Top 10 Best Snake Game Apps In 2023 !

In a world where gaming has revolutionised into a completely different reality, there is still due respect for the classic Snake games that got us addicted in the first place. 

While we strive to kill all the zombies before they eat all of our brains in a virtual reality, let us not forget our little snake friend who just ate pellets and grew longer.

No matter how bland that might sound, it was honestly enough to get us hooked.

Before the gaming experiences were advanced by the advent of Android systems, the classic snake games were everybody’s favorite. We still miss that game don’t we?

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Well, our wishes have been heard by a lot of developers and consequently, there exist multiple snake game apps for android, ios and even desktop platforms. Most of them are for free.

While some of them offer a twist to the old-age game, others let you play by the old rules and sometimes even in the same layout! Undoubtedly, classic games are the best way to kill some time without getting too addicted to it. That is when the snake game apps come into the picture.

However, considering the numerous versions and developments of the game, deciding upon a game app for your device becomes difficult. Worry not! In the article that follows, I have put together a list of 10 best snake game apps for android, ios and desktop devices.

Without wasting much time then, let’s hunt!


10 Best Snake Game Apps is clearly the alpha of snake game apps. It is packed with the best features possible in such game and yet, is completely free of cost.

Players don’t even need to register to start playing. Just download the app or go to the website, enter a nickname and start playing! 

The game can be played both online and offline, multiplayer- with friends and individually against random internet players.

The game play is simple. You are one of the snakes on board, and must consume the butoons or pellets on the screen to grow longer. 

The longer you grow, the better your score is and ultimately, better are your chances of topping the rank board. The players can use an on-screen joystick, keyboard or mouse to control their snake.

What one must not do however, is bite someone else’s body. As you smash your mouth against a snake’s body, you die. Players can also choose their skin for zero cost to make their snake look cuter than the others.

With a simple set of instructions, easy controllability and preppy graphics, is a popular choice among people who miss the classic game of snakes!

With a game play quite similar to that of, this one stands in close competition with the same.

It involves the players’ snakes crawling around the screen, consuming the pellets in order to grow longer and hence increase their scores. 

Just like, the players must avoid bumping into another snake to stay alive.

This game,, has ads which can be removed by paying an amount. The graphics of the game are prettier and dark themed. This makes the game more intense instead of relaxing one.

Players can also change their skin without paying anything. Moreover, the app versions of the game also let you play in multiplayer mode with your friends. It is available across android, ios and desktop devices.

Snake v/s. Block

Keeping all the renditions of the classic snake game aside, this one is a pretty different snake based game. It is super popular and well deserved so.

The game is completely free to play. It has extremely fun design and an addictive soundtrack. The game snake v/s. block gained popularity only in the recent years with the growing liking of casual fun games that weren’t story-based.

This snake game involves the player’s snake, made up of balls, which grows when the player consumes balls and shrinks when it bumps into a block. 

Therefore the goal of the game is to consume the pellets and avoid the blocks as much as possible. However, if the snake has more balls than the number on the block, the player can surpass it.

It is a single player game, but it also offers a rank board of players from around the world.

Snake Game

If you just want to revisit your old days of playing the snake game on your Nokia mobile phone that has a green background and pixilated graphics, Snake Game is an excellent choice for you!

This gem offers the players to play in different backgrounds and themes, one of which is the classic Nokia theme that made it famous. The game is exactly the same as the classic game- you are a snake, which eats blocks to grow and must not bite itself.

Snake game is a pretty decent choice for players who just want to play it the old way. It really brings those memories back.

It does include advertisements that can be removed by paying a few bucks. Nothing beats the classic!

Snake Candy

Snake candy comes with a beautiful graphics layout and a super interesting yet simple game play. In this game, the snake is made out of candies and hence, when you consume more candies, you grow longer. Since a lot of players play together in a round, the winner is the one that has the longest tail.

It even has a feature of lighting power boost using which you can reach to a specific point before any other snake does. Moreover, you can play it with your friends!

You can use your preferred controls for best experience. The game is completely free to play and is available for android and ios devices.

This one makes it a fun time for you and makes sure that you don’t miss your classic snake friend no more!

Snakes and Apples

This one in the list of best snake game has the best retro animated game look. It presents a garden with colorful snakes and even peppy apples.

The game play involves a snake, controlled by the player, that comes out of a hole in the garden of apples. The goal is to consume all the apples in perfect sequence and then go back to the hole to complete the level.

No matter how simple that might sound, it becomes more difficult to find the original hole every time the level increases. Moreover, when you play on a multiplayer mode, the level of hardship doubles as there now exist two holes, two set of apples and two snakes who must avoid bumping into each other at all costs.

This one is a pretty interesting game in itself and can help you relive the old time easily.

The next in the list is a really popular snake-like game. This one does not have any snakes actually, but the game play is pretty close to that of the classic snake game.

In this game, the players are a cell in the beginning of the game and as they consume more and more units, they grow larger. The larger they are, the better size of cells that they can consume. It is completely free to play and more than a thousand players log in every day. This makes the game more interesting- competing against the best.

One amazing feature of the game is that the player can split themselves in order to consume other cells in close proximity.

Snake Battle: Color Mode

The next one on the list has 5 different games to offer in just one application. The best snake related games at one place!

This game is completely free to play and is available only for android devices though. The layout and soundtrack of the game are sure to keep you hooked, if not the categories of the games.

Snake Batte: Color Mode can be played in 5 modes: Color mode, Battle royale, Endless mode, Sky mode and Snake vs Block. All of the categories offer an entirely different set of rules and instructions and hence, an entirely different game.

Under the Color mode, the players must only consume the objects that match the color of their snake’s skin. Battle Royale is an online battle of around 100 players, where you must survive for the longest and also try to kill other snakes using fireballs and other skills. 

Endless mode of this game takes a turn like or, where you must grow longer and avoid bumping into other snakes. 

The sky mode is about avoiding the blocks and eating the balls while staying on the platform and not falling off. Lastly, the Snake vs Block mode is exactly like the original game where you must grow taller and hit the blocks to score higher.

Overall, it is a nice package of entertainment.

Snake Rival

Snake Rival offers the players a closer connection with the game by providing 3D graphics. It makes the graphics layout and interaction of the game a lot better than the simple old school snake games.

This gem checks all the boxes of a classic snake game and steps up to pour more!

You can play online, against all the players online, or you could choose to play in the classic arcade mode where you can eat as many apples as you like and enhance your score. When playing online, the players have access to beautiful sceneries and picturesque graphics that make the gaming experience even better.

Moreover, you can customize your character’s skin to match your interests. If that is not enough for you to download this one, it also comes with a multiplayer feature, where you can play online with your friends.

The game is available for free on both android and ios devices. This one is a worthy rival when it comes to snake games!


As the name suggests, the last one in the list is an amazing game that involves making snowballs and beating your opponents.

The ball grows as you move in the snow. You don’t need to consume anything or target anything- just make sure that you have the biggest snowball to rank the highest. What is more important in this game is also surviving till the end.

Using your snowballs and highly depending on the size of it, you can push your opponents off the platform. This counts as a kill and adds to your high score.

Overall, it is an interesting game with cute graphics and can be played with your friends. It might not be the closest to a snake game, but is surely something that you are sure to love!


The snake game was existing for a long time, but it gained a push of popularity with its association with Nokia mobile phones. They were so closely inter related that people often mistake the game to be owned by them. Well, the game is not owned by any developer and was just a casual game before it became a classic.

With latest technological developments, it is necessary that we keep up. But what is also important is that we do not forget the roots!


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