Top 10 Best Party Game Apps For Android & iOS

If you are a Party Animal and looking for new ideas for making your celebration more exciting then you are on right place. Party Game Apps provides you the complete package for making your party more interactive.

The party games includes cards game, Karaoke and various adult gaming apps in which you could play with friends or family members.

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Traditional Partying creates boredom and make you a not so cool host. Using Party Game Apps enables you to entertain your guest to the fullest and make their stay memorable.

So go get trendy with this collection of Best Party Game Apps and make your monotonous parties a rocking one.


10 Best Party Game Apps

Spin The Bottle

spin the bottle

This is an amazing Truth or Dare party game app. It adds a spark to the boring party. 

Spin the bottle game provides you with 9 different game modes. Along with this you can customise and design your own game mode to make it more relatable and user friendly.

Additionally, it provides 5000 spicy truth and dare questions. Also, it allows you to add your personalised statements.

You can also keep a record of the number of truth or dare faced by the players, just by adding their names. This app is available to android and iOS users for free as well as in premium version.

All you have to spin the bottle and be the party rocker.

Evil Apples App

Evil apple

Evil Apple app is an excellent party game app with millions of rating and downloads. 

Also, it is an adult gaming app. This app is available to both android and iOS users for free. 

While opening this app the first page is so amazing with high resolution graphics which attracts you to play this game. 

It is a filthy and hilarious card party game with three gaming mode. Additional it allow you to play with three player on online and offline mode. There are 3500 white card and 800 red card to play without any disturbance. 

While playing this game, this app may ask you to open GPS location to play with nearby folks and also you could join your friends or any other member anywhere using SMS, twitter or Facebook.



Spaceteam is another excellent party game app with higher rating and reviews. This app is developed by Henry smith Inc. for both android and iOS users for free. 

It is a co-operative game in which it would allow you to play with 2 to 8 players by both android and iOS device. 

Eventually it is a shouting game or instruction game in which the players have to give instruction by clicking buttons, sliding or dialling to each other. 

But this require strong internet connection within same room or same type of connection like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The graphics and audio quality is so amazing which attracted users.



eTABU is a popular and social app with excellent reviews. It is developed by softnauts for both android and iOS device. 

It is quite interesting party game with unique features. This app involves passing the keywords to one team to another team. 

Then one team has to guess that keyword without using forbidden words. It allows you to compete with anyone at any time in the world using internet. 

While playing, Team with maximum coins would win in the end. This app provides additional features like playing cards in different language which give some benefit to players to play according to user preference.

Head Up

Heads Up

Head Up is also a great and excellent app with millions of downloads. 

It is generated by warner Bros for both android and iOS device for free. And also this app is full of fun and entertainment.

This app is generally for guessing the keywords which has been provided by one player to another. For helping player, team mates provide video clues to make the game interesting and smooth. 

This App facilitated a huge collection of gaming categories. Additionally, you can play with one player to many more player. To enjoy the game you have to draw a card from the deck.

Card Party

Card party

Card party app is a crazy and entertaining party game. It made quite a space in the heart of game lovers. 

It is launched By Bombay play for both android and iOS for free. The animation and graphics are so amazing which attract you to play game providing high performance.

This app offers exciting and special cards to play with friend or family members. In this game you have to finish all cards before your opponent. Along with your family members you can play some Board Games.

By opening this app it will ask you to sign in with guest or Facebook. You can enjoy by both offline or online mode and play all over world with friend using online mode at any time anywhere.

Mucho Party

Mucho Party

Mucho party is an excellent and crazy party game with millions of rating. This app is of Globz which is for both android and iOS user for free. 

It is available with six gaming mode with three level like easy, medium or hard as per user preference.

It is a kind of a brain game in which this app checks the ability and skills according to the game.

It will allow you to play with multiplayer, solo or two player as per choice using both online or offline mode. While opening this app it will ask you to take selfie that is unique feature in this app.

King of Opera

King Of opera

King of opera is an amazing party game for all age irrespective of being old or young. 

This application is developed by Tuokio oy for both android and iOS for free. 

It is available in five gaming mode with multiplayer. By the feature of online mode you could play with different player at same time from across the Globe. 

The graphics, animation and audio quality is excellent which is quite interesting and improves User experience. Along with this you can also try some Building Games apps. The performance is also amazing and smooth without any lag.

Smule Party Game


Smule is a social singing game that supports karaoke singing. This Karaoke app provides collection of millions of song and artist. 

In this app you would Sing, discover music or do live streaming also.

If you are beginner and love to sing song then you are on right place. Additionally it will allow you to Sing with friends, solo or a group. 

And also it has unique features like audio and video filter. You can share your music with Smulebook song platform and add visual effect also.

Party Starter

Party Starter

Party starter is great party game supported for both android and iOS user for free. 

It is crazy and entertaining app for game lovers. This app is a type of question and answer game.

This App asks question and you have tell the answer. The questions are related to all the players playing the game.

This way you will get to know about your each other. Additionally this will make your party more interactive and you will make new friends by answering questions about each other.


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