Top 10 Best Tattoo Design Apps

Imprinting a tattoo on your body is a bold decision and there is no returning back once you get one inked. Unlike most of the people who regret getting wrong tattoo you should use Tattoo design apps before taking this tough decision.

Tattoo design app helps you to quickly and easily select tattoo from wide range or let you implement your own idea.

You will prefer to search and then finalise the design you will be carrying with you for lifetime. This will force you to ask so many people about there advise and seek their recommendation without even having a basic idea what you want.

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Getting a tattoo is a permanent process depending upon the quality of pigment you will be taking. It is indeed painful as tattoo ink will get inserted in the upper layer of your skin.

Instead of wasting time in running after people and internet images having same old fashioned or common tattoo designs you should go for a tattoo design app and design your own feeling. You should recall the picture you imagined while thinking of having a tattoo first and then you can draw one using tattoo design apps.

If you are confused that what will suit you and have no dream tattoo then you can use some apps that already have ample of designs available and that are latest and trendy.


10 Best Tattoo Design Apps


Ink Hunter

InkHunter is an amazing app that allows you to design tattoo and see how it looks on the selected body part. This app enables you to visualise your design from various angles.

It also appears so real as it applies significant effect using advanced photo editor.

Additionally, this app gives you the option to select tattoo styles present in its gallery. This app is available to Playstore and Appstore Users for free



Tattoodo app is a app that connects people who want to inked with the tattoo artist. This great concept allow various tattoo artists to create a profile in this app and as an user you can connect to your desired artist.

You can visit the profile of the artist select the tattoo and book the next appointment using this app.

You can also select wonderful tattoos from the gallery section of this app and get that inked. By sharing your location in this app you can easily track the nearest tattoo parlour.

Tattoo Trends

Tattoo Trends

Tattoo Trends by Inkstinct is an official app of famous instagram page It features most updated tattoo directory and tattoo world trend from all over the world.

You can make your own tattoo profile as well. Also you can ask expert for tattoo advise and the design that suits you.

This app is for both tattoo design seekers and tattoo artists. You can connect to various artists and get your idea implemented.

Tattoo My Photo

tattoo my photo

Tattoo my photo app enables you to try tattoos virtually with augmented reality before getting it inked forever. This app allows you to take selfie or select your picture from gallery and then try different tattoos on different parts.

It provides you the view how it will look on you in reality. Unlike other apps it do not just present the specific part view, it demonstrates the complete look.

This app will allow you to choose the tattoo you love from various categories. You can also save the edited picture for future use as well as you can post it directly on social media.

Skin Motion

skin motion

Skin Motion is an extraordinary tattoo design app. The concept of this app is quite unique as it allows you to get tattoo of Soundwave.

This enables you to ink the voice of you loved ones in form of tattoo and mark it forever. You can create your own sound track tattoo by uploading your sound on and you can play that sound track on this app.

Using this app you can find the licensed skim motion tattoo artist to get perfect soundwave tattoo and get it inked without mistake.

Tattoo Maker Photo Booth

Tattoo maker photo booth

Tattoo Maker Photo Booth is another fabulous app that let you design tattoos. This app is explicitly available to Android users for free.

It allows you to import photo or take photo. Then using app booth format you can place tattoo design wherever you want. This app also have photo editor which allows you to get various effect on you picture.

It provides option for sharing your picture on social media once you are done and also you can save the image for future ink process.



Tattoo app provides you the latest and classy range of tattoos. You can select one and then try it on you picture.

It provides exceptionally convenient editing tools that allows you to make changes in existing tattoo design from app.

This gives you option to change size and colour as required. This app is free and available to both android and iOS users.

Tattoo Planet

tattoo planet

Tattoo Planet is another great app that allows you to connect to other tattoo artists. This authentic app asks you to fill the consent form in this app.

Then you can browse tattoos and the artist created them all over the world. You can also connect with local artists using profile feature of artists.

This app also allows you to search and locate nearby tattoo shop and salons. Using this app you can book appointment. Additionally this app has reminder feature for alerting you about upcoming appointment.



Jhaiho app is a must try tattoo experience if you are looking for tattoo designs. It has high resolution tattoos. This app expose wide range of tattoos to you including male and female category, balck and white and coloured, tribal and abstract designs.

It provides option to save the selected tattoo on your gallery. Saving these images allows you to show this while getting inked. This app is available for both Playstore and Appstore users for free.

Tattoo My Photo 2.0

Tattoo my photo 2.0

Tattoo my photo 2.0 app lets you get the real time tattoo experience without any pain and permanent ink. This app enables you to draw various tattoos on your photo after selecting one.

You can edit size, orientation and also remove unwanted part of selected designs. Additionally it allow you to join two different tattoo design and make a new tattoo out of that.

It also provides you the option to adjust the transparency of tattoo in order to get real pigment effect and also facilitates you to get pigment of your choice.


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