Top 10 Best Self Defence Apps in 2023!

Feeling uneasy and frightened while walking alone on streets? You should consider using Self Defence Apps that allows you to know and learn some quick and useful moves for self-defence.

You all must have thought of learning some fighting art or opting for self-defending course at some point. However most of you have failed to do so because of your busy schedule and other priorities.

So in case you still want to prepare yourself for any such situation where you need you protect yourself then I recommend you to go for Self Defence Apps.

These apps enables you to use your smartphone as instructor! You just have to download any app you like and start learning basic to pro level moves and tricks.

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You can use these apps while travelling, resting or any time when you are free. Later you can practice these moves on your own and can refer the app unlimited times.

Also, in case of any emergency you just have to install this app and see some moves that you can perform if someone harms you.

I have collected 10 best Self Defence Apps for android and iOS, install the ones you find perfect for you and start your self defence learning.


10 Best Self Defence Apps



This app with the maximum number of downloads holds the topmost position in our list. It is regarded as one of the best boxing app available out there.

Now we can learn boxing for free thus no need to join any defence academy. It comes with a combo of boxing, yoga and several other exercises.

We can opt for any of the exercises, we want to learn through this app. It helps us to work out more to increase the stamina in the body.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu

With several other features, this app occupies the second position in our list. It is one of the most popular Kung Fu apps which allows us to learn Kung Fu for free.

It is flooded with lots of techniques which we can employ while fighting from the attacker.

So, now learn new self-defence tricks and techniques to fight from the attackers with this wonderful app. It trains us to fight and save oneself from any kind of attack.

Dynamic Self Defence Academy

Dynamic Self Defence academyThis is another popular self-defence app on our list which helps us to learn martial arts, judo, boxing as well as kickboxing that too for free.

So no need to worry about money as the app will let you learn all the necessary tricks to safe oneself in vulnerable situations. We can learn new different ways to fight from attackers with or without any weapon.

Since in this cruel world, nobody knows when his or her life will fall in danger. Thus it becomes very important to learn at least some basic techniques to safe oneself in such situations.

Bully Busters Revenge


Are you looking for a self-defence app for your little child to make her learn basic defence techniques to ensure her safety when she goes out of home? Then you have come to the right place.

This app makes your child learn all the necessary skills on a basic level like punches, kick, etc. One of the best things about this app is that it also allows us to play games on it thus making it more preferable than others.

With the great sound effects, one can enjoy playing games on it along with learning basic self-defence skills.

Krav Maga


Another self-defence app on our list is ‘Krav Maga.’ Now keep yourself safe with the vast range of self-defence tricks on this app.

It comes up with lots of training videos by which we can learn new ways of fighting from the killer.

It trains us to fight with or without any weapon. Safe oneself from unknown attacks with the new defence tricks on this app.

Life 360 Family Locator, GPS Tracker


Are you afraid of going out? Are you always worried about the safety of your family members? Then don’t be from now.

Here is the sixth app on our list which tracks our location while we go out and shares it with our family members thus ensuring our safety.

It comes with an extra feature of a group chat which makes different from other apps in the list. This app ensures the safety of both you and your family members.

It tracks the location of ours using GPS or even cellular network. In case of danger just tap on the panic button and the message will get sent in your group.



Now learn the various new tricks and techniques to ensure your safety outside when you are alone with this seventh app on our list.

The app works by sending SOS signals or messages to your nearer and dearer ones when it finds you in a panic mode.

Just tap on the button to send voice messages to the person or in the group you want. Not only this but this app also helps us to get rid of fake calls.

Quick Self- Defence


This app, ninth on our list is another popular self-defence app available on both Android and iOS devices. It comes with lots of tricks and rules which one can follow while fighting with the attackers.

We can also learn martial arts using this app. The best part about this app is that it is available in more than 20 different languages. So language is not the barrier now to learn defence techniques.

GeoZilla GPS Locator


Finally, the last app on our list is ‘GeoZilla GPS Locator.’ As the name suggests, it tracks your location while you are out using the GPS of your phone and then shares it with your friends as well as family.

This app proves to be very beneficial for women in ensuring their safety level. It is available for free on Google PlayStore.



This app is one of the best self-defence app available for Android and iOS users. It helps us to learn kickboxing along with martial arts without charging any fees.

It comes with a variety of exercise which aims to train us to fight from the attackers.

It has become very important for every woman to have some basic knowledge of self-defence techniques because nobody is safe in this world of crime.


In this article, we saw a list of top 10 self-defence apps available on Android and iOS devices. Try to learn various self-defence techniques to keep yourself safe from the attackers.


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