Top 10 Best Skype Alternatives In 2023!

Whenever it comes to programs for making a call the only solution one get is Skype. Launched in 2003 Skype is one of the oldest online video conference applications.

Whether you are on PC, laptop, phone or tablet it was a child’s play to do video, audio calls through Skype. However after Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype the service is not the same.

They began making changes, adding more features while removing others made the entire process complex. So now Skype lack the charm that it used to have.

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Since the technology has started evolving availability of easy access of VoIP has become widespread. Now users are no more focus on one choice they are willing to get more.

And all the feature that Skype offer is easily available on may platform that too without any charges. Apart from this on these platforms you get enhanced features and data protection measure.

But along with the options come the confusion to choose which app interests you and fulfil all your needs. As skype was used as both personal and professional means, here we have curated combination of both kinds of apps. Let’s get to our list.


10 Best Skype Alternatives

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams  is one of the highest rated app for all your video calling needs. And if your company is working with the Microsoft integration will be much easier.

With this app you can make video calls, create online conferences, Access Office 365 documents and collaborate in real time. It also enables you to create, integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

Apart from this you get 1TB of One Drive storage for keeping and sharing files. Not even professional you can use this app to organize your personal life too by making task, shopping list, sharing location, and coordination even with your friends.

WhatsApp Messenger

Watsapp Messenger

It is one of the absolutely free messaging apps for both iOS and Android users. Popular among 1.5 billion active users, it is king of the third party messaging app.

This app enables you to call and video call with your friends and family via internet connection. It’s one of the best feature is that you can do a call even being on low network.

 This app contain many features like chat, multimedia, free calls, group chat, no international charges, always logged in and much more. Apart from this you can always customize wallpaper, notification lights & sound and broadcast message to multiple contacts.

Google Duo

Google Duo

Coming directly form big tech giant Google this is one of the best alternative to Skype. It is highest quality app for making video calls.

It supports 32 people in a group call and also offer a web app that work tremendously. Along with this you get may features like low light mode, voice calling, easy switch to family mode, and end to end encryption.

You can also take photos of video calls and share the moment with your family& friends. In short it one of the best place for your personal use that too free of cost.


House Party

Houseparty is another virtual messaging and video call app for iOS and Android users. This app helps you to connect with people you care the most.

After you signed in to the app it automatically scan your friends from social accounts and help you connecting with them easily. It allows you create groups or party of 7 people and initiate a group video chat with a single tick.

In your virtual room you can have fun, play game and quizzes with your friends. And you virtual room is always locked with password so no worry of any discrepancy.



Discord is the app that makes it easy to have fun and spend more time with your people quite often. This app is complete package of bringing fun environment.

On this app you can create a home or channels for your communities and friends to get connected all at one place. And you can make channel fun by using Discord Bots.

These bots enables you to play music using Spotify, adding extension support for Wikipedia and YouTube. Apart from this you get custom moderation tools and permission levels for organizing multiple activities together.

Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is one of the popular and easy user interface app for your business and professional team. With this app you can easily connect up to 100 people but with add you can connect with more.

And it is very easy to set up and can be used on phone, web or via desktop apps. It has many feature like unlimited messaging, collaboration in one go, managing incoming-outgoing calls and video meeting from anywhere.

Along with this you get safe driving mode and Siri shortcuts to customize your voice command to start, join and listen to list of upcoming events.

Google Meet

Google Meet

Google meet is another easy to use alternative to Skype for iOS and Android users. Popular among 50 million users it helps you to connect, collaborate and celebrate from anywhere.

You can host up to 250 people and join high quality video meetings. The best thing about the app is it easily integrates with Gmail’s web app and allows you to start a meeting directly from there.

Apart from this you get broadcast mode that allow users to broadcast meeting to 100,000 people at same time. It also support end to end encryption, scheduling meetings and screen sharing.


Face Time

Facetime is phenomenally well equipped app to fulfil all your communication needs. It supports 32 people on the same call and speaker window always come to the front.

Apart from this you can make video & audio calls, make Memojis, Animojis , and reach out to your friends with phone number or Apple id. You can also create favorites for quick access to key people in the app.

In short it is one of the best options for iOS users as it is only available for them.

Facebook Messenger


Coming from the biggest Social networking site it is one of the best alternatives to Skype. Most important you get all your family and friends easily as it is widely being used since long.

This app come with many features like unlimited text, phone, video calls, audio recording, creating polls and much more. Along with this you can share your location and even use the account for small businesses too.

Moreover you can talk to 6 people at once but can also increase the group size up to 50 People.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi meet is an open source app available free for both Android and iOS users. One of the best things about app is that you don’t need to have any account you can directly access it from website.

This service brings some more features like chat, session, uploading to Dropbox and ability to remove participants.

As far as you can connect to 75 people at once that too with password encryption. And all this you get free of cost.


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