Top 10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps In 2023!

To mirror a screen means to display the contents of one screen to another, mostly also sharing control. It is an extremely unique and useful feature of the electronic screen devices. 

Be it showing your pictures to the whole family, playing mobile games on PC, watching a movie on the big screen or presenting an encrypted data – screen mirroring makes it all feasible.

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With the use of some amazing apps, your smartphone screen on computer/ smart TV/ laptop, etc. or the screen of any other device on the screen of your smartphone is just a few taps away! 

In the list below are the 10 best screen mirroring apps so far. They are graded on the basis of their features, ability to work in a slow network connection, etc.


Top 10 Screen Mirroring Apps:

#1 LetsView

One of the best apps for screen mirroring is Lets View. It is available for use in both android and ios operating systems.

It is completely free to use and brings with it the simplest interface. Lets View allows you to mirror any screen on to another screen wirelessly. For a better experience of the app, it is recommended to use the same wi-fi network on the devices.

It also lets you control the screen through any device

#2 Apower Mirror

Apower is literally and actually a very powerful tool. It not just allows you to mirror your screen, but even lets you record and capture your screen. 

It works across all platforms – windows, mac, linux, android, ios, chromebooks and more.

The app is small in size and is very easy to use. It provides an option to connect through wireless or wired basis. Apower also shares the controls, so you can even operate your phone on a PC.

There is a separate smart TV version too.

Apower is not free to use.

#3 Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft has its own free to use and secure screen mirroring app for android and ios.

It comes with an easy user-interface making it very simple to use. The app connects the devices on wireless basis over wi-fi networks. Therefore, the resolution quality improves with betterment in network.

It provides a secure connection so that no file is harmed or stolen in the process.

#4 Chrome Remote Desktop

Developed and owned by Google labs LLC, the next up in the list is Chrome Remote Desktop. It allows easy mirroring and access of a screen onto any device.

It is an open source platform that facilitates screen mirroring through establishment of a secure connection for files and data transfer.

For the same, the app needs to be used by both the devices- the screen sharer and displayer – simultaneously.

Chrome Remote Desktop is completely free to use.

#5 TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an open source app that allows its users to connect their screens to other screens, and also access them remotely.

The app has a simple user interface – making it easy to understand and use.

One unique feature of the app is that it allows mirroring of the screen to multiple other screens at the same time i.e. simultaneously. This makes data sharing among co-workers and colleagues comparatively swift.

#6 AnyDesk

The next up is AnyDesk which assists fast and secure connection between devices for mirroring of screen and remote control of a certain device.

The app is free to use and has a pretty simple interface for new users to comprehend and implement. To ensure security of the data and conversations it uses 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange and Erlang technology.  

It provides its users a unique AnyDesk ID and key. Any device that intends to connect with the user’s device needs to enter the same ID and key.

#7 Vysor

The app Vysor is another very efficient screen mirroring app.

The app has two versions- Vysor and Vysor pro. As with most of the apps, the pro version is paid starting from$2.5/month.

Both of the versions equally support the screen mirroring and device accessibility along with the feature to capture screen shots. The paid version however, comes packed with a lot of unique features like wireless connection, fullscreen mode, Vysor share, drag and drop files, etc.

The paid version also results in a higher resolution mirroring than the non-paid one. Overall, it is a great app.

#8 Google home

Google home is not just a screen mirroring app. It helps you connect all of your smart devices at one place and access them through the ease of your fingertips.

It lets you mirror your screen, access the device remotely and even configure chromecast settings to update information like device name, settings, etc.

The app, developed and owned by google is of very high utility if you have a lot of devices at your place.

#9 Mirroring Assist

Developed by SplashTop inc. it is also known as mirroring360. It is a highly useful app for screen mirroring across devices.

To use the app, you need to the run it simultaneously on both devices and also enter the access ID or QR code generated to establish a connection. The app also allows you to access the sharer screen through the screen it is shared to.

Mirroring360 comes in two versions- free and paid. Both have their set of features. One must choose according to their purpose.

#10 VNC Viewer

The app that makes it to the top 10 is lastly the VNC viewer.

For using the app to mirror your screen, you need to download and create an account in the RealVNC app. Then, you are required to log in to the same ID from both the devices – and you’re good to go!

The best feature of this app is end-to-end encryption of the session. In this way, it protects all of your data and files during the process.


There are numerous apps for the feature of screen mirroring. Just pick one that best matches your needs, and set off!


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