Top 10 Best Random Number Generator Apps For iOS And Android

In order to generate a random number on your Android or IOS device, you will need to download a random number generator app. There were various options available to create random numbers in the past but those days are long gone now. Despite the fact that these methods are still available, you would prefer to use apps to generate random numbers on the fly. 

Why wait to get those random numbers using out dated methods? You can generate unique numbers for whatever reason you need with the help of a random number generator. Everyone has a smartphone these days, and we all want to do everything with it.

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To generate, all you have to do is set the minimum and maximum values. The majority of the apps have an user-friendly interface that makes them easy to use. These apps are mostly based on computer technology. Despite the fact that these strategies are old, they are dependable. The programme is simple to use even for beginners and amateurs.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 8 random number generator applications for IOS and Android.


Top 8 Random Number Generator Apps For iOS And Android

Random: All Things Generator


Random: All Things Generator is a popular random number generator app for Android and IOS and tablets. The app is completely free to use. Also, there’s a paid version that gives you more power and freedom. 

It has a simple UI that makes it user-friendly, not to mention extremely simple to operate. This app might be what you’re looking for if you need help making a decision. All you have to do is hit the Randomize button to generate a random number. Simply shake the device to get a different random response.

It comes with so many useful features. It can generate letters, roll dice, and flip coins in addition to supporting a wide range of digits. If you want to play card games, it’s a terrific partner. Along with these features, it also allows you to change the colour theme of the application.

Randomizer – Random Picker


Randomizer – Random Picker is a cross-platform app that works on both IOS and Android. It is a random number generator programme that can assist you to produce random numbers. You can choose from a variety of elements in the app and then make your own list.

It gives you the freedom to mix up to 3 variables in whatever way you want, to solve all of your problems. This is a random number generator which not only can manage numbers and letters, but it can also tell you what to eat and what to watch. Simply choose the things, and the application will take care of the rest. 

With Randomizer, making decisions is becoming easier.

Pretty Random – Random Number


Pretty Random is an easy-to-use tool for generating random numbers. It has user-friendly interface and attractive appearance and it includes everything you need to generate random numbers. The app is visually appealing because to rotating gradients.

Pretty Random has been trusted by countless individuals to generate new random numbers. This generator can be used for anything from a lottery to a dice game and more. 

Creating numbers has never been easier because to the user-friendly features! The app is quite simple to use. It has a minimum and maximum setting, allowing you to choose how many digits the number should contain. 

Use the app to help yourself in selecting random numbers and experience the fun of the game.

Certified True Randomizers


Certified True Randomizers is a random number generator application that has been around for a long time. This software is highly rated and was created by 

The application may be used to do a variety of tasks thanks to the developers’ proper testing in the lab. It’s worth highlighting that you can utilise over 100 different types of currencies in this game.

You may also use it to shuffle cards, read tarot cards, and do psychic readings.

Dice Roller

Dice Roller is a 3D dice simulator that is available for free. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android devices. 

On your smartphone, it allows you to generate random numbers. It is a free virtual dice that you can roll anywhere to get a random number. It’s also can be used to play any game that requires dice.

One of the best features of this application is the ability to use multiple dice at once to produce random numbers.

The Random Number Generator


This application comes in handy when you need a random number. It lets you choose a random number from a list for any purpose, such as a dice game or anything else. 

It generates a unique sequence every time you generate fresh numbers, thanks to amazing algorithms. The app also has an eye catching design that can be customised.

It also includes speech synthesis, which allows the app to read out the number and comes with typical minimum and maximum values, just like any other random number generator programme.

It provides history, which is a fantastic way to keep track of the numbers you’ve created. It’s a clutter-free number generator that works on IOS, with a nice and simple style.



Random is another application that can be used on both IOS and Android to produce random numbers. The application has an interesting feature that approves or denies the repetition of random numbers.

The maximum and lowest values, as well as the amount of random numbers created, must all be set by the user. Simply shaking your smartphone will generate random numbers. It can be changed to answer your queries with a yes or no.

It’s the best app for generating random numbers and things from a list. You can also choose from your own set of items. You must use the randomise button to produce a random number. 

Random Choice


Last on the list of Best Random Number Generator Apps comes Random Choice. It is a handy number generator application that allows you to generate random numbers with high probabilities. 

You can select random values from specified ranges. Furthermore, a list of values can be created, and the programme selects values at random. The window is separated into two sections: lower and upper. The keyboard and values are randomly highlighted in the bottom section. You can set the minimum and maximum values in the upper section. Recurrences and exceptions can both be turned on. 

It is exclusively available for Android devices and is completely free. Unlike some apps, this one does not have an excessive amount of advertising.

This application can be useful if you’re seeking for a simple to use random word or number generator. All you have to do is utilise the appropriate methods to generate random values, and you’re ready to go.


The applications listed above are some of the most useful random number generator apps for everyday use. This is mostly because to their ease of use, compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and ability to perform a variety of other interesting tasks in addition to generating random numbers. They will be beneficial to you. If you frequently generate random numbers, you might want to consider using it.


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