Top 10 Best Smoke Effect Apps For Android and iOS

Do you often find yourself wanting to give your pictures the same dramatic smoky effect you find on movie posters or that concert stage look with smoke rising all around giving a mysterious and artistic look? Here ends your search!

Photo editing involves a lot of tools to transform your pictures from a basic one to an artistic photoshopped one. You must have heard or tried many of those tools, and now its time to blow some smoke. Not literally. Just picturesquely.

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You don’t have to leave everything to the professionals. Get your phones, download some of the best smoke effect apps we have gathered here for you and begin exploring them.


10 Best Smoke Effect Apps

3D Smoke Effect Name Art Maker

This app provides quite unique font styles to transform the way you present yourself and your name on various pictures you use on social media platforms, giving you a distinct edge. Without any hassle and extremely less time, you can create awesome smoke art effects on texts. There are many beautiful backgrounds as well to add to your texts and give them a magical effect.

There are various other features available at your disposal like smoke texturing, presets, textures, overlays as well as font colours, filters, and 3D effects. You can even rotate the text or zoom in and out. The app is super easy to use and gives you the desired results in a matter of minutes.

Smoke effect Picture Art

Smoke Effect Picture Art is here to give you the smoky effect you seek. Easily edit your images with this app and share them anywhere you want. The effects will bring out a bolder and stronger side in the image and give you a bit of an edge and mystery. Easy to navigate, simply choose a picture you wish to edit, add the smoke effect you love the most, position it however you want and there you have it.

This app allows you to add simple, artistic, colored as well as rainbow smoke effects transporting you into a completely different world. Smoke Name Art Effect is an amazing and fun app and definitely worth a try. Best of all, you do not require an internet connection to do all this.

Smoke Camera Photo editor

Smoke Camera Photo Editor helps you experiment with your looks in different types of smoke effects instantly. There are various amazing features which makes this app a must try for iOS users. There are a variety of smoke effects to choose from according to the picture, with at least 40 available offline. You can save the edited picture on your phone and even convert your edited picture to a sticker.  

This is a simple to use app with the purpose of giving your pictures the desired smoky results and more. The extra features allow you to draw on your pictures, add stickers from a collection of at least 100 or even blur, splash and crop them.

Smoke Name Art- Smoke effect

Name Art Smoke Effect is more concentrated on text than images. This App contains a wide variety of emojis, fonts and unique smoke effects to give you dramatic and edgy phrases, which you can even incorporate into your logo designs, if you want to. With a cool 3D effect along with the rising or still smoke, you can get as artistic as you want.

Once you are done with the editing process, you can download and save the text image in your gallery and share it across various platforms or set it as your wallpaper. There is even a smoke store incorporated in the app to let you purchase or download new designs and get creative.

Lens Distortions

One of the best app available to both android and iOS users, Lens Distortions is a very famous brand known for its iconic visual techniques resulting in cinematic imagery, for the advertising industry and film industry. The same quality is upheld by them as mobile applications as well, making it a go to in this list.

Take advantage of its basic and premium features to give you a professionally created artistic images without all the technicalities. Introduce natural elements and signature overlays and give a natural look to your pictures. To access more features such as color layers or adjustment layers, you have to obtain a premium membership giving you access to more than 400 overlays.

PhotoJus Smoke FX

Another smoky effect app, this is available for free and is here to cater to your smoke requirements. PhotoJus Smoke FX helps you transform your pictures into creations of art by adding gorgeous smoke effects. With a very easy navigation, you can instantly introduce effects and even add them live while using your camera.

Complete the editing to achieve your desired results and share it across various social media platforms. You can even download it on your phone and save it to your gallery for future use. The entire editing process does not require any internet access but you will need it for uploading purposes.

Smoke Effect Photo Editor

Another fun app to give a whirl is the Smoke Effect Photo Editor. In a mood to create some memes and jokes, give this one a shot. For the non-smokers this is a really fun way to freak people out by adding false smoke in their pictures. This app in no way encourages smoking.

This smoke editor app fully functions offline and provides you with professional looking pictures. The effects available are free of cost. The ease of use of this app makes it worth a try. You have to simply select a photo from your gallery, choose the smoke effect and add it on your screen, crop it as per your need and all done.


Give your creative tick something to work on with Pixlr, one of the best photo editor app available to you free of cost. You can easily create and edit pictures in your gallery and share it with your family and friends throughout your social networks.
The features which make this app a delight to use include the large variety of presets, collages, backgrounds along with its easy fix option to adjust the color of photos, filter images, beautify them and even add texts to your images. Mark as favourite, the effects and overlays you love and wish to use later. Save your images after you have achieved the desired results and it is available for your use.

PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

This app is one of the most popular apps available out there and does more than just adding smoke. It has a large variety of features and tools worth exploring and experimenting with. Try its various filters, stickers, aesthetics and backgrounds or beautify your image to your desired level of perfection.

Not just limited to mere smoky effects, you can doodle on pictures as well and even turn them into sketches or canvases and create your next masterpiece. PicsArt will definitely be a dive into the creative depths of your mind.


Having been featured by one of the best journals and magazines like Cosmopolitan, Cult of Mac etc., Mextures is one of the top rated apps out there and helps you create masterpieces. It features and give you access to over 200 most beautiful formulas created by some of the top iPhone photographers in the world.

Use its top-notch tools of Contrast, Exposure, Tint, Saturation, Fade, Balance etc., and create professional quality pictures and say goodbye to the low quality editing. You can use their Formula workflow to save your edits to use later in future and share anywhere you want.


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