Top 10 Best Resource Management Games for iOS and Android

Are you the person who loves playing games on different genre and types? In this tech world it’s too easy to get over the boredom and loneliness. Resource Management Games could be your mate here.

There are thousands of apps available on different activity. And among them one of the game genres is quite popular.

Here I am talking about resource management games. Yes you heard it right there are tons of games available in market that can help you to train your mind in an efficient way.

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These games help you to easily manage a business and resources for your business. Though nothing is real on these games but they give you an outlook on how to handle a business and earn more profit.

No matter in what business you are trying to get in whether its farming, cafeteria, and city you can get every variety of game easily.

These games put you in critical situation and check you’re analytic and management ability. In a nutshell, these games are the best option to train your mind and enhance your strategic ability.

 And no matter where you are whether you are travelling or getting bore these games are best time killer option.

Here we have listed some of the best resource management app that can help you learn how to manage business.


10 Best Resource Management Games

Food Street

Food Street

FoodStreet is one of the highly rated resource management games for both iOS and Android users.

This app allows you to enter in free restaurant world where you become in charge of your own café, bakery, and restaurant. You can customize, design and build your own place as per your choice.

In addition to this you can grow your own farm & fresh ingredients, hire chef and staffs, trade ingredients and dishes with friends.

Moreover, you can also collaborate with your friend for different dishes and competition. And its best feature is that you can customize your restaurant sticker and share on social media.


Pocket Build

Pocket Build

Pocket Build is an open world game that allows you build castle and epic fantasy world as the way you want.

And you can play this game both in offline and online mode. The possibility of building in this game is limitless.

Here you get numerous features like hundreds of items to build, resources, full control over camera & zoom and much more.

Additionally you also get beautiful 3D graphics to build any item. You can also command you’re human to perform a particular task. Besides this everything is built instantly no hassle just entertainment.

Viking Village

Viking Village

Viking village is real time strategy game with lots of fun options for iOS and Android users.

It is RTS/RPG game that allows you to build and defend your village without any limitations. This game comes with 10 different modes that too with different feature that keep your interest always high.

You can collect resources; build archer towers at strategic position, and control hero units to directly survive. Along with this you can even train your villages, arches to collect more resources.

Moreover all these feature are AI controlled that gives you an enriching experience.

HolyDay City Tycoon

Holyday City Tycoon

HolyDay City Tycoon is another resource management game for iOS and Android users. This game allows you to build the resources to form a prosperous metropolitan world and explore it.

In this game you are a Business Tycoon and aims at developing various restaurants, shopping store and what not!

Along with this you get many features like Town Builder, idle clicker mechanics for settlement to expand your domain.

You can even start your own campaign in the game and enjoy playing with others.

Hay Day

Hay Day

If you are the one who is looking for game where you can use your farming strategy them this one is the perfect choice.

This game allows you to grow and customize your farm and play with family & friends.

Apart from this you can also trade crops & fresh goods, fulfil order with your truck, repair your dock and cast lure to fish the waters.

Additionally, you can also build your own town and welcome visitors. 

Though this game is available free but if you want to enhance the game experience you can buy premium version.


Rocket Valley Tycoon

Rocket Valley Tycoon

Rocket valley tycoon game brings strategic incremental idle gameplay to the space race.

This game consists of many features like city building, resource management, and race to space all meet up in fun, polished retro style incremental idle clicker.

Along with these you are also allowed to build railroads, extract resources and tap your way to outer space.

And you can even earn money to build your build your business with factories, trains and more. In brief it’s a full action packed game that suit your entertainment buds.



Township is a unique combination of building and farming game for iOS and Android users. With this game you can build your dream town, harvest crop, and process them at your facilities and sell good to develop your town.

You can even build open restaurant, cinemas, and other communities building to give a different flavor in town. Apart from this you can trade with islands and run your own zoo.

It also allows you to breed your animal at zoo. And its best feature is that it allows you to decorate town with famous landmarks like statue of liberty and Big Ben.



Megapolis is a long standing city building game. This game not only true economic game based on rules of market but also a perfect chance to build your dream megapolis.

This game consists of many features like realistic monuments & building, perfect urban infrastructure, and industrial complex feature.

You can even set up advance service center for research and corporate with other mayors. In addition to this you can take part in real time state competition to get more valuable rewards.


Clash of clans

Clash of clans

Clash of clans is another adventurous game for iOS and android users. This game allows you to build your village, raise a clan and compete in epic clan wars.

In this game you have to defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, mortars, and walls. You can also work together with your clan and earn valuable magic items.

It also enables you to join a clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends. In a nutshell this is the best game if you want to sharpen your strategic planning and execution ability.



Sim City

If you want to be the hero of your city then this game is the one that will stir you entertainment buds like never before.

This game allows you to build your own city with skyscrapers, bridges, rails, and much more. While playing this game you have to make smart choices to keep your citizens happy and grow further.

You are put in many critical situations like traffic, pollution, fire that you have to solve to earn rewards.

You can also provide service like power plants, police station, to boost your population with parks and educator in the city.


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