Top 10 Best Step Counter Apps For Android & iOS

Fitness Tracking can be difficult without any fitness device like apple watch or Fitbit. Commonly people prefer to walk daily for burning calories. Here, counting steps using a GPS device might help you track calorie burned during the walk.

Step Counter Apps can turn your smartphones into a fitness tracking device. You can count steps just by turning on your GPS and some of these apps do provide some additional features as well.

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Now you need not to wait for buying all these expensive fitness bands to track your fitness. You can rely on your smartphones for the same just by downloading one of these step counter apps.

Once you activate these step counter apps or Pedometer apps, they keeps on running in the backend of your mobile and give you complete data whenever you inspect it.

Start using Step counter apps today to track the number of steps covered throughout the day.


10 Best Step Counter Apps

Leap Fitness Step Counter

Step CounterNow make it easy and simple to keep a count on each step you take in a day with this app on top position in our list.

This app not only helps in counting our steps per day but also provides us with a means to stay fit. There is no need to sign in for the app as it is available for free.

It just uses the sensors on our smartphones to count steps. It provides graphs through which we can check our progress. Go get it from Google PlayStore.


PedometerThis is another app on our list and as the name itself suggests it is used to track every step a person takes during a day. Along with counting steps, it also calculates things like the number of calories burnt, the distance covered, time taken, etc.

So just tap on the start button and go on a walk, the app will count your steps. It is a free app to use and can easily be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Zoombies, Run

Zombies run

Another step counter app on our list is ‘Zoombies, Run’. What if you have to save your life from zombies? The app does the same. It motivates you to run to save yourself from zombies.

This app creates a virtual world where you are sent to complete a mission where zombies reside.

To save yourself, you have to run thus a motivation comes for running as it is the only way you can save your life. It is a cool and interesting app.


ArgusAnother popular step counter app on Android is Argus. This step counter app is available on iOS devices. It helps us to set the daily goals on it and then work accordingly to complete it.

Along with serving as a step counter app, it provides with several tips for a healthy diet.

Track the number of calories you burned in a day or week through this app. Keep a track of your various exercises using the app. So plan your diet with this app.


AccupedoMoving on to the next one on our list, this app is famous for its features like Home screen display of the steps we have taken along with the distance covered, calories burnt, etc. The automatically stops when you stop walking and starts ad you start walking.

Now analyse your progress through the weekly graphs. It comes with thousands of motivational messages which increase one’s determination towards a healthy body.

Map My Walk

Map my walkAnother interesting app on our list is ‘Map My Walk.’ Using this app, we can track our workout easily. As the name suggests, the app shows our route on a map by using the GPS of our phone.

It provides an accurate calculation of the distance we covered during a walk or run. This app is available for both iOS as well as Android consumers.

It is updated with lots of motivational quotes to motivate us to walk more. Share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and get their appreciation.

Google Fit

google fitThis app from Google occupies the seventh position in our list. It helps us to track all our fitness activities thus it keeps a count of steps we take while running, walking, etc.

It also allows us to set our daily fitness goals and then helps us to achieve it. It is a free app and one can get it on both Android and iOS devices.

It provides us with certain fitness tips which can be helpful in keeping oneself healthy and fit. Let me tell you, this app also works on Wear OS devices.

Charity Miles – Walk &Run Tracker

charity milesNow earn money with this app for charity purposes by just tracking the distance you covered during a walk or run.

This app is an innovative approach towards health and charity as the more miles you will cover, the more money you will earn to donate it for helping others.

It tracks activities like running, walking and cycling. So help the needy with each step you take every day.


SweatcoinAnother wonderful app on iOS and Android is Sweatcoin through which we can earn ‘Sweatcoins’ to buy new headphones, etc. This app converts each step taken by you into a digital currency which we can use to buy things of our choice.

With several other features, it has been seen as one of the most popular apps among the runners. Track all your workouts using this mind-blowing app.

Runtastic Steps​

Runtastic stepsMoving on to the last one on our list, this app, like all the other apps on our list, helps in tracking our daily steps, distance covered and calories burned.

It allows us to set fitness goals and then motivates us to achieve it soon. Now keep an eye on your progress with the records saved on it.

The app is free to download and quite easy to use. It provides options to share your progress with your friends on various social media site.


In this article, we saw a lot of top 10 step counter apps that are available on our device for free. Track your every step as well as other fitness exercises using these wonderful apps. With apps like ‘Sweatcoin’ and ‘Charity Miles’, earn money to invest for a noble cause. In this era of cruelty show some humanity by providing possible help to the needy ones.


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