Top 10 Best Stud Finder Apps For Android & iOS

If you look around you, there are ‘n’ number of metal things we use in our day to day life. Such things add great value to our life. However, they also make it miserable by getting lost!

Finding lost items is a difficult situation to be in. But if you lose a metal item, we are here to save you. With the help of a lot of apps that exist for android as well as ios users, you can convert your mobile phone into a metal detector machine!

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Well, not physically. But the mechanism is such that it can be initiated at the ease of a mobile phone. In the list below we have collected the 10 best stud finder (metal detector) apps for both android and ios. So, the next time you lose a metal clink, you don’t have to turn the entire house upside-down!


Best Stud Finder Apps

Metal Detector

Developed and owned by Dexati, it is one of the most popular metal detector app among android users.

The app is highly accurate and offers a very simple user interface. It can detect the presence of metal within the range of up to 30 cms. Metal Detector is also completely free to use and light in weight.

Developer- Dexati.

Compatibility- Android.

Metal Detector

Among the ios users, this one is the best choice.

Apart from the basic authenticity features like high accuracy and light weight, the app also offers various customization options like sensitivity and sound/vibration.

The app also has an easy interface to make understanding and readability better. It can also act as an EMF meter from your phone! What is more is that the app is completely free to use.

Developer- Alexandr Balyberdin.

Compatibility – ios.

All Tools

Looking for an app that does more than just detect metal? All Tools got you all covered!

This app for android is a metal detector, compass, recorder, speedometer, mirror, convertor and much more. It is an app of basic utility which is not in-built but useful in daily lives.

The app is free to use and is very easy to understand and use.

Developer- ATEU Softwares.

Compatibility- Android.


If high utility is what you wish, Toolbox grants it.

This app is a popular choice among all ios users and rightly so. Apart from the metal detection functionality, it has much more to offer such as- compass, stopwatch, timer, surface level protractor and torch.

The app uses the electromagnetic fields to detect metal in close proximity, thereby resulting in effective and accurate results.

Developer- Skypaw co. ltd.

Compatibility- ios.

Wire Metal Detector

A very simple to use and free app for android users, the Wire Metal Detector app is one of the most preferred apps.

The app is built to detect the presence of metal substances and power lines within a range of 5 inches. For effective detection of power lines, the flow of current should be at least 200 watts.

Developer- Sergio Gudkov.

Compatibility- Android.

Metal Detector

Another simple metal detector app for ios users- the Metal Detector is completely free to use and very simple to use and read.

The app uses the mobile’s built-in magnetometer and electromagnetic fields to detect the presence of metals nearby and notify you with the same.  The app is light weight and hence, does not take up much space in your mobile. The interactive layout of the app makes it more attractive.

Developer- Tudorel Irmia.

Compatibility- ios.

Real Metal Detector with Sound

Get ready to turn your mobile phone into a pocket metal detector with Real Metal Detector!

The app offers the users an easy and interactive user interface making their in-app experience even better. It is also completely free to use.

The app uses sound to notify you of a metal in proximity. This ensures that you don’t overlook a spot. Overall, it is a great app for all the android users!

Developer- CreativeLabs 2018.

Compatibility- Android.

Stud Find

The next up in the list is Stud Find- a great choice for ios users.

The app, just like most of the other apps uses the concept of electromagnetic fields to detect and alert the user regarding the presence of metal in proximity. It works better if your device has a pre-built magnetometer, otherwise too, it is pretty much accurate.

The app is again, free to use and a light weight app. The interface is also described by many users as fine.

Developer- Proteverse LLC.

Compatibility- ios.

Metal Detector

The one unique feature that differentiates this app from the rest of them is that it not just notifies the presence of a metal in proximity, it uses vibration to adjust the intensity according to how near/far the object is.

Apart from that this is another accurate metal finder app that helps you locate metal withing a limited range. It is free to use and super easy to read.

Developer- Smart tools.

Compatibility- Android.

Smart Metal Detector

Just like the above app plays with vibration and different intensities, Smart Metal Detector uses difference in sound as an indicator of presence of metal nearby. The app is based on magnetic fields and sensors, and hence, rarely commits any mistakes.

The app is also completely free to use and comes with a layout so easy that you become a pro metal finder at the first try itself. Smart Metal Detector is also light in weight and does not have much configurations.

Developer – Netigen Kluzowicz.

Compatibility- ios.


While looking for metal detector apps, an app with a small size and simple user interface would be the best choice.

Further, almost every app is accurate to its best. However, apps with an intensity signal are preferred to ease locating the object.

Take a deep breath! You don’t have to turn your place into a mess next time you lose something petty.


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