Best Thrifting Apps For Online Second Hand Clothing Stores

“So many clothes and nothing to wear!”

 This has been a pandemic even before we learnt the true meaning of it. Most of the times when we are looking forward to buy new pieces of clothing, we look for something new, fresh and trending. In the same fashion, clothes you bought just a few months ago (that cost you a fortune!) appear to be outdated.

To solve this issue of unused clothes and frequent shopping trips, thrift stores came into being.

Now, you can buy and sell used clothes for a comparatively lower price than fresh pieces. You could either visit your local thrift store, or even better, browse through an online one. Online thrift stores not only provide you with a better variety and price range; it also promotes sustainable fashion and business through fully utilizing the clothes already in circulation.

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While there exist a lot of thrift stores online, we understand that it becomes overwhelming to choose one. What you can trust, what you cannot – there is a very thin line defining that.

To help you out of the dilemma, we have enlisted the 10 best online thrift stores with their own specialties. Let’s have a look!

Depop : Worldwide

The very first one in the list is a super popular thrift app with an ever growing customer and seller network.

The app has a layout similar to that of instagram, which makes it really easy to explore. Moreover, the clothes are presented with different models, so you can look at a model with your body type and assess the cloth’s look on you.

The variety of clothes on the app is amazing. Not to boast, but it also has a wide price range for its products. Moreover, the products and sellers are verified and hence it is a nice app for someone who is new to buying second hand clothes.

Vinted: Worldwide

Vinted is an app that deserves all the appreciation it gets. It offers a wide range of beautiful clothes especially from the high street brands.

The collection on the app is incredible. You can find almost everything you might be looking for with just a few taps. The navigation system is also a simple one.

What makes the app stand out from the others in this list is the ‘swap’ feature. Using this, you can filter out and look at clothes that their sellers are willing to swap with your clothing.

ThredUp: U.S., Canada.

ThredUp is one the best thrift store that exists online.

Be it the simple and efficient user interface, the super easy selling experience or the wide variety of incredible clothing available- ThredUp has it all and more to offer.

The app has the offer to bundle the products you buy. This helps you avoid the shipping costs for each product individually. Plus, the platform is always loaded with discount coupons and mostly free delivery options.

Overall, it is the closest you could get to a perfect thrift store online.

Etsy: Worldwide

Etsy is a world-famous handcrafted products selling platform. There is no other portal that can help you find some really worth pieces at a single place like ETSY does.

Recently, and with the trend, you can also find hand-selected vintage pieces of clothing on various local Etsy stores. That is not it! There are even sellers selling upcycled clothes at affordable prices.

When going out for shopping used clothes online, nothing comes close to the trust people have on Etsy. It is also very well fulfilled by the platform.

ASOS Marketplace: Worldwide

The next one in the list is a very organically grown marketplace.

The platform offers a vivid network of sellers and buys from all around the world, both independent and stores. This makes it easy for you to categorize the products to navigate easily.

Also, since the marketplace uses thorough verification systems against the seller’s profile, you are less likely to be catfished. With ASOS marketplace, you can be confident of your orders.

The only drawback is that most of the times, you will have to pay import duties and taxes on the product.

Poshmark: U.S., Canada, Australia

Poshmark is another very well trusted platform for buying and selling used clothes online in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

The best part about the app is its secure payments. There is a community of all the buys and sellers on Poshmark. This significantly reduces chances of being scammed or frauded.

Moreover, the platform, just like the one above, offers timely discounts and that too on a regular basis for you to completely enjoy the experience of buying used clothes. It shows up as a great thrift store overall.

Grailed: Worldwide

The next in the list is an online thrift store where you can sell or buy fashionable pieces for Men only!

The platform features some of the trendiest clothes from luxury brands at super affordable prices. Bonus: They are shipping worldwide!

This app is a great one for someone looking for a varied collection of fashionable clothes for men. It also has a super organized interface and navigation system. This means enhanced search and quick locating of desired clothing!

Ebay: Worldwide

We don’t really think this one needs an introduction. One of the world’s largest marketplaces, Ebay, now also facilitates buying and selling of clothes through their very well established online platform.

The variety available also deserves very worthy appreciation. Moreover, the prices have a wide range since there are a lot of sellers.

The only reason it doesn’t really feel at home, is the swarm of sellers available. With so many sellers on board, it becomes difficult to access the trust on each of them. Plus the quality of clothes might differ from what you see as there is low seller authentication.

Swap: Worldwide

Started in the U.S. , Swap is one of the best online thrift store, where you can expect to find something for everyone. The store features clothes and accessories for men, women and children, going one step ahead to offer handbags and shoes as well.

The app has some of the best features like regular discounts, fast delivery and a rigid seller verification system.

You can expect to be a regular customer on Swap right after your very first purchase. That is the kind of build Swap offers.

Still White: Worldwide

The last one in the list of online thrift stores is Still White, with its remarkable collection of wedding dresses that are ‘good as new!’

You can buy or sell a wedding dress – we know that it is not worn frequently – at a heavily discounted price! Still White helps you explore a wide variety of wedding dresses (More than 50,000). So, you can expect to find your dream wedding dress at a not-so-real price!

Additionally, the seller and product verification is on point.

Online shopping has been a major part of our lives. But we need to remember that it didn’t happen overnight. It took months of reviews, thousands of outfits and millions of people to conclude whether a platform was worth it or not.

Similarly, with online thrift stores gaining heavy popularity recently, there have been a quite a few star performers. And it is always better to stick with the recommended ones until you find The One for yourself.


The goal is to find a trust worthy store and not a fancy one. 


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