Best Two Player Games For Android And iOS !!

Since many of us still stay at home, we are all looking for entertainment and games have played a big part in that. But beyond entertainment, we use play to connect and interact with others, whether it’s in the same house or miles away.

Now not everyone has a console or gaming PC, but there is one thing we have: phones.

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Mobile gaming is a huge market and there are a ton of games that you can play with your friends or family, right now, on your phone! You just need to know which games are the gems and which games are the duds.


Best 2 Player Games

Coconut Hut

Coconut Hut

Coconut Hut is one of the most unique and interesting game you may find while looking for two player games.

This game starts with you on an island along with your friend Ami. Ami could be computer if you want to play solo or it could be your real friend while playing 2 player.

Your screen divides into two while playing 2 player to add more fun. All you have to do is to collect coconut that are all over the game. It also has fish collection game.

Various types of coconut adds different level of difficulty to the game. You have to collect more coconut than Ami in order to win. 

Moving fingers on same screen add more fun while playing with your friend. Speed and coconut selection strategy is what diverts the game instantly.

Believe me it’s addicting and might force you to play solo in absence of your friend.



Live out your Situation analysing fantasy by playing this would you rather game. 

By choosing a card from over 1000 available free cards you can put yourself in a questionable situation and then decide what would you rather do by selecting one side and breaking the dilemma.

Similarly, you can pass on the phone and let other players select their opinion and see who agrees and who does not. Make your own rule and select random categories from ample of available ones.

This game can be played in both group and single modes. In group modes you can involve as many people as you want, as well as a single player mode when not playing with a friend, the game is simple and worth your time.

Hockey Glow 2

Everyone appreciates a good, simple game to play together and that’s exactly what Glow Hockey 2 provides.

We all love to play a game of Air Hockey in a restaurant or bar, and this game brings that experience to our homes when we can’t go to those places.

Despite the annoying sounds of the puck constantly hitting objects, the game looks great, the controls are responsive, and it’s just a little fun without much thought.


We love the feel and style of this movable side dial. 

It will probably remind many of you of Limbo , like he did with us, and that’s a good thing. 

The game features split-screen co-op so you and up to 3 friends can navigate 23 different levels. Once you’re done, you can even create your own levels to play, much like Little Big Planet .

Crossy Road

The formula for this game dates back to Frogger and it’s still around for a good reason. 

There is something purely fun about trying to get your chicken across the road in this game, and best of all, you can do it through local split-screen multiplayer.

Competing with your friends and family to see who can cross the road fastest or most efficiently, while dodging the various obstacles thrown in your way is strangely addicting.


The objective of this game is simple: you and your opponent are racing to see who can build their tower up to their third level first. 

Each move sees each pawn having to move and build and the pawns can be capped by opponents to stop your winning move. 

Introduce the use of various powers and the combinations that go with them, and you’ve got a tactically satisfying, pay-back game.


This excellent digital port of the card game has all of the best features of the physical version. 

It’s an incredibly relaxing, laid back, and well-paced game that won’t require a ton of thinking or concentration, meaning you can just hang out and play your way.

Especially for those who are traveling together, this is a great way to waste time in the car or on the plane.

Fort Sumter

Gain a political advantage on the dawn of the Civil War with a 15-minute hand of cards with your opponent. 

While the idea of creating political power is rather complex, this game streamlines it into an easy to understand and learn card game that still has a surprising amount of nuance. 

Prepare for the inevitable outbreak of war by developing your power!

Burgle Bros

This game really shines when played in pairs. By playing as two burglars, you are able to cram your joint faster, but also increase the difficulty of having to hide.

Both players will explore the tiles on each floor until they find the safe, break it, take the loot, and advance to the next level. 

Just watch out for patrolling guards and alarms that make it difficult. And if a player runs out of stealth points, they run an even higher risk of being caught and stopped.

Kingdom two Crowns

It might be our favorite on this list.

 Played solo, the game is a wonderful micro-strategy experience of ruling your own kingdom by distributing gold and traveling its length on your noble steed, while defending it from monsters. 

But with a second person, it gets even more fun when you work together as two leaders tackling the ever more pressing leadership role. 

Building your infrastructure and prepping your night defenses is just better with a friend.


All mobile games give you something different but worth playing with a friend or family member. And being available on your phone means you can take them just about anywhere with you, anytime. The given list will provide you not only a fantastic pathway for fun with these awesome games but also some memorable memories with you friends and family.


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