Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2023!

With social media interactive site like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, we are connected to each other globally just through our screens. But we often forget another source of communication that is blogs. Here, we will discuss Tumblr Alternatives for Blogging.

In today scenario many multinational company and even small businesses keep their own blogs. Out of many blogs variable Tumblr is most popular, famous for its unique features that give you the vibe of having a professional blog.

In short it’s a micro blogging site that made it easy for you to share your idea, thoughts, art and videos at one place and create your fan base.

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And you can manage everything on user friendly dashboard. Additionally, you don’t have to even write long paragraphs you can sum up your thought in the form of quotation and short sentences.

Isn’t it amazing to have a large excess to world just at one place. In case you want to try something different then there are many apps that will make your blogging process a cake walk that too without any strict policies.

Here we have listed some of best Tumblr alternative apps that you can use to share your thoughts and communicate to the world.


10 Best Tumblr Alternatives

Word Press


Word Press is one of the most popular platforms that one can consider for blogging. It is free open source content management system that enables you to create and publish web pages.

And for this you just need a domain and hosting service. Along with these you get multiple themes, functionality enhancing plugins, multiple user support, custom tags and characters.

One can make the use of any feature as per one’s specific needs. It’s also available on your smartphone you can easily download and can create you blog & track analytics.

In short word press is a perfect package for blogging.



Blogger is another popular blogging platform with easy user interface. Owned by Google it allows multiuser blog with time stamped entries that let you host your blog with your own custom domain.

It also has feature of such as web standards compliant template, archive page for posts and posting through email.

And its most unique feature is its full integration with Google’s AdSense for easy monetization.With its amazing user interface blogging become as easy as pie so what you are waiting for.



Medium is one of the popular online publishing platforms which have hybrid collection of amateur and professional publications. Like other blogging service this platform focus more on the quality of content and how readers are connected to stories and posts.

Along with these it enables to set visibility tags, rich text format for editing and sharing links or keyboard shortcuts for articles.  So if you are looking for quality writing content platform then this platform is thumbs up for you.

And it’s also available for both android and iOS users that can be download easily on smartphone.



Mastodon is a free and open source social networking service. It is one of the most popular that is similar to Tumblr in many ways.

This platform allows you to post 500 text based characters that you can keep in public and private mode. Other people can repost, share, like and comment on your posts and you can even follow your favourite one.

So if you are looking for an ad free social networking platform then it’s for you.

Site 123

SITE 123Site 123 is also one of the popular platforms with easy user interface. If you are looking for a place where you can create a personalized site then this is the best you can ever have.

This platform enables you to create an amazing looking site with its huge collection of templates. Not even this you can even customize your domain name for business and create your online store.

And most important of all you don’t have to shell a single penny to get all in one package.



Typepad is an easy simple yet powerful platform for your blogging endeavours.  It allows you to easily start, customise and create a spectacular blog.

Along with these you get CSS based theme editing and many built- in analytics tool for better understanding of stats on your blog.

And its most interesting feature is having a huge network of its own to increase the amount of garnering traffic. Though it offer a free trial but with card details.



Posthaven is also one of the popular alternative to Tumblr and easy to learn. As it’s accessible to you with price of $5 per month for a blog account that can be hefty to your pockets.

But as its name state their service last forever. They also have a pledge that service will never shut down you pay we keep lights on.

It has features like email notification and password protection for all the post that consist of document, images and videos. In short it’s a platform for people wanting simple and reliable service.


GhostGhost is free and open source blogging platform for both an individual and independent online publications.And it’s originated from the successful Kickstarter funding campaign.

It is easily available in 14 days trial but you can also get it in two variants web server hosted package and self-hosted one and both in purchases.

Along with this it run on Nod.Js run time environment that makes it very fast and easily accessible. So if you are looking for a powerful dashboard and easy to use platform then this is just for you.



Unique named this blogging platform will make you wonder for its utmost resemblance to Tumblr.

This platform allows you to share quotes, images, videos, links and much more. And its most exciting feature is the import of your posts to other social site like Soundcloud, Twitter, Reddit and automatic publishing post on Facebook too.

Along with this you can join groups and follow other users from their huge network and collaborate for your posts. In a short it’s an amazing place for young bloggers to give a try.



DeviantArt is a popular online platform to feature your art. So if you are a person who is fond of creative stuff this particular platform is just for you.

This platform gives you access to post your digital, hand drawn and all the artistic content at one place. And to save you from all the chaos all the artwork are further categorised in structure including photography, digital art, literature, filmmaking and much more.

You also get downloadable resources, polls, groups and portfolio feature to give exposure to your creativity.


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