Top 10 Best Stretching Apps For Both iOS & Android

Are you looking for the ways to heal your sore muscles without going anywhere? I think we all have been at the situation when all our efforts get futile in learning this process.

With strict exercise regimen our muscle start tearing to build a lean muscle mass.

As a result you het huge pain and cramps in body. And it gets important to get rid of this pain.

As in our day to day life it is difficult to work with sored muscle and cramps. But what if you get any solution that is cheaper yet effective?

Would you try it? Then read this piece of information till the end, as it will help you in long run.

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With the advent of technology it becomes easier to learn stretching exercise that just by sitting home.

No gym subscription, no trainer, all you need is your smartphone. There are plenty of stretching apps available in the market both for iOS and Android users.

These apps give you a perfect strategy that how to perform a stretching exercise. There are right or wrong ways to stretch the body.

So it is important to know the right exercise and right app too. Here we have curated some of the best stretching apps to help you choose right way to do stretching without injuring on your body.


10 Best Stretching Apps

Home Workout


Home workout is one of the highly rated apps for learning stretching techniques.

With this app in just few minutes you can build muscle and be fit without going anywhere. It has workouts for your abs, chest, legs, arms, and as well as full body workout.

Besides this it has 60 unique HD videos for stretching and body building both.

Apart from this you get many other features like automatic record of training, customized routine, workout reminder and personal trainer.

You can also share your routine and training on social media with your friends & family.

Stretching Sworkit


Stretching sworkit is a complete package to learn stretching directly through smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

This app come with 100+ workouts and guided plans for stretching without any injury. It provides 3 different categories of unique workout such as full body stretch, head to toe stretch, and Pilates.

You can easily choose any of the category and start working out according to guide.

Apart from this it also allows you to customize your workout such as yoga, cardio, stretching and strength.

Stretch It

Stretch it

Stretchit is direct method for improving flexibility through goal oriental videos.

With this app you get world class flexibility instruction and beautiful videos with description.

Not only this you can anytime customize your workout routine as per your need.

Besides this you also get videos for yoga and Pilates on this app that you can easily access. There are more than 50 HD quality video with clear voice.

And in any case you want to have a personal trainer you can easily get through this app. Moreover this app is available in both free and paid version.



If you want to learn a series of movement that can stabilize your strength & core then this app is the best.

Through this app you can easily learn stretching exercise with ease.

It has different and unique videos and image format to make you understand the technique easily.

Besides this you also get the time limit and calorie consumption of workout.

As a result, you can easily handle weight management. Additionally, you also get some breathing exercises and precise move.

Daily Workout


This app can be used as personal trainer who can guide you for effective and quick workout regimen.

It has 5 to 10 minutes target workouts, 100 + exercise videos and 10 to 30 random full body workout videos.

Besides this it can be used by both men and women. To easily learn the exercise we get on screen instructions and timer.

You can also integrate this app with a health tracker to keep a count of calories consumption & expenditure.

There are also paid options where you can get some advance features and exercise routine.

Stretching Exercises


Stretching exercise is another app for both iOS and android users. With this app you get 100+ customize stretching exercise that can help you to build muscles.

Along with this you get fully customized workout, clear pictorial information, written exercise instructions and much more.

It also gives on screen instruction & timer, routine reminders, and progress tracking. Additionally, you can also create custom icons for different routine and exercises.

Moreover you can also backup & restore your routine & exercise. It also gives some better & unique exercise to increase the body energy.

Extreme Eye Exercise


Extreme eye exercise is the app that helps you to increase and train your vision for free. This app has listed top knowledge by which you can easily improve your eye sight.

Apart for this it comes with an easy user interface where you have to rearrange the simple match 3 puzzle.

It also has a unique patter such as Gabor that enables you to increase the vision.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an app that can help you to control your mind and vision together then this one is most efficient.

Daily Abs


Daily abs is another app that allows you to make abs with its simple user interface. This app gives you a lot of exercise videos and guide to train your body.

It has 5 to 10 minute daily ab video to strengthen your muscle power.

It also provides you a virtual trainer that so that you never get any confusion while working out.

You can easily use flat belly, flat stomach without any equipment at your home.

Though it is available free but for advanced features you can easily buy premium subscription.

Track Yoga


Track yoga is one of the best apps that have all yoga formats which you can easily get on your smartphone.

This app helps you to lose weight, gain stretch ability, flexibility, and remove tension & stress with great workout.

You can easily choose your preferred workout regimen and set weekly goals. Besides this you can collect badges that can motivate you further by completing yoga milestones.

Additionally, it also allows you to set reminders to stay on track with your weekly goals. In a nutshell it is a complete package that fulfils all your exercise needs.

Upper Body Workout


If you want to challenge your arms, chests, shoulder, upper back, and upper body then this is one of the best options.

This app has more than 75 body weight exercise and 6 unique workout program to help you gain muscle with ease.

Beside this you also get voice coach and clear HD video demonstrations and much more. It is designed for men, women, young, old and for anyone who is willing to lose weight.

And the best thing with the app is that you can customize your workout and can also watch the videos in offline mode.

Moreover this app also adjusts with the person’s capability and then recommends exercise.


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