Top 10 Best Sports Game Apps For Android and iOS

Sports are the ultimate dose of adrenaline you need. Not only are they played within a set of rules, but they are also generally played in real time with actual players.

The sports game apps for your android and Ios devices make sure that you are not missing your game even when you are off-field. Some of these which have beautiful graphics, let you enjoy (and improve) your game tactics without rolling on the field.

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Today, there exist a lot of apps that let you play sports in multiplayer mode. All sports you can think of are available for you to play digitally – football, basketball, tennis, badminton, board games, base ball – the never ending list.

However, to make it easy for you to win your game, we have curated a list of the best sports game apps for android and ios. Let’s have a look at them!


Best Sports Game Apps

NBA Live Mobile BasketBall

Coming from EA games, the game is well promising to all the basketball fans.

Be it the gameplay, the storyline, the interface and controls or even the graphics- NBA Live Mobile BasketBall offers everything on a single plate. The game is very well designed to be played by beginners as well as pros.

You can choose the mode you wish to play in. In the story mode, you become a player from scratch, win trophies and earn recognition. Alternatively, you can play random quick matches in different arenas with real time players. You can even casually shoot street shots.

The elaborate gameplay and the convenient controls make it the best app you could play basketball on. Gather your friends and play with them! The app has so much to offer to you!

Madden NFL Mobile Football

It does not come from a highly popular game developing company, but is in no way less deserving to be n this list. Players of this game often refer to it as the best app you can play football on.

The game offers high quality graphics, a smooth gameplay and a completely free of cost experience. Players usually have a character that they play with. These characters can be unlocked with either in-game currency or real money. However, there are mostly enough challenges to earn the in-game currency and use it.

This makes Madden NFL Mobile Football the best game for all the football fans out there. You get to play as the most in-demand player even, without having to spend a penny.

Overall, the game is a great choice to go with for your Android or Ios devices.

Hockey All Stars

Hockey is not a sport very much talked-of. However, the fan following of the sport is equally powerful.

Hockey All stars features the best gameplay of hockey that you can have on your device. The game has some of the very famous players to play with, and even others. Not to forget you can customize your character.

The gameplay of the app is also very interesting. You do not have to worry about the game glitching, lagging or even caught by a bug. It is a free to play game and hence you have all the available settings, options and choices under your control.

The graphics of the game however are not the best. Considering the game does not come from a high profile game developer. However, they are just fine for a hockey fan!

MLB 9 Innings 20

Everyone’s favorite Baseball, can now be played digitally. Isn’t that amazing?

The Major League Baseball 9 game lets you enjoy Baseball in the best of its form. You bat, you ball, you catch and you deliver. What is more is that you take decisions for your team. So, you have a choice to select the player lineup according to their stats. You may even upgrade their stats with the in-game currency available.

Each player has its own stats portfolio card. You may combine two lower stat players to get a higher one. Literally, you can win your own game with this app!

MLB 9 also has sufficiently nice graphics and a smooth interface just so you can still follow the ball when you hit a home run!

F1 Mobile Racing

Let us zoom into the motorsports world, shall we?

The next app on the list of best sports game apps is F1 Mobile Racing with its extremely cool graphics, simple controls and the smoothest interface in a speeding game.

The game offers the players with the choice to play with real time players or computer. Any be the case, it offers an intriguing game experience. The car models and player lineups are from the 2019 season, but we are looking forward to an update soon.

F1 Mobile Racing is the best and the closest to actual racing game that you will find for your device. It is available for download in android as well as ios devices. Moreover, it is free to download with a few advanced sections locked with real money.

eFootball PES 2020

Soccer is the heart of all sports. This app makes sure to deliver the very best soccer experience on your device.

The game is based on the actual gameplay and hence all the players and teams are to root for. You cn play as your favorite player or challenge your favorite team. There is a lot more to explore in Soccer with eFootball PES.

The graphics of the game are also pretty up to the mark and are no less than an EA game. In fact, you will love the game so much, that graphics wouldn’t even cross your mind.

The engrossing game also offers a good range of customization of players and fields and even hits.

If you are looking for an immersive Soccer experience that is totally worth it, this is the game to go with.

Golf King World Tour

Golf is the most non-violent sport in all the sports. It does not have a cheering fan base, or a funky high school team.

The last sports app on the list is Golf King- World Tour, with its classic presentation of Golf. The game has a smooth game play and very easy controls. So, the shot you intent to hit is what you actually shoot.

You can choose to play against the AI or against real time players. You may even invite your friends and play against them- all at the very comfort of your own home. The game app of Golf cuts down all the maintenance requirements.

Moreover, the game also provides scope for customization of your character. Dress them up as you like, so that your opponents see you through and through!

In the above mentioned list, we have named some of the leading sports and their respective game versions. You no longer have to have a golf club membership, a high school baseball or soccer team, etc, to enjoy and master a sport.

You can now do it t the ease of your fingertips, occasionally without even spending a cent.


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