Top 10 Best Survival Games For Android And iOS

That adrenaline rush of your first zombie kill or escaping for your life from a dangerous forest. These Survival games are a definite must try if you love adventures, mystery and fuelling fire of adrenaline in your veins. 

Devise strategies to survive the most challenging of games handpicked for all android and iPhone users. If the real life pandemic wasn’t enough, add some spices to your virtual life with these survival game Apps.

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Find an escape from your mundane life within the virtual walls of nuclear power plants, dangerous forests, zombie infested cities or an alien run world. Whatever you can imagine, find it all here. Make the fiction your virtual reality and get your game on!


Best Survival Game Apps

Survivors: The Quest

The island has its secrets and if you want to survive, you must discover those. Devoid of bloodshed and extreme violence, this game is suited even for the faint of hearts craving just a touch of adventure. 

This island survival game will make you hunt for ingredients to cook with, find and create your own tools to ward off the dangerous creatures living in the forest and much more.

You can even play the challenging matches to investigate mysteries and solve quests within the game. Can you cook, hunt and unravel the mysteries of the island and survive till the very end? If yes, this game is worth giving a shot.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

A unique approach towards a survival games, Cataclysm is a turn-based simulation game who crave something different. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, each day is your lucky day if you are alive but you must face the harsh realities and do everything it takes to make it through. From Zombies, giant insects to stronger and stranger things like killer robots, you have to either defeat them or flee for your life.

Despite certain bugs and interruptions, this game will definitely give you a fresh take on survival games. In case you are interrupted by calls and messages during the game, it has an auto save feature to prevent you from losing your progress. It works well with either a physical keyboard or a virtual one or even a touchscreen.

Another World

One of the best survival games out there, Another World is probably the oldest and the most acclaimed. If you are a fan of survival games, you should definitely put this on your list

Debuted in 1991, also known as Out of the World, this game has attained world wide status for its cinematic graphic effects, and sound effects by critics and sophisticated gamers alike.

 The character you play is Lester Knight Chaykin who is a young physics researcher, whose laboratory gets destroyed amidst an experiment by lightening and thrown into a world filled with humanoid creatures and danger lurking all around. The game is all about your attempt to escape and make allies to help and fight alongside you.


While talking about survival games, it would be only justified to mention The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands.

With minimalist aesthetics and a perfectly blended game play of role-playing, survival and fantasy, this game is a stand out in this list. It has a very detailed layout, and still looks the simplest. You would be responsible for an entire civilization; your decisions would answer the question of their Survival.

In Bonfire, you must prepare yourself for the snowy nights, burn a light to attract the village people and get them to talk to you, explore the unknown with the sails, fight the mystic creatures to unveil the ancient secrets, arm your guards to ward off the monsters and not forget to constantly build and retain your people.

All of this, makes bonfire an idle survival simulation game. The game is specifically designed for people who like strategic survival and empire-building games. The graphics of the game along with its soundtrack make it very pleasing to play for hours.

The game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands however, is not completely free to play. Post a 6-day free day trial, the players must but the full version for a one-time payment of $5.36 (Approximate value).

Dead Trigger 2


Who remembers wanting to shoot the heads off zombies? Dead Trigger 2 gives you a chance to do just that. With a First Person Shooter experience, you have to face the ultimate zombie apocalypse game and survive till the end.  

With a variety of cool features like building your personal hideout, devising strategies for as many as 33 different battlefields, and engaging in fights with zombies using at least 70 variety of gun weapons.

In terms of control, you can choose between a touch control type or a virtual enhanced joystick. You can even use amazing melee weapons like swords, chainsaw, hammers etc along with powerful pistols and shotguns to experience a thrilling adventure. They even add new tournaments every week in the arenas.  

Call of Duty

Without a doubt, this is definitely a must try for gamers who enjoy shooting at large. Call of Duty is a multiplayer game with an enhanced HD quality gaming experience, options of voice and text within and outside the team, customizable controls and amazing graphics and sound effects. 

Try out different maps and a variety of team battles to choose from ranging from one on one to a 100 person battle royal survival map.

This app is one of the most social and competitive survival games out there. Strategize your way to the top in its quite competitive ranked mode. There are several ongoing international matches as well for you to participate and increase you rank.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

The name speaks for itself here. This is another shooting game based in a post apocalyptic world. 

The game takes place in 2027 when an unknown infection spread through the world which almost destroyed the entire human race, and ultimately turned the dead into the undead – Zombies!

The game is all about survival, tracking your character’s thirst, hunger, create weapons as per the need, collect resources, and different modes of transport to escape or fight. 

You can navigate the map and reach seasonal locations for more resources or weapons and other stuff. Another survival to add to your list, Last Day on Earth is here to test your survival skills in the extreme of conditions. Are you ready?

US Conflict 

US conflict

US Conflict is a Real Time strategy Survival Game. This Game lands you to a scenario similar to WWII. Presenting a condition where a country is taking over another and you have to survive.

This Survival game app allows you to play in group of 4 player co-op multiplayer. Playing 2 different campaigns with 20 crucial missions could be a mind blowing experience.

You can select from 9 different countries trying to invade one on the other. Its your survival strategy and skill that plays the most important role.

With each win your game gets upgrades. The gameplay includes heavy weapons and war vehicles such as tanks and war trucks. The AI supported gives an exceptionally real experience and surges the seriousness while playing.

US conflict is available to both Android and iOS users for free with In-app purchases and upgrades.


How can it be a survival game if there are no zombies, right? This is yet another exciting shooting game in a zombie apocalyptic world from the makers of Dead Trigger 2 already featured in the list. 

With this online multiplayer shooting game, you can compete with players from around the world and even build your own army of zombies and wage war against bases of other players.

The insanely cutting edge graphics and their console quality FPS quality shooter game is bound to keep you immersed in this. Based in New York, you will have a choice of characters among five and be a part of an elite team to combat zombies and find out other secrets of the post apocalyptic world.

Utopia: Play in Your Way

This is an unusual take on a survival game, by transporting you into a virtual fantasy world which is usually a magical place. 

This is a must try for those who love Fantasy fiction along with a little adventure in their pockets. A story like game, it begins with you waking up in a heavenly beautiful place called Utopia, and greeted by your guide, Xiaxia.

Along the way, you will have to build your house to protect yourself from a little demon soldier lurking outside. Next comes exploration for which you will need to prepare sufficient supplies for travel and discover a dragon later in the game. 

There will also come a time when you will have to fight off monsters, which will require you to craft weapons and be on guard. If you are a fan of fantasy adventure like The Hobbit, this one will let you glimpse a little of that magic here.   


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