Top 10 Best Parallel Space Alternatives for iOS and Android

Do you wish to use two use two different social apps on the same mobile apps? Usually, every phone comes with dual sim technology. You would love to know that parallel space is not the only option here. You can find similar parallel space alternatives here in this article.

But it might not allow you to use two different apps at the same device.

So what’s the option?  Will you keep two devices together and take a toll on your management skills?Or you will find some solution for that. Then I think you are at the right place.

This piece of information might clear all your confusion. Let’s move forward to the information.

Now days there are many apps available for iOS and android users that allow users to use two apps at the same device.

And when it comes to cloning apps one name is quite popular that Parallel Space.

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This app had all the features that can fulfil all your needs. But with time Parallel space has bloated. It takes so much time that eventually drain the phone’s battery.

Even with screen off, it drain the battery in the background. So you must need an alternative that can help you to reap all the benefits of parallel space.

Here, we have dodged out some of the best app that can allow you to use multiple accounts on the same app without any hassle.


Best Parallel Space Alternatives

Parallel Space


Parallel space is one of the highly rated and widely popular apps that allow you to create multiple accounts on the same device.

It is available only for iOS users. This app comes with simple yet powerful & stable user interface.

You can easily create multiple accounts and balance the personal and professional life.

Besides this you can easily switch between the real and parallel apps without any hassle.

In addition to this we get some other features such as Instagram border, bitcoin tracker, QR code scanner, tools for WhatsApp business and much more. Moreover you also protect each app with password.

Multiple Account

Multiple Accounts

If you want to create a parallel app for wide range of social accounts, messaging, and gaming apps, then this one is best option.

It is available only for android users. This app allows you to easily create multiple accounts of any app on the same device.

You can easily switch between work and personal accounts. And the best thing with the app is its amazing user interface.

That ensures that none of your data get mingled with one another. Though it is available in free basic version, but to get some security and advance feature you can buy subscription.

Dual Account


Dual account is another app that can help you to manage private and public account of different social sites.

This app comes with many features such as file locker, file transfer, photo & video locker, notes and much more.

Along with this it also contain private browser, in-built photo video player, and passcode to maintain the security.

Moreover the best thing with the app is that it enables us to login with more than 20 apps simultaneously.

Additionally, you can also add notes and private messages through this app.

Parallel Space Secret Photo


Do you wish to keep your photos & videos a secret along with social media apps? Then you must have this app in your smartphone.

This app allows us to take anything from our phone keep it store in parallel app with a PIN.

Besides this you can also store some other apps such as social media account, notes, messages, files and much more.

And one of the best things with the app is that it gives us access to fingerprint lock. That means there is no risk on the data security. It is also available in paid version.

Do Multiple Account


This app is another light weighted user interface app that allows us to easily clone any app. It is only compatible with android software.

With this app one can easy log in with 2 accounts of the same app on a single device. That means double account and double fun.

Besides this you can easily switch between dual accounts on just one tap. Isn’t it amazing to have such benefits?

Apart from this it also contains some other features such as privacy locker, notification tool, lite mode for best power and memory efficiency.



Island is a sandbox environment app that allows us to clone any app and keep it isolate on the same device.

Though it compatible only with android devices. You can easily run parallel app aside with original copy.

And the best thing with the app is that it can be frozen on demand. That means the launcher can be easily vanished from the background.

Along with this it also enables us to use different VPN or the same VPN on both sides. And if you ever have any other privacy concern you can directly hide the app.

Parallel Social


If you are looking for a management tool that can create clones apps of your social account, then this one is best you can have.

This app gives you access to log in 2 or 3 messenger account on the same device.

Besides this it also allows us to create private space for other apps such as notes, messages, and calculator.

With this app you can easily switch account and connect with different friends and maintain the relationship.

And the best thing with the app is that you can set your own password and protect all the data.

2 Accounts


Do you have one device but want to create multiple social app on the same? The definitely this app can fulfil all your needs.

We can easily log in with multiple social and games apps on single device. Along with this it also help you to manage your account and encrypt with password.

Other than this we can also put our photos, videos and files in parallel space and maintain the privacy.

And the best thing with the app is that you can easily write notes and message directly through this app. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


Shelter is free and open source software that leverages the work profile feature to provide an isolated space for cloning apps.

It is compatible only with android devices. This app gives you access to a space where we can easily run any social apps and protect it with password.

Moreover it also gives an option to freeze the app that you seldom use.

But the only limitation with the app is that we can create only more than one work profile on same device.

Dual Space


If you are already using 5 to 10 social media accounts on different devices. Then you don’t need to download individual apps anymore.

Because this app cab bring everything on single device. This app gives you many features like multiple social accounts, double gaming experience, privacy, encrypted security and much more.

Moreover, it also gives access to top rated games to keep them in isolated space.

In a nutshell, you can create multiple accounts simultaneously on single device and connect with different circle of friends with ease. Though this app is compatible only with Apple devices.


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