Top 10 Best Solitaire Game Apps For iOS And Android

We all have faced those days when we are all by ourselves and just looking for something to pass the day with.

Solitaire, the popular nostalgic classic single-player game has found its way through in modern times, and what is better than passing the time with some nostalgic fun game.

It’s a game of patience and fun, that demands a skillset of real thought to achieve a high score and thus the game is able to keep the player engaged for countless hours making it easy to pass the time on boring days.

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With the increasing amount of game developers and gaming apps getting developed every day You’ll find more than thousands of Solitaire games in app stores. Searching for a good solitaire game will become a time killer itself.

So, we have curated a list for you to make it easy, so that you could enjoy playing games rather than searching for them.

Here are the Top 10 Best Solitaire Game Apps for you to kill your time with while having pure nostalgia.


Best Solitaire Game Apps

Solitaire By Mobilityware


Being a game developer throughout the years Mobilityware has developed some good solitaire games. This solitaire game in particular is an example of vintage gameplay with practical modern design. Although the game is usually like any other solitaire games but is able to give you a pleasant gaming experience.

The game has seen an impressive number of downloads just because of its true authenticity, thus making it one of the top downloaded solitaire game. To keep the game up-to-date, Frequent changes and new add-ups are made inside the game to make it more engaging and addictive.

Solitaire by Mobilityware gives you a smooth gaming experience. Though there are ads but the ads won’t become a reason for distraction. But a player can turn off those ads by making an in-app purchase.

A player is able to play with a computer, friends, and other fellow solitaire players throughout the world online. Get your hands on Solitaire by Mobilityware and start climbing the global leaderboard ladder.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga


Unlike other traditional classic solitaire game, Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a modern-day game, developed by the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm House Saga.

If you are one true solitaire game fan and also love magic and mystery, this game will provide you the perfect blended experience. This game is fun to play has good storylines, 3D characters, amazing sound that keeps the player hooked with the game, also the fresh interactive gaming design keeps the player engaged for a long while.

Join heroes, solve puzzles, go for a quest and enjoy the adventure and help Helena to discover the wonders of the Ancient World.

Spider Solitaire


Another fun and engaging solitaire game developed by the Mobilityware named Spider Solitaire, which is one of the most popular games is in the World!

Although this game has the same vibe of any other solitaire games but some variational differences lets’ the game standout among other solitaire games making it the popular solitaire game. There are many fun challenges to complete, try all the challenges, earn points and climb the ladder of leader board.

Tripeaks Solitaire


Breaking the monotonousness of traditional solitaire games, Tripeaks solitaire amuses players with its amusing fun graphics, character designs and sounds. The game has combined elements from Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, and FreeCell solitaire games making the game more interesting.

This game might seem easy at first, but while playing surely needs tease their brain to cross a level. Earn bonuses and boosters and win more than 850 levels.

Freecell Solitaire


The popularity of Mobilityware in card games mostly in solitaire games is undeniable. The developer behind Freecell Solitaire is Mobilityware itself and they’ve stood out in their name.

Although the developers have given it a fresh look, it still has the same nostalgic familiarity of a card game of the latter classics. The daily challenges introduced in this game keeps the players engaged. Enjoy completing daily goals and solve over one million different games and card puzzles.

Solitaire 3 Arena


Spice up your solitaire game with Solitaire 3 Arena, developed by PopReach Corp. This game offers a mixture of classic klondike solitaire. The game offers daily exciting, thrilling, and challenging tournaments every day. 

You can play the game with friends or else online competitors, also if you are a fan of versus-ai gaming you can also try your hands at this. Play all-day 8 people tournament, gain points, and go up in the solitaire leaderboard.

Avalon Legends Solitaire 2


Breaking the vibe of mundane classic solitaire card game, Avalon Legends Solitaire 2 brings to you the experience of another thrilling storyline-based solitaire game.

Save the kingdom of Avalon by winning through 200 unique levels, collect magic cards, wild cards and use them wisely to save the kingdom. Travel through enchanted lands and unleash your character’s skill, maximize your score and win the game. Engage yourself with a relaxing, addictive and challenging card-stacking fun solitaire game.

Fairway Solitaire Blast


Different than other classic solitaire games, Big Fish Games brings to you Fairway Solitaire Blast. A game with the blend of classic solitaire, gold and card puzzle. A game to embellish your brain.

Unlike other solitaire games, in Fairway Solitaire Blast a player have to win the game by stacking up cards, also use special power up cards to strategize and beat each level that helps improve mental agility of the player. Challenge your brain by applying witty approach and logic and win daily challenges.

250+ Solitaire Collection


If you are a solitaire game lover, then 250+ Solitaire Collection might become a one-stop solution for your solitaire games. As the name suggests you’ll find more than 250+ variations of solitaire games including freecell, klondike, canfield, golf, spider, scorpion and many more.

The user interface of the game might not be appealing for the player but it’s easy to use and convenient. There are certain ads in the free version of the game but, in-app purchase gets rid of that thing as well.

So, if you are into solitaire games then instead of downloading various solitaire games and cluttering up your phone storage download 250+ Solitaire Collection and enjoy the fun of solitaire.

Microsoft Solitaire


Traveling back to the nostalgic year of the ’90s and adding a modern touch to the existing solitaire game developed by Microsoft Corporation, brings Microsoft Solitaire as a mobile-friendly gaming app. More than 30 Years of the journey and they come offering the players an upgraded version to the nostalgic game.

With the updated version of Microsoft Solitaire, we get to see many new features added to make the game more engaging and appealing to the players. It has thus become one of the most popular solitaire games on mobile. This game brought together variations of other solitaire games like klondike, freecell, spider, tripeaks and pyramid. Each game variations have options to adjust to various levels.

Enjoy daily and weekly challenges. Microsoft team has made it more appealing by making customization option available, to choose from different themes and card backs.

Never lose your gaming progress, sign in with Microsoft account and keep track of your record. This game offers a subscription model as the free version shows ads, but it’s not a big concern cause the ads don’t bother much.

Enjoy daily and weekly challenges. Microsoft team has made it more appealing by making customization options available, to choose from different themes and card backs.

Never lose your gaming progress, sign in with Microsoft account, and keep track of your record. This game offers a subscription model as the free version shows ads, but it’s not a big concern cause the ads don’t bother much.


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