Top 10 Best Pen Pal Apps

Meeting new people has its own charm, and such has been through ages!

Conforming to the technological advancements of humankind, with the most advanced ones in our very hands, lets not forget the old times of writing letters to your long-distance friends, with nothing but a hope to hear back from them. Sometimes, the classic is the best and every reader friend of ours would agree on that.

However, it would be a challenge to stick to the nostalgic way of making new pen pal friends through handwritten letters. To make it easier for the coming age people and to stay up to date with the technology, the same can be done through apps designed for it.

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There are a number of apps that let you make new friends from across the world. You can chat with them super conveniently because of the translation services that most of the apps offer. Moreover, on some apps, you might also have the feature to call them or face time them!

All of these apps serve a very specific purpose- to help you find your online best friend!

And if you have already come this far, let us help you out by enlisting the best apps to make new pen pals from your android or ios devices.


Best Pen Pal Apps for Android and ios:


The very first one in the list is a super popular and amazing app, HelloTalk.

Using this app, you can make friends from all over the word. You have the option to chat with them, call them or even video call them. This helps you learn their language very conveniently.

For example, if you are chatting and the person says something in their native language, the app automatically provides a translated version in your language along with.

The interface of the app is also very simple and interesting, sure to make your language honing an experience worth it. Moreover, it is completely free to use. So, you get all these amazing features that could be life-changing, without having to spare a single penny.


If you are tired of meaningless conversations and small talks, and yearn for something better, something old-school and something deeper, Slowly is a gem for you.

Unlike the other apps in the list that facilitate instant texting, calls and video calls, this one lets you write letters to people all around the world. The time it takes to deliver your letter actually depends on the distance between you and the recipient. This makes the conversations more worthy.

What makes the app best, however, is not just its realistic approach, but features like unlimited letters for free, only a nick name and avatar needed to start, customized friend suggestions and stamp collection.

Overall, it is one of the most trusted apps, and very well so.


This one has one of the best layouts in the fields of pen pal apps.

Bottled, as the name suggests, puts your message in a bottle. This message can be anything and you can even add a picture with it. Then, the bottle is left in the waters. You can track your message in real time.

Your bottle is sent to one user at a time. If the reader is interested, he can add you back and then, you can talk over texts. Once you capture the interests of the stranger, you become friends officially. If he does not find the message very interesting, he may release it back in the waters, following which someone else would find it.

Apart from this, there are quests to be challenged, coins to be earned, friends to be made and beautiful messages to be sent to the world!


Ablo works a bit differently than other pen pal apps.

It is more travel oriented, and helps you virtually travel the world. With localists travelling their own city or country, they share video stories of how the place and experience is. Use it as a guide the next time you travel, or choose to see the world through their eyes.

Add them as a friend and chat with them in your native language. Yes, with Ablo, there are no language barriers, as it readily translates all texts and videos into your native language and vice versa.

Overall, it a great app to make friends from different countries and backgrounds.


Another amazing app for you to make new friends from around the world is Interpals. It has all the basic features of a pen pal app and goes one step ahead to offer translation services.

You can make new friends, chat with them to learn their language or talk to them as your mates. It is all possible with Interpals. The app lets you find people according to the set filters and customizations. Moreover, you can randomly add any of the 5 million users of the app, and even check the ones that are active at that very moment.

The app being completely free to use, serves as one of the best pen pal apps.


With Unbordered, you can make new friends, learn a new language from the native speakers themselves, or just scroll around the public feed to get yourself updated with the latest happenings from around the world.

Users can choose to text or call people from around the world, without any restrictions to language, thanks to the translation services available. Unbordered instantly translates your text messages, and even your voice messages to their understandable language.

With this app, you would have only little to worry about restrictions and a lot to look forward to.


The next up in the list is a location specific app. This is not to say that you won’t be able to use it from your land, but that it is designed to help you make friends from Korea.

For people who are looking forward to move to or visit Korea, are learning the Korean language or just like their culture, this one is a great find.

With MEEFF, you can connect with Korean people and make new friends that will help you see their land from their perspective. Ever wondered what it is like to be in Korea? Well, now you don’t have to just wonder. Make new friends and know from them!


This one is another pen pal app that offers a package of some amazing features for absolutely no cost.

Speaky lets you connect with people who know the languages that you intend to learn. The people might not be a native speaker of the language, but you can clearly see their level of proficiency.

With more than 150 different nationalities and more than 110 different languages, the cope of the app is more than what any language teaching apps can offer.


1km is an app that is designed to better your discoverability than expanding your reach and taking it across waters.

With this gem, you can text people around you, discover cafes and clubs in your locality and even share your thoughts and experiences with people publicly. The app is built to let you find people with similar interests like yours and get to know them.

The app is free to use, but keeps testing your patience with its ads. To remove them altogether and unlock some additional features, you can choose to go premium in the app.


The last recommendation from us to you is the Yubo app with its remarkable features like live video calls and texts, which are instantaneously available.

The app offers some of the nicest features that you would expect from a pen pal app, and goes a few steps ahead to add some really fun ones. With Yubo you can make new friends from all over the world, connect with people genuinely through video calls and also play games with them.

It helps you find people with similar interests and hence form a community of people with hobbies that match yours.

Overall, it is a great app to connect and socialize with people from different backgrounds.

Having mentioned the best apps for making new friends from around the world and taking a very authentic peek into their lifestyle and cultures. You can choose any of the above mentioned to fulfill your needs of pen pals.

Having a pen pal is fun. You might not be able to travel the entire world, or meet people in your own city or country, but you can always meet new people online. Get one of these on your device and learn something new with every friend you make!


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