Top 10 Best Prayer Apps For Android And iOS

Prayer is a perfect way to let go the stress and find peace. It strengthens your mind and make you optimistic that improves your overall mental health. Prayer apps enables you to pray while walking, driving, or working.

Prayer isn’t a ritual that depends on closing your eyes and putting on holy faces. You don’t have to kneel or sit. Sometimes you just need to listen a prayer and allow your mind to flow with it. 

Prayer apps help you to worship about gratitude, healing, love, and others. No matter what you faced today, talking to God through a prayer will renew your faith and help you experience true rest.

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Prayer app is a wonderful way to encourage consistent praying as visiting a holy place daily and conventional praying is hard to follow. It will also boost up you concentration, resume faith and relax your mind.

Here are the 10 best prayer apps for your instant access to devotion and inspiration.


10 Best Prayer Apps

Pray is an amazing prayer app that connects you to God through devotional Bible stories. This app is available to android and iOS users for free.
It contains preaching from Holy Bible in the form of stories and audio series.
In addition to devotional stories you can also use this app for peaceful sleep by listening to calming biblical bedtime stories. This app also supports prayer plan feature to make praying an easy habit for you.

Prayer Mate

Prayer Mate is a very innovative way of praying. It allows you to plan prayer for a prayer mate, that can be your family member or friend using index cards.
You can swipe between these index cards to select and plan the topic and person for prayer. The concept of this prayer app is to know how much you care about others and their well being.
It follows the preaching from the Church of England. This prayer app is available to android and iOS users for free.


Athan is an Islamic Prayer app. It is available to android and iOS users for free.
This app helps you in keeping a track of your prayer timings and also show overall performance of your daily prayers. It allows you to find nearby Mosques.
Athan also maintains a Hirji calendar for Islamic events. It contains the preaching from Holy Quran. Additionally, it provides Qibal finder for accurate Qibal direction.

Daily Prayer

Daily prayer is an official prayer app from the Church of England. It is freely available to both android and iOS users.
This app presents the praying material for both contemporary and traditional worship forms.
It offers all prayer from morning to night for Christians.

These prayers includes bible reading, pray to the God and pray for the world.
It provides the common worship calendar for feast days, festivals and commemorations.

Pray as you Go

Pray as you Go app creates a daily prayer session unlike any other prayer app. This unique concept is designed to make you feel as you are attending a daily prayer session. In this setup you will pray for 10-13 minutes and it includes soothing devotional music, scripture and some questions of reflection.

It is available to android and iOS users for free.
This prayer will enhance your experience of connecting with God and leaves you with faith and positive vibes.

Prayer Times​

Prayer Times is a perfect Prayer app for Muslims all around the world. It is free and can be used by both android and iOS users. This app is a boon in case you don’t want to miss any Salat as it provides notifications for the same.
It has alarm to wake you up before the Fajr Prayer with respect to your time zone. You can select the Adhans and reciting tones from the provided list.
It also supports Qibal compass and the map for accurate Kaaba direction. This app will devote you to the Holy Quran for sure.

Click to Pray

Click to Pray is an official app of the Pope’s worldwide prayer network. This prayer app is available to android an iOS users for free.
It allows you to set time notifications for prayer reminders. In this app you will get three brief moments of daily prayers i.e. morning, evening and night.
You will get a specially designed wall to write your intentions and wishes and share it with the community. It also enables you to Offline watch Pope’s videos to enlighten you and renew your faith.
Pray with the Pope, going with him through his challenges of humanity and the mission of the Church.

Daily Prayer Guide

Daily Prayer Guide is a Christian prayer app. It is a paid app available for android and iOS users. This devotional app offers the prayers, poems, Bible verses and quotations that connects you to the God.
It enables you to set daily prayer reminders. You can also switch to build in voice synthesizer for listening to the devotional content instead of reading.
This helps you experience the true Holy spirit and will allow you to pray wherever you want. You can also share the inspiring content available in this app via facebook, twitter and email.

Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is one of the most popular Islamic prayer app. This inspiring app is free and available for android and iOS users. It is known for most accurate prayer timing as it uses your current location.
Additionally, this app features complete Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translation and audio recitations. It also supports Qibal locator and a map for nearby Mosques.
You can also track Islamic events using Hirji calendar. One of the most amazing feature of this app is that you can find a halal restaurant.

Echo Prayer

Echo Prayer app is designed in such a way that it gives you space to engage with your own creator. It is absolutely free and available for both android and iOS users.
This app allows you to share prayer requests with your loved ones and also acknowledge them when you pray for them.

It facilitates to keep a track of all your prayers and allow you to modify prayers and delete them.
In this app you can opt for push notification or emails to remind you for the prayer. Praying doesn’t have to be complicated. God delights in any simple words we offer Him.


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