Top 10 Best Subtitles Apps For Android & iOS

Nowadays, downloading movies in your smartphones is an easy task. People prefer watching movies or shows with subtitles. All you have to do is to sync your movie player apps with Subtitles apps.

A single word of dialogue is not missed when subtitles are displayed on your screen. It helps you to improve your vocabulary and learn new languages.

It has become possible today to watch every movie of any language, all you need to download is subtitle in your native language.

Even people who don’t have ability to hear or are hard of hearing would be able to watch when subtitles are showed within movies.

People are adding subtitles to their videos before posting it into social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it helps them to increase their viewers. Many apps are available today for this very purpose, you just need to know about them.

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These apps are not limited to adding subtitles but you would able to edit the subtitles as well. You could also alter the style, font and color, knowing these apps make you task very easy.

You may face many difficulties in finding the subtitles for our movies, sometimes the subtitles do not matches with the audio and if you are searching for the best apps that provide you subtitles, then here we have the most suitable subtitle download apps.

These apps have huge collection and supports multiple languages. Some of these apps automatically create subtitles for your videos and help to increase viewers in social media.  So let begin to know the top 10 best subtitle apps for your favorite movies.


10 Best Subtitle Apps

Get subtitles

Get subtitles

This is one of the best subtitle apps. It works on phone, tablets as well as in PC’s. It is a Multi language subtitle apps that supports more than 170 languages. 

This app gives you the option to choose language for searching subtitles and it automatically inserts the subtitle in your videos while using vlc media player or mx player. 

Allows you to search your files manually, launching video player from within app is its best feature. This app is supported by both android and iOS devices.


Sub loader

This app is ad free and most suitable to add subtitles to videos. Scan your device and list all the videos for ease. Easy to use and it just takes two clicks to download subtitle for movies. 

Subtitles for the same movies are available in many languages and also you can download subtitles from its official website. The app is available on play store and app store, so enjoy watching movies with subtitles by downloading the app.

Teleprompter for video


The app works on iOS devices and this app automatically adds subtitles to your videos. It is a video scripted app with teleprompter that allows you to film yourself. 

This app is most appreciated among vloggers because of its quality video recording. Works smoothly and supports multiple video formats and records your videos in high definition.

Subtitle viewer

Subtitle viewer

This app display subtitle for movies on television or cinemas. It comes up with great features like it highlights the current word of dialogue in movie. 

You can search for movies or series in app, it adapts font size and display bright and you can export the subtitle files to use in other apps. You can search for text within subtitles making it more user friendly to use.

Subbr Free

Subbr free

Next on our list is this app which allows you to edit the subtitle that you have downloaded. You can covert the subtitles in other languages, it automatically backup the subtitles. 

It has built-in file manager and detects character encoding. This app has the feature to fix faulty subtitles and also you can style and color subtitles according to your preference. Want to do some editing in subtitles or want to make it colorful then you can try this app.



This app is for iOS users and this is a video subtitle apps that adds subtitles to your videos and helps you to increase your video views on social media like Facebook and Instagram by adding subtitles to your videos. 

Automatically generate subtitles to your videos and it gives you the option to easily edit your subtitles. If you want to change caption display you can do it as well. It supports 23 languages all over world. You can customize font, color and background of caption.



This app is for android users and the app easily creates subtitles for videos. Editing subtitles becomes easy using this app. you can embed subtitles to your videos and save it. 

Converts one subtitle file format into other and it will automatically match subtitle to your audio. This subtitle editor app allows you to preview and styles your videos. It is best suited to make subtitles for YouTube videos.

Add Subtitles

Add Subtitles

This app works on iOS devices and the main feature of the app is that it automatically generates subtitles for videos. 

It translate subtitles to other language and subtitles are created instantly when you speak. You can choose the language for subtitles, you can create social videos with subtitles using the app. 

It takes care that the subtitles must match the time span of your voice over. It is a perfect tool you need to add subtitles to your video.

SubE                                    subE                

The best app to edit your subtitle. You can edit the in between lines of subtitles and it comes with many features like editing style or color of subtitles. 

It is simple and easy to use, it is best suited for short video clips. The app is easy to operate and you could view subtitles in several lines. Download the app to edit subtitles for videos and instantly get amazing subtitles to you videos.

Subtitles viewer


It is a great app for iOS users where you can view subtitles on your device and you can also sync it to your television or at cinemas. 

Subtitles are available in many language, all you need to select the language in which you want to watch. 

Ratings are too high, so you need not to take a second thought for downloading this app. Enjoy watching shows and movies by downloading subtitles in your native language.


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