Top 10 Best Virtual Haircut Apps

Do you want to change your hair look but are scared of messing it up? Experimenting with your looks always burst you with confidence and positive vibes. It is always a good decision to play with your look as this will improve your overall personality.

However sometimes you may end up spoiling your look and that would make you feel low. To avoid such condition we always try out the different looks but trying out various haircut to get the perfect one is not possible.

You can go for a haircut but if you are not convinced, it is impossible to revert the procedure. So, to always stay at safe end you don’t prefer to experiment with your hair. Therefore you stick to your classic hairstyle forever.

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Now it is possible to try a haircut using virtual haircut apps. Yes virtual haircut app, it allows you to virtually adapt any haircut and enable you to check how that haircut looks on you.

So leave your traditional haircut and dive deep into haircut apps that have so many trendy options. Go ahead and dare to try latest haircuts with top 10 trendy virtual haircut apps.go for 

Hairstyle Magic Mirror


Hairstyle Magic Mirror is one of best haircut trial app. It allows you to import your photo or you can directly take one to check different makeovers.

You can try various haircuts, hairstyles and colours. It enables you to compare two or more looks as it supports multiple styling panels. This app consist of haircuts for both men and women.

Style My Hair


Style My Hair app is introduced by L’Oreal Professionals. It allows you to try some latest and trendy looks from celebrities. 

This app supports virtual haircuts, styling and expert level colouring effects. 

Using this app you can locate nearest L’Oreal salon and show your desired hair makeover. Hairstylist will help you get that look and you will get the look of your dreams.


You Cam

YouCam Makeup-Magic is a complete makeover app. It enables you to play with various colours and texture for hair makeover. 

This app consist of ample of hairstyles and haircut formats. Additionally it allows you to see how you will look in different textured hair like straight to curly or long to short. 

This app is available for android and iOS users for free. Also it supports real time makeup and selfie effects.

Change Hairstyle


Change Hairstyle is an amazing app that allows you to experience the makeover magic. 

This app facilitates you to try different hair treatment looks like smoothening, keratin, straightening and curling. 

Also it gives you option to play with different hair colors transformation like being blonde to redhead to brunette. 

It offers you more than 50 different haircuts. The graphics are quite real that make hairstyling professional understand and follow the haircut and styling created by this app.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Mary Kay brings you this great Virtual makeover app. This app provides options for overall face makeup along with hairstyling on your picture. 

You can later save that picture on your device and use for future makeover. It allows you to choose from various haircuts, hairstyles and colours and make their combination to design a look. 

It can be a party look or just a casual look. You can also share these looks on facebook and twitter. The looks generated are real and can be directly used. You can also use complete looks shared by others on Mary Kay makeover app.

Hair Style Changer by Rohit Iyer


Hair Style Changer by Rohit Iyer is an exclusive app for iOS users. This is a professional hairstyling app and gives efficient results.

 All you need is to take selfie or use a picture from gallery to experiment hair looks. You can select any hairstyle and then you can cut hair according to your desire and face

Yes, it do allows you to do real time hair cropping. It also gives you an idea of wigs and hair extensions that suits your real hair. It also have this feature for trying hair colour. It supports hairstyling for men and women both.

Hair Zapp


You want to try a new haircut but don’t know which one will suit you then Hair Zapp is the solution for this confusion. 

The haircut effect is so real that it is quite difficult to distinguish from photo. You can compare between various haircuts in real time to get the best one. 

It gives illusion for multiple hair colours, textures, styles and cuts. This app can be used by android and iOS users.

Hair Style Changer Men & Women


Hair Style Changer will allow you to monitor hundreds of male and female makeovers. This app gives extra feature of checking how your hair will look with extensions. 

Additionally it facilitates males to get transformation by changing moustache, sunglasses and beard along with hair to complement the overall look. 

This app is opt for both men and women. It has three sections: men hairstyles, women hairstyles and beard moustache sunglasses section. Along with this it provides you filter effects like vintage, sepia and so on.

Hairstyle Makeover


Hairstyle Makeover is a great haircut and styling app. This app is highly professional and each cut is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly to the face area and give real effect. 

It is available in Appstore for free. This app offers you hair styling sorted by male, female, short, long, medium, moustaches and beards. 

You can also try some fun wigs and extensions for crazy look. You can also cut hair part by touching to customize your haircut and save it for actual cutting.

Hairstyle Try On


Hairstyle Try On is a complete virtual hair salon app. It supports hairstyle makeover by allowing you to try fashionable hair colour and trendy hair styles. 

This app works as haircut simulator that has abundant haircuts for various lengths for male and female. 

Key feature of this app is that it performs face recognition and as soon as it detects your face, it suggests best haircuts according to your face shape. Also it provides hair colour changer for expert styling look.


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