Best Recipe Organiser Apps For Android And iOS

Food has, is and always will be an important part of us. Survival and food go hand in hand. Food echoes cultures, it expresses love. Food is a language of its own. You have comfort food for days you are feeling blue and spicy, tangy flavours when you are hell bent on experimenting. There are fond memories we hold of our childhood when we think of food or the recipes passed down from generations we hold dear.

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With so many different cultures spread across the globe, there exists and equal number of recipes or even more. With food holding such an important place in our life, and curiosity combined with it leads us to discover and try the amazing recipes that exist around the world. Why not give them a whirl with the help of the organising skills of technology – Recipe Organiser Apps!


Best Recipe Organiser apps

Recipe Book: Recipes and Shopping List

One of the best recipe organiser apps you will find out there, it is also featured as Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store. For every mood, there is definitely some food you cannot miss and this app has them all. From simple French toasts to gourmet delicacies, you can find at least hundred different recipes at your fingertips.

Low on ingredients? Want to make something delicious out of something particular?

You’ve got it! Use their unique Shake ‘N’ Make feature and find one stop solutions to all your cooking queries. Select the ingredients you have available, and with a shake of your phone get the desired results. You can even upload your own recipes if you wish to along with participating in contests end winning hampers.

To an amazing cooking experience, online and offline.

Recipe Keeper

Put your haphazard planning away and store all your delicious recipes at one place with this amazing recipe organiser app. Recipe Keeper keeps all your recipes synced across all your devices to ensure you don’t lose them. 

It is one of the easiest way to compile, arrange and share recipes. You can easily copy and paste the recipes you like from the web and categorize them any way you want.

With an unending list of amazing features, recipe keeper seems to be one of the best recipe organising apps. 

It lets you scan recipes from magazines or cookbooks using its OCR technology and allowing you to safeguard your family recipes. In addition to this, you can even search for recipes on this app based on your needs and even share your own across various social media platforms.

Alexa, ask recipe keeper for strawberry milkshake recipes!

AnyList: Grocery Shopping List and Recipe Manager

You’ve got a shopping buddy in AnyList to help you out in your daily grocery needs as well as a cooking buddy to surprise you with any recipe you need. A widely recommended grocery app, AnyList is the perfect partner in crime. 

Easy to add and remove items from your lists along with its own autocomplete option suggesting common items, making your work swifter. You can even add notes and indications on particular items such as size or any particular brand required.

 Another way this app takes precedence is the way it lets you organise your own recipes by feeding them in the app as easily and copying and pasting along with letting you add the required ingredients from the recipe to your grocery list making your task much easier. 

You may even share your recipe with people you like and any changes made by either of you would be reflected instantly to all the people with access.

All these features are at the tip of your fingers, free of cost with an option to spring for a premium version as well to enjoy additional features.


Build a digital reference for all your recipes with Cookmate. Search the recipes you want to cook, find what you love and transfer it to your cookbook by using the import feature of the app. 

Not limited to importing, you can even make changes in the recipes you transfer by swapping ingredients or attaching a photo of your own choice or even change the directions as per your need. Voila!  A completely reformed recipe at your hand.

If you already have a cookbook stored digitally somewhere, you can easily transfer it to the app and even share your recipes with friends and family across social media platforms or invite them to join the app. 

In addition to everything, you can create grocery lists, use dropbox to synchronise recipes across various devices you have cookmate logged it, scale the ingredients as per your meal size and even use the app’s speech feature to read out aloud the recipes.


Meet ChefTap’s clipper, here to make your recipe organising task easier. Say goodbye to forgetful memory and hours trying to figure out where you find that particular recipe. Simple download ChefTap and get back in the kitchen.  

For the ones who like to be prepared can use ChefTap’s meal planner to keep up with their schedule, helping them to track their leftovers and their grocery lists.

You can also use tags to search and sort through recipes to make your work more efficient and enjoy your cooking experience with peace. 

The grocery list is fit with smart features like autocompleting your list in case you have added an ingredient a few times in the past and a pantry organiser which keeps you aware of your have and have nots at all times. ChefTap currently offers a basic version and a premium version. Depending on your choice of use, you can opt for either.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Do you love cooking and helping others as well? Do you want to be a part of community to share your fun and dip your virtual taste buds in amazing recipes by other cooks as well? If you said yes to any or both then this is the perfect app for you. 

With a personalised feed displaying your favourites and saving each and every recipe you make, Allrecipes provides you with a tailored experience. Search with smartness and ease by filing in any keywords or dietary preferences.

In addition to normal features, this app also lets you know which ingredients are on sale in your nearby stores to make your cooking experience feasible. It even suggests you a recipe depending on the stores you enter. What a fun feature! Going back to basics, you can easily access your content through your profile, and share your cooking through its I Made It feature with your friends.

Yummly Recipes and Cooking Tools

Another cooking buddy at your disposal, Yummly is here to provide with one of the best cooking experiences. Get millions of recipes from Yummly itself as well as from other top rated cooking sites and blogs to experiment with in your kitchen. 

Set your preferences to get tailored recommendations based on nutrition and taste and let it adapt to your likes and dislikes.

You can even filter the recipes you search for by indicating any food allergies or diet preferences like vegan or non-vegetarian. Make use of the search filters and get your perfect recipes in no time. Yummly allows for scheduling of recipes as well to facilitate in your meal planning. Get Grooving and Cooking.


Take out those pans and start cooking with BigOven. Grabbing a feature in Martha Stuart Living, you know this is an app to have for a fun filled kitchen experience. 

Take inspiration while exploring recipes of your friends, family and bloggers you adore and give them your own twist. You can even search for recipes using as little s three ingredients at most and make the best out of your kitchen ingredients before expiration.

BigOven even helps you find a recipe using the left over items in your fridge and thereby reducing food wastage as well as your money. 

There is a pro membership you can opt for to utilise its more advanced features like getting nutritional insight per ingredient used in a recipe. It even has a pro meal planning feature for the ones who value efficiency and future planning above all.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

A very simple and easy to use application, Paprika Recipe Manager helps you manage your recipes, formulate grocery lists and even aids in meal preparation. You can download the recipes you love from any website you wat and also add your own creating your own cookbook. 

To keep a track of available ingredients, you can use its pantry feature. In addition to this, you may plan your meals daily, weekly or monthly as well maintain a sync between all connected devices.

 Once done, you can share recipes via email and even print them out along with grocery lists, meal plans and menus. Although there are a couple of limitations to this free version. You cannot save more than 50 recipes and there is no Cloud Sync available either. If you wish to utilise these features, you can easily switch to its premium version.

My Recipe Box

For all the forgetful cooks, download My Recipe Box and never lose your recipes again. Save your own recipes or import from other websites you like surfing. 

There are any different filters available to make your search process quick, easier and accurate. You can also create unlimited number of shopping lists as well and make grocery shopping more convenient.

There is also a cool feature which help you decide what to cook when you shake you mobile phone. The available premium feature lets you remove watermarks and advertisements to provide you with a uninterrupted, smooth experience as well as lets you sync with Google Drive as well.   


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