Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For iOS & Android!

Are you tired of calculating huge digits and numbers altogether? I think we all have been in these situations since school days.

Solving math with different equations and formulas always take a toll on our mind.

And whenever you are having an exam or some assessment you are asked to carry calculator with you.

But what if you sometime miss your calculator or not allow using it at certain places?

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What is the solution? Then keep your worry at back seat because technology has perfect solution for this.

Now there are plenty of scientific calculator apps available in the market that you can use it directly from your smartphone.

As a result you don’t have to carry physical calculator any more with you. Now wherever you will go your calculator will be with you.

Though every smartphone has their in-built calculator but sometime they don’t perform all the function.

In that case you may need an app that can perform all what you want. But it important to know which app is better and has perfect solution for you.

So to ease your burden of any search we have curated some of the best apps that can make your calculation much easier.


Scientific Calculator Apps

Fraction calculator

Fraction Calculator

Fraction calculator is one of the highly used apps that allow you to do any type of calculation. It is easily available for both iOS and Android users.

It supports mixed numbers, proper fraction and improper fractions. More than just being a popular homework helper this app offers you a lot.

Whether you are checking your math, working on crafts or even construction project it does exactly what you want.

With this calculator app you can easily do fraction operation on your smartphone and the result gets reduced in to simplest forms. And its clever triple keypad display makes your work faster.



Panecal is another scientific calculator app for technical work such as information and mechanical engineering.

It can also be used as dynamics, measurements and construction which are an essential item for engineering students.

Besides this you can get many features such as recalculation by using past formula, edit by using a cursor operation, copy & paste formula text and much more.

You also get formula history and answer history table option for easy observation.

Additionally, you can perform arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric functions, power functions, roots, absolute value and much more.

iCalc General Calculator


Classic calculator is fully working emulator of Casio calculator. This app allows you to easily do general and advanced calculation easily on your smartphone.

You can easily calculate tax, percentage, square root, grand total, + &- change and much more.

Along with this you can also do cost & selling price and gross margin calculation.

Additionally, it also supports arithmetic constant calculation. And its clear cut easy user interface makes it most loved app among high school & college student.

Natural Scientific calculator

Natural Scientific

Hugely popular among 1 million users this calculator is the fastest way to do math.

This app allows you to easily solve different mathematical and scientific operation easily from your smartphone.

It not only allows you to do calculation but also gives you an option to edit whatever you want to do. And all the interaction on this app is done on swipe features.

With this app you can calculate permutation & combinations, decimal to fraction conversion, precision to 2048 decimal places and much more.

Additionally, it also supports radians and degree support. Though it’s free to use but to get advance feature you can buy premium subscription.


Graphing Calculator

Educalc is a powerful and flexible graphic calculator that does more than a normal calculator.

This app allows you to solve different arithmetic functions and exponentiation on your smartphone that too for free.

It also helps you to calculate square root, cube root, natural log, absolute value, factorial, permutation & combination and many more. And the best thing with the app is that it allows you to make graphs up to 4 equations.

Besides this you can also do unit conversion by using this app. Moreover it is available for both iOS and android users. You can also refer Notepad apps for recording calculations.



Kalkulio is another comfortable calculator app that offers different modes for calculation. It contains many modes such as arithmetic, integer, statistics, trigonometry and many more.

You can do all basic, advanced, and scientific calculation by using this app. It allows calculation in 8, 16, 32, and 64 bits. Along with this you get a widget mode for the notification Centre.

And it’s one of the best feature is that it allows you to customize key with different colour, Font Style and design for easy recognition. 

Additionally, it also slows to do logical operations such as AND, OR, XOR, and others. And it is available for iOS users only.



Smartcalc is the most beautiful and intuitive calculator app that allows you to get entire calculation as you type.

It comes with 50 unique calculator inputs that you can use without even rotating your screen.  And it’s powerful and unique interface made your calculation so fast.

You can easily edit, copy, insert, delete and paste on the clipboard. It supports all the scientific functions like sin, cos, tan, abs and many more. Along with this you can also use it simply calculate and track your expenses.

Beside this it also allows you to customize your clipboard with 9 beautiful themes. Additionally it also enables you to plot graph for different function and also share it in image format.



This calculator allows you to easily perform all the calculation that is essential in daily life. This app has a very clean interface and practical functions.

You can use this calculator for different means such as general calculator, unit converter, discount calculator, GPA calculator and much more.

Additionally it also works as currency converter, health calculator and ovulation calculator. And if you want to keep a track on your taxes it will also do that for you.

So if you are looking for an app that sum up all your needs at one place then this one is the best.

Electrical Calculations

Electrical calculations

This app has some spectacular calculation tendency when compared to other scientific calculators available.

It is a must have calculator app for Electricians. This app allows you to calculate current or voltage drop, power losses in cable, wire size and what not!!

Also, It supports high end electrical coversions and help you simplify your calculations. Additionally, this provide details information about Pinouts.

You could also get all useful formulas handy on your fingertips using this app. It simplifies your calculation to such an extent that it supports color code information for resistor as well as motor functioning conversions.

This app is available for both android and iOS users. 

My script Calculator

My script

My script calculator 2 makes daily math fun and easy. This app turns your device in to interactive piece of paper.

You can simply write a calculation and get your result in real time. Along with this you can edit gestures or new elements from anywhere.

Additionally, you can also reuse previous result with drag and drop options. It allows you to easily solve advanced mathematical functions such as power root, exponentials, fractions, algorithm and much more.

And in any case you deleted all the history of functions you can easily retrieve it from the app.


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