Top 10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

Are you fed up of being single throughout your life? Are you fed up of being jealous of your committed friends showing off in front of you? If yes, then I have brought you ‘Top 10 Best Virtual girlfriend Apps’ which will surely cure your singleness.

Loneliness is something that nobody likes and can slowly disturb your mental health. Many successful people have everything but they don’t have a single person to whom they can share their feelings and ideas.

World has gone too far in terms of technology, everything can be done through your phone, from cooking apps to health apps.

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But What if I tell you that you can even make your own virtual girlfriend through your phone? Isn’t it amazing? People pretend to be very happy being single but deep down they too want someone with whom they can make their life more colorful and fill their life with happiness.

Nowadays old school type’s dating is too old concept, now you can talk to your girlfriend anywhere anytime you want, you can do virtual candle light dinner and many more things sitting at your home through your mobile.

So let’s get started with some amazing virtual girlfriend apps which will surely help you in making your own virtual girlfriend


10 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

My virtual girlfriend appMy virtual Girlfriend

My virtual girlfriend app comes with best graphics and controls. You can style your girlfriend according to your choice and surprise her with various gifts.

 It gives you a true feeling of dating right form starting. You can have conversation with her and make her feel warm.  You can easily win her heart and she will be all yours. You can gift her clothes like bikini and other sexy outfits

You can adjust her skin complexion, height and makeup. You can also turn her up into zombie or vampire to have fun.  This virtual girlfriend is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 



Then comes Me Girl Love Story App which is 3D dating virtual girlfriend app where you can date guys of your choice ranging from simple guy to a billionaire one.

This virtual girlfriend is compatible on both android and iOS devices. Its real effects and graphics will never let you feel like you are dating a virtual person. 

You can flirt, give gifts and can do candle light dinner. You can play mini games, shop for amazing fashions and publish article about the guy you are dating. New content will get automatically downloaded.



Next comes the ChatBot my virtual girlfriend app which is pretty famous among users which will surely help you in getting a new virtual girlfriend.

 Its powerful algorithm creates good jokes and emotions according to the mood and it is also a fast learner. This virtual girlfriend app allows you to do pranks and have fun. 

Some emotions and facial expression are unlocked for free and others can be unlocked through points which you will earn later while playing. In the initial stage its vocabulary is limited but later it can be expanded on the basis of your liking.



Next Virtual girlfriend app is Choice which provides you a wide variety of features. It is compatible on both android and iOS devices.

Also it is very much easy and feasible to use. As the name suggests it gives wide variety of choices for game stories like romance, drama and adventure.

You can solve crimes and enjoy great fantasy adventures. You can customize your main character the way you want and have fun on various game modes.  



Virtual girlfriend love story is another amazing app which can make your search of virtual girlfriend easy. You are a handsome boy who has to attract billionaire girls and make them your virtual girlfriend.

You can build your muscles by going gym and make her proud of you. This virtual girlfriend allows you to attend parties with your girlfriend where you can explore more other friends.

You can surprise her by gifting her some awesome gifts and make her feel warm. There are many other amazing features like buying house, luxury cars and more other great features.



Virtual Girlfriend Texting is available in many other languages like Japanese, German, French and Italian.

This virtual girlfriend is compatible on both android and iOS devices.  It has very much realistic graphics which will make your dating experience more realistic. 

You have to select one girl out of five girls and text her, interact with her and enjoy having fun with her.You can also chose that whether you want to stay with her or want a break making it different from other apps.



Dream Girlfriend is a Japanese virtual girlfriend app and has millions of downloads all over the world. This virtual girlfriend is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 

You can customize your girlfriend according to your choice and can also create your favorite anime girls.

It has 11 different personalities having different speaking styles. It also includes romantic interactions and has fashion competitions included. You can make your own 20 different closets which can be customized anytime. 

Moe! Ninja Girls: Visual Novel

Moe ninja

Moe! Ninja Girls is another Japanese virtual girlfriend app which gives jaw dropping features and graphics.This virtual girlfriend is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 

You have to collect bubbles which will make your girlfriend happy and if you miss collecting bubbles then she will get angry.

It’s totally free to use, you will get fabulous costumes in Japanese anime style. This virtual girlfriend allows you to buy variety of props which is used by the girl to learn new skills.

High School Girlfriend Breakup

High School Girlfriend Breakup

This Virtual Girlfriend app comes with a lovely story and you have to Layla to confess her feelings to Sam. Sam is a high school crush of Layla but fears that whether Sam feels same for her or not. 

You can take Layla to beauty salon to do with her makeup. Take Layla to parties so that she can spend more time with Sam. You can try Virtual Haircuts for your girlfriend.

All you have to do is make right choices for Layla her love story to a successful love story. This app has amazing graphics and is compatible for both android and iOS users.

My Virtual Manga Girl Anime 3D

manga girl

Then comes the My Virtual Manga Girl Anime 3D App which is compatible in both android and iOS devices. It allows you to change landscapes in the background, colors, makeup of your manga girl.

There is also free chat for mango lovers which is a unique feature in itself. You can change the positions to 360 degrees of your 3D animated game.

This virtual girlfriend app will surely give you fantastic experience and impeccable experience with your virtual manga girl.


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