Top 10 Best Remote Desktop Software : Teamviewer Alternative Apps

In the late 20th-century communication technologies make a huge impact on the working lifestyle. The world becomes so smaller that two persons from different countries become neighbors. Now anybody can do business, learn, work or socialize with anyone around the globe. This opens new possibilities for nations to grow economically and technologically together.

Going to offices for your work becomes a thing of the past. Mostly for those whose work is related to computers. You can do your work from your home and share it with your team members. For this purpose, there are many applications that one can download. One such application is Team Viewer which is itself created by Microsoft. 

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But everything has its pro and cons, as with Team Viewer. It does not satisfy some users with its security and image quality. Also, the biggest drawback is that price of the professional version is too high. And, updating to the new version can also slow down your PC.

There are other Remote Desktop Softwares like Team viewers which you can use. We have come up with a list for you as some alternatives which you will find useful.


10 Teamviewer Alternative Software Apps

ap1Zoho Assist 

Zoho Assist is completely secure and affordable software. It is a super-fast remote support software. Assist is designed to suit all business requirements with multi-platform support. This can run smoothly on the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.

It assists with effortless file transfer and easy multi-monitor navigation. Without needing a user on another end, it can connect the user to their devices. There are no security issues as it provides features like SSL, 2-factor Authentication, etc.

During a meeting, it let you chat with your team members and record the meeting sessions. This software has both free and paid versions.

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ap2SolarWinds Damware Mini Remote Control

Solar winds provide you best in cost remote control and system management tools. It is easy to use and empowers you with built-in admin tools. With these tools, you can remotely unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and edit group policy. Your daily task becomes simple by its powerful utilities and tools.

The Dameware mini remote tools can remote access multiplatform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems. It also provides apps for Android and iOS devices to let you control your devices inside or outside the network. Even if your computers are sleeping or power off you can exceed them.

You can buy its licenses for $338 for one technical & unlimited end-users. The great thing is that you have to pay only one time after the 14-day trial period.

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ap3Manage Engine RAP

Manage Engine Remote Access Plus is a secure and all-around remote support solution. If you are an IT technician or administer and have to control your PCs from your office to any location, then RAP is a great solution for you. This lets you troubleshoot Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from a central location.

It has some great features like access to any system from anywhere anytime with any unattended remote access. If your users are facing any trouble you can connect to the client PC, seamlessly navigate through multiple monitors. You can quickly launch the administrative tools and diagnose computers with any lag.

RAP comes in both cloud base and premises versions. This is free for one technician and up to 10 computer ranges for more than that you can subscribe to annual or perpetual services.

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Supremo has established itself as a powerful, easy remote support solution. This allows users to access remote PCs and hold meetings in seconds. One of the nice things about this software is that you don’t have to install or patch anything. There is only one executable that is very small and does not need installation.

Supremo will allow you to customize its user interface to display your company logo. The ability to display a personal logo is very useful for anyone who wants to raise brand awareness. Supremo is also very easy to use. It uses a powerful data transfer protocol, so no router or firewall settings are required. Supremo is free to use on your local network, but you’ll need to buy a license if you want to access your PC from anywhere.

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ap5ISL Online

ISL is reliable secure and very fast remote desktop software. Its interface is so easy that even a non-technical user can use it. Unlike the other applications in our list, this provides access to unlimited computers or servers with only one license. You can access your client computer on multi-platform even from your mobile phone apps.

You can set user permissions for each user and access unattended remote computers to perform administrative tasks. It supports easy navigation through multiple computers. ISL provides AES 265-bit end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentications for a secure environment.

They provide you a 15-day trial and cost you $ 469 for one license per year.

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VNC Connectap6

It is considered one of the best solutions for TeamViewer, both for personal and commercial use. It has had several products that can be adapted to each of the requirements. The program consists of a computer server application over which you need to exercise control. It has also a viewer app that is installed and run on the work device.

So, it can detect the remote control immediately without configuring anything. As a big plus, we note that this software offers a high level of security. Since, besides encrypting all the meetings held, it also protects them with a password. This can add a direct connection without the need for the Internet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show any features for web conferencing.

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ap7LogMeIn Pro

This program is mainly based on the optimization of sharing of resources. This allows connecting to the endpoints without compromising their availability and security. It can be used from any platform and gives you the ease of using up to 1 TB of cloud storage. Whether for applications, large projects, or files and that, in this way, you can find them in one place.

You can use this software from a browser application that is compatible with any platform. You can able to establish a connection through your LAN or internet connection. In short, it can access up to 10 computers at the same time. But you have to buy a subscription since it doesn’t have a free version.

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ap8Screen Wise connect

ConnectWise Control is a remote desktop product for businesses, that provide remote assistance to their clients. The company sells this as this is suitable for companies but any individual can use it. The best thing is that users can start using only the features they need and then upgrade their plans as their business grows.

Moreover, users can connect to their clients securely as it has features like AES 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. This also supports a variety of third-party apps such as Slack, Google Analytics, and Freshdesk, making it easy to manage your business. ConnectWise Control’s third-party integrations make it a big advantage over TeamViewer.

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ap9Any Desk

Like TeamViewer, AnyDesk has many features that allow you to access your device remotely where you need it. This service provides one of the fastest data transfer speeds for 60 FPS screen sharing. Your actions are immediately transferred to your remote-controlled device due to its very low latency. AnyDesk supports all major platforms including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, iOS, and Android.

AnyDesk verifies all connections to the RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption. It uses TLS 1.2 technology of the banking industry standard. This protects your computer from unauthorized access and any privacy attacks. Most recently, AnyDesk launched a new 4.0 upgrade that adds many new features like file browser mode, session recording, unattended access to macOS, etc.

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ap10Splash Top

Splashtop has established itself as an all-around solution for all your remote access needs. This service allows both individuals and teams to easily access their computers or computers shared with any device at any time. Splashtop focuses on security and ensures that remote connections are always secure. Therefore, all remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption. Splashtop seems to be aimed at companies that provide on-demand support and help desks to their clients.

The best part is that the client does not need to install any software. The software allows businesses to connect to client desktops and mobile devices with a simple 9-digit code. The software is free if you’re only using it to remotely access devices on your local area network. For those who want to access their device from anywhere in the world, you will be charged a very affordable price of $ 16.99 / year. This makes Splashtop one of the cheapest remote access software for personal use.

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