Top 10 Best Cashback Apps For iOS And Android

As the world is stepping ahead to go cashless it becomes much convenient to do daily chores. From mobile bill payments to house bills everything can be done easily just by using an app on your smartphone.

Moreover, even for shopping, buying electronics you don’t have to step out in the market. Just one tap and you are done.

But have you ever thought earning extra while spending money? Sounds crazy right? Though getting paid extra for your shopping may seem unrealistic but it’s quite possible.

There are tons of cashback apps available in the tech market that pays you something extra when you shop from their website or retail shop.

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Of course this amount will never exceed the number of purchases, but still it will be nice to get refund of any amount of interest.

And for you it’s a win- win situation. You are making purchases along with extra rewards and cashback. But in order to return the cashback on the most favorable term for you, it is important to choose the right service, extension and platform.

So to ease your burden of searching here we have curated some of the best application for cashback. These apps provide cashback to your account for online or real purchase.



10 Best CashBack Apps



Dosh is one of the highly rated apps that are easily available for iOS and users. This app allows you to get money for shopping, eating, and booking hotels.

In addition to this you get cashback while you pay with your cards, shop & dine out, and book hotels. And its best feature is that it allows you to easy transfer the cashback to your account and e wallet.

Moreover cashback is not limited to sites you get a huge array of brands like Domino’s, Sephora, Uber, Wendy and many more to avail the daily offers.


CashBack App

This is another app that allows money back with every purchase you make whether online or in real store. Besides this it also offers many rewards and discount benefits.

Along with this it offers many features like cashback, details of offers on smartphone and overview of shopping points deal. And its best feature is its simple user interface, quick sign up and you are done.

And in any case if cashback app partner store doesn’t have its own website, then this app builds a route to the nearest store.

In brief it is your ideal shopping companion who finds best offer for your purchase.



Want to get cashback rewards at your favorite stores and enjoy unbeatable shopping deals then this one is best you can have.

With this app you not only save money but also get access to 2500+ stores and 10000+ restaurants to redeem cashback points.

Along with this you can get money in many ways like on food delivery, hotel booking, shopping on brands, on movie & cinema and many more.

And the best this about the app is that if you refer the app to your friends & family, on each sign up you get $25.

Top Cashback

Top CashBack

Top cashback is another award winning app that let you earn extra money on shopping. This app allows you to access more than 5000 retailer shops & website to earn and redeem cashback points.

And every day you get unlimited offers and discounts directly on your smartphone.

You can even save money by shopping weekly in grocery store and for this you get a separate snap and save feature.

And you get all the updates regarding transaction and cashback points on your profile. Besides this you get great customer support in case of grievance.



This app is specially designed for android users who wish to ern money while purchasing an item.

It allows us to earn cin a different and unique way. To earn money on this app you will need to participate in surveys, watch brands and shop promotional videos to get gift cards.

Additionally, you also get an option to share your views for better assistance in future.

It also gives gift card of different denominations to some popular services like Starbucks, Amazon, Target and many more.



Shopkick is another app that makes your shopping experience more enriching. It is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

This app allows you to earn money through 6 simple ways. You can earn cashback by walking in stores, scanning barcodes, and purchase & submit receipt, make online purchase, watch videos and shop item from selected partners.

Along with this you get access to huge array of brands like Amazon, target, Starbucks and Walmart.

In brief if you want seamless shopping experience with different challenges to earn money then this is best choice.



The drop app is new kind of rewards and cashback program that exactly suits your lifestyle. With this app you can earn cashback from your morning coffee to your late night food delivery.

You can easily link your credit card and get rewarded on shopping, dining and booking hotels.

And the best thing about the app is no scanning, no receipt, you automatically earn point when you purchase through app.

Moreover you can also earn points by playing games and taking surveys. Isn’t it amazing to have all at one place? So just get the app and get set roll.



This is another app that makes your shopping experience more rewarding. You can simply check Ibotta before you shop, dine, travel, and hotel booking and earn reward instantly in your account.

Unlike other app this one get you cash refund every time you make a purchase through this app.

And the best thing with the app is that you get $ 20 bonus when you install the app for very first time.

Except this you don’t need to use discount and promotional coupon Ibotta do it all for you.



Are you the one who use frequent taxi service and car related services then this app is a boon for you . It is available for both iOS and Android users.

This app allows us to collect prizes and reward on each trip or service. We can easily get linked with Uber and Lyft and avail all the benefits.

Besides taxi service we can also find interesting and profitable offers on restaurant, cafes, and other places of entertainment.

And special member get some advanced rewards on their each trip or service. So what you are waiting for just download the app and enjoy rewards.



Paribus is last but not the least option for cashback apps. This app gives you a real opportunity to save and return the money directly to the credit.

It already has collaboration with 25 retailers. And the algorithm of the app is quite simple that keeps the track of all your online purchases and collects the most advantageous offers for you.

Additionally, you get push email or notification option so you can never miss out any offer. And you also get compensation if your order is delivered late.


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