Top 10 Best Palm Reading Apps

Not everyone believes that astrology is real, but everyone knows that the future is certain, and that whatever happens, is meant to be. That is the power of future telling and related activities like palm reading.

Palm reading roots from pure ancient traditions, where even ordinary people had the basic knowledge of it. Other higher level people could also sense things from just your aura or energy. And since the higher power was rare, it has been very scarcely carried forward.

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Palm reading, however, follows a certain set of principals and rules and so could be brought to use even in today’s age. People any age, any gender and any background can know their fate, their life purposes or even predict their future events based on their palm lines.

And while whole of the generations today are more interested in what their palms hold (Smart phones) than what they say, there is still a majority of us who would love to know our future. I mean, who doesn’t?

One can easily choose to go to some expert or some astrologer for the purpose, but if you are just bored and want to do it for fun, or as a prank, here in this article, we have enlisted the best palm reading apps that you can install and use on your devices to know you and your friends’ future predictions.

It is important to note that these app generated results are not 100% accurate. Most of the times, it is just based on previous data analytics. Therefore, if you wish to go for a more serious session, it would be better to learn or go to a professional.

For fun or those midnight insomnia sessions, here we go!


Best Palm Reading Apps for Android and ios:


The very first one in our list is one of the most trusted apps for palm readings, Palmistry.

This app has an amazing biometric algorithm and an in-built camera designed to capture every detail of your palm lines very carefully. The working mechanism of the app involves the users capturing a picture of their palms, the algorithms working in the background to analyze your lines and then the results awaiting for you to read.

The app specifically targets four aspects of your lines- the life line, head line, heart line and fate line. This means that you can have a detailed presentation of your future predictions regarding your health, life expectancy, heart health or your soulmate.

The easy user interface and a neat working layout of the app make it one of the most preffered ones for palm readings, both among android and ios users.

Palm Reading

The next app in our list of palm reading apps in the Palm Reading, with its interesting and practical working mechanism.

Unlike the other palm reading apps that use pre defined algorithms to read your palm lines and pre existing data to provide an analysis, this app lets you connect with a professional palm reader for personal readings.

Yes, you read it right. With the help of Pal Reading, all you have to do is choose a reader, according to their reviews and testimonials then send them a picture of their hands and Voila! They will read your palm lines exclusively for you.

The app lets you have a personal reading session, the first few minutes of which are free. Post this; you would be required to pay a charge considering you would be unlocking something magical!


Kasamba is one of the best rated apps for astrology present in the play store and the app store.

The app has a very interesting set of features to offer, and that too in a very well competitive way against the other astrology apps. It not only provides a platform for you to connect with real life psychiatrists, but also takes one step ahead to get you to explore a better side of it.

With Kasamba, you can obviously get your palm lines read by certain professionals, whomsoever you like, but you can also do more. You can chat with them, ask for advices over text and even share some situation of your life that you are going through. The app lets you have a one-stop station for all your questions to the universe.

What makes the app remarkable, however, is also the free minutes sessions. That is, with each reader you connect to, the first 3 minutes of your interaction are not charged.

This helps you make a better judgment before investing some bucks into it.

Palm Reading and Fortune Teller

The next one in our list of best palm reading apps for android and ios devices is the Palm Reading and Fortune Teller app.

The best part about the app is its educative layout, graphics and interactions that help you learn as you analyse your own hand lines and unbox your fate. The app follows a step by step, picture by picture and question by question to help you understand the lines, and also help the algorithm take proper notes.

After this, the app works to prepare a detailed analysis and review of the person whose details were filled in. Being designed for beginners, this one is super easy to follow along and also provides very accurate readings as compared to the other apps available for the purpose.

Overall, it is a nice app to read for free what your fate beholds and unlocking the mystery that has been, right under your very noses!


Every single person feels a little anxious all the time. What would happen tomorrow? Would this project work out? Will you even make it to your retirement?

Well, the Basirly developers understand that and want to help. Therefore, the app lets you enjoy a ton of amazing astrological features, sure to make your day less anxious and more positive. It would also use various different techniques to signal negative possibilities, prepare you for the future or even send you a sign regarding a difficult current situation.

With available options like coffee cup reading, tarot reading, palm reading and much more, the Basirly app makes it worth a while for you to test your luck out.

Palm Reader: Palmistry Fortune

This gem is a highly popular app among the ios users as one of the best apps for palm readings and telling.

You can know your entire story, all of life’s purposes and even about the people you are connected to just by a sight of your very hands. The app works very simply. The users must take a picture of their palms with the in-built camera of the app and then trace the lines and points according to the app’s guidance.

That’s it. Your work is done. Just sit back and relax as the app prepares the most detailed story of your life by studying the details of your defined lines.

The only drawback of the app is that it is not free to use. It does have a three day free trial, but then has to be purchased at a monthly cost of $12.99.

It is also, only available for ios platforms.

How to read palms

We know that this might not be exactly what you were looking for, but the best person to do a careful task is you yourself.

While the other apps have you depend on other people’s smartness and level of understanding, this one lets you learn from the very basics, the art of reading palm lines. Designed for beginners, it is one of the easiest apps that you can use to know what your life has entailed for you.

The working of the app is also very simple. Just read the articles present, and follow along with views and understanding of your palm lines to reach to a conclusion.

The best part about the app is that you do it yourself, and the resources are trusted, so theirs is only little space for the results being inaccurate. Moreover, since the app doesn’t provide any kind of smartness of its own, it is completely free to use and cherish for a lifetime.

When it is not feasible to undergo a physical session of palm readings, future telling or related astrological sessions, such online applications might come to the rescue. Most times than rare, these results are not completely correct.

This happens due to technological and physical barriers. It becomes difficult to analyze a situation, if you don’t completely understand it.

Therefore, we recommend that you don’t completely depend on it. But be also would not want you to forget “Your life, lies in your own hands”.


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