Top 10 Best Resume Apps For iOS & Android

There comes a time when you want to apply for ab you must want to put your best foot forward. And job searches have always been fairly stressful. Resume Apps will surely help you in drafting your profile in a optimised way.

You need to display your experience, strengths and accomplishment in an eye catching resume. It gives you a place to add a lot of information like job history, references and personal details in a single document.

And in today scenario many jobs require both application and resume so it’s always good to be prepared. Additionally it becomes much easier to hand out a well-made resume than filling thousands of application forms separately.

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If you are willing to give some spark and professionalism to your resume then there are plenty of apps for you. These apps will help you to create an up-to-date resume matching your specialization and job requirements.

It has many helpful template, pre-defined sections, easy export-import option and live preview. Not even this you can also make cover for your resume on these platforms.

In short these apps give the best look to your resume like no other service. Here we have dodged some of the best resume builder apps for you, Have a look.



Best Resume Builder Apps

Resume Star

Resume Star Pro

Resume star is well organize app with easy user interface for iOS users only. This app comes with 10 professionally drafted examples to provide a starting point.

It allows you to create a professional resumes by using battle tested template, right fonts and properly addressed cover letter. You also get an option of exporting your PDF resume to third party like Dropbox.

Apart from these it allows you to create unlimited resume one for each company you wish to apply. Not even these you get inbuilt spell check to avoid mistakes and live preview to increase your chance of success in application process.

Visual CV Resume Builder

Visual CV Resume Builder

With this app it becomes easier to create resume without any need of laptop or Microsoft office software. This app features easy importing from existing resume, professionally designed templates and easy editing options.

You can even import your data directly from LinkedIn and create a new premium designed resume. Not even this you can share your resume to multiple social networking site and messengers.

Apart from this you can easily create your profile on the app and can see how many people viewed your resume. Its easily available for both iOS and Android users.

Resume Builder

Resume Builder CV Designer

Resume builder is one of the most used apps among iOS users. This app comes with easy customization feature that make your resume building work a child’s play.

It comes in both free and premium versions. This app enables you to make a resume by using its features like text check, auto correct and predictive text option.

You can even choose eye catching templates and decorate it with additional style to maximize your chances in job process. Apart from this you get sharing option to many platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive and saving in PDF form.

Resume Builder + Professional

Resume Builder+mProfessional

It is another handy application to create resume for iOS users only. So if you are looking for a place to do things simply then this one is the right choice.

This app comes with 25+ ready-made resume templates to fill your information in an organised way. And to further divide your information it gives you different sections to give a professional touch.

Additionally you can share your resume on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Email and many more. And moreover you see the preview any time and can save it in PDF format.

CV Engineer

CV Engineer

CV engineer is a simple and free app to build a PDF resume for job applications. It is easily available for Android users only to organize all the information in logical and structured way.

This app comes with dozen of resume templates, customized resume fields and easy editing options. And its best feature is you get advice from professional recruiter to perform well in interviews.

Additionally it makes all your resume building process by giving ideas through examples. You can also save your resume in to PDF format and share via email.



Canva is another resume building app for the people who are looking for a creative job. In fact, Canva is not just a resume builder app it is a graphic design app.

And now you can even do video editing there too. This app comes with many features like 60,000 free templates, pro editing tools and 500+ options for fonts, size, color, spacing and position. 

You can also add pictures and videos directly from your phone gallery. With this app you can create logo, book cover, blog design and share it with world. In short it is the best app to collaborate with companies and start your business from here itself.

Quick Resume Pro

Quick Resume

Quick resume pro is simple and effective app for iOS users only. So if you are looking for an app that guides you at each step then it is just for you.

This app has many features like creating unlimited resume, 7PDF resume styles, cover letter, and 3D touch function. Apart from this you can easily share your resume directly through app or to the Dropbox.

And you can even add your own modules and sections to make your resume organised in your way.

Resume PDF Maker

Resume PDF Maker

This app is another option to create a professional resume in PDF format. This app comes with & template to create a well organised resume.

It allows you to edit, preview and share your resume directly from the app. You can even add cover letter on your resume and get an eye catching look.

Apart from this you can also save it to Google Drive, Dropbox, and share via email. /In short this app gives you everything to get a better chance or invitation from core companies.

Resume Builder 2020

Resume Builder 2020

It is a free resume building app to create resume and curriculum vitae for job application. This app gives you access to more than 50 templates and each 15 different colors.

Additionally you get step by step guidance, free cover letter, advanced resume editor, and smart CV manager. And you can download it anytime in PDF format. It also support printing option directly from the app.

Overall this app is perfect solution for making a difference in resume building process for better opportunity. This app is available only for Android users so iOS users look away.


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