Top 10 CoronaVirus Apps For Tracking COVID-19

Coronavirus, a pandemic that is taking hold over the world. All you need is to stay safe and updated. As you are advised to isolate yourself from rest of the world, it remains the challenge to get awareness about the COVID-19. 

In any critical moment all you should focus on, is to beware of rumours. Fake news always plays a negative role in all practices to improve any situation. 

To safeguard yourself from any such false information and claims you should rely on authorised and approved resources.

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For keeping you updated about Coronavirus without any wrong details governments and authorised networks are working so hard. Their dedication towards delivering the condition of actual scenario results in some reliable Coronavirus apps.

There are some exceptionally accurate COVID-19 apps available. If you are looking for Coronavirus tracker and awareness apps, I would recommend you to read this article till end and select an app that suits your criteria.

WHO Info (World Health Organisation)

WHO Info is the official information app for World Health Organisation. It is available to Appstore user for free and a similar app from WHO is available for Playstore user also.
This app is recommended as the most accurate source of COVID-19 information worldwide.
It provides the latest news and help you in tracking the count of coronavirus cases all over the world. You can also stay updated with announcements made by WHO via this app.

COVID Symptom Tracker

C-19 or COVID Symptom Tracker app is supporting the initiative of United Kingdom government to stop spread of Coronavirus. It is available to Appstore and Playstore Users for free.
This app helps in tracking how fast coronavirus is spreading in UK and which are the areas impacted. Additionally it asks continuous symptoms question for your health and keep a track of the same.
It do not give any health advice for the same. For any medical advice on CORONA virus it is recommended by UK government to visit

UN News Reader

UN News Reader is the official news app from United Nations. It is freely available to iOS and Android Users. This app is getting regularly updated with the COVID-19 news.
Additionally, it features announcement from UN related to Coronavirus. You will get the content of this app in multiple official languages.
Currently this app is considered as reliable pandemic information source in order to avoid any panic and false news.

HealthyLynked COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Tracker by HealthLyncked Corp is getting a wide recognition among common people. This app is specifically developed to allow users to self-report symptoms.
The Users that reported the symptoms are categorized and correspondingly monitored. Different cases covered by WHO are depicted in different colors.
These color depiction at approximate location helps you understand the impacted areas and safeguard yourself.
Once User update the change in symptom it will get reflected in the map. It also support realtime chat feature. This app is available for both iOS Android users.


Hamagen is the official COVID-19 app of Israel Minsitry of Health. Hamagen is the Hebrew word for shield and hence it aims at protecting from coronavirus.
This app is available in 5 languages including Hebrew and English for people of Israel exclusively and is highly applauded by other countries.
It helps you to check the affected area and track the nearest corona impacted cases. The app also runs in background and your information stays on your device for security purpose.
It also tracks your contact with corona patients and notify you to get yourself tested if required. This app is available to iOS and Android Users for free.

Apple COVID-19

Apple COVID-19 app is exclusively developed by Apple in collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
This app is so User friendly and efficient that it allows you to perform self-screening in few simple steps. It asks for some symptoms, travel and contact related information to help you fight against Coronavirus.
Additionally it guides you some best practices to follow in order to protect yourself.
This also address the FAQs and spread awareness against Coronavirus pandemic. As already mentioned this app is developed by Apple so it is exclusively available to iOS users.


NHS app is owned by National Health Service, Britain. This app recently introduced the features to support treatment and slow down the spread of coronavirus pandemic.
You can find 'check your symptoms section' which is linked to NHS 111 service for checking COVID-19 symptoms.
This app is trusted source for other COVID-19 apps working in England. It is available to users using android and iOS for free.


AarogyaSetu is the official app developed by Government of India. This app is available for android and iOS users. It is free and easy to use app.
You can see the impacted cases all around you and this will help you to stay away from the source of infection. This act as a safeguard from COVID-19 pandemic and will help you contribute towards the safety of others as well.
It manages your record as impacted or not impacted person. This allow others to verify if they are in safe proximity and vice-versa.


TraceTogether app is the official app from the ministry of health Singapore. It is playing a vital role in supporting Singapore’s efforts to stop Coronavirus spread.
This Coronavirus app uses Bluetooth signals from nearby user to check if you are near any infected person. The data you shared is encrypted and will get stored to your phones for security purpose.
If you had close contact with a COVID-19 case, TraceTogether allows the MOH call you more quickly, to provide guidance and care.


InShorts news app known for its 60 words news summary is now declared one of the most updated and trusted COVID-19 source by Google.
This app also follows a corner dedicated to Coronavirus updates and this tracker is InSights by Inshorts.
Within the news article you can see InSights updates showing tabular representation of current coronavirus cases. This tracker data is extracted from Indian Government’s official website.
The news published by this portal is highly verified and is from WHO approved sources. This app is available to iOS and Android users for free.


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