Top 10 Best Online Chat Games For iOS & Android

In the era of technology, connecting with people is just a child play. We have different means to connect with people from any part of the world. Online Chat Games are perfect way to stay connected to your family and friends.

From social networking chats to video calling apps you get everything on your fingertips. And for this you don’t even have to pay anything as most of the apps come free with advance features.

But as usual sometime with the same routine you may get bored of communication in way.

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So are you getting bored of the same routine online messenger chats? And you are searching ways to perk up your spirit and social interaction.

Then there are many apps available in the market that allows you do more than just chat. These apps have some many features like game playing option, different themes, chat room games and much more.

Additionally you get everything at one place. In short these apps are perfect solution to spice up and rekindle your relationships and making friends across all over the world.

And moreover you not only able to play games these apps also allow you to socialize with player from all around the world. Here we have inoculated some of the best apps that you can easily get on your smartphone and enjoy thoroughly.


10 Best Online Chat Game Apps



Plato is one of the highly rated chat games apps available for iOS and Android users. This app not only allows you to chat but also let you play thirty group mini games.

From classic sea battle and poker to mini golf, football and werewolf game you get all at one place. And its unique feature is that you get game as per your preference.

Apparently all game required different player then you can easily choose you want to play in single or group. Additionally you don’t need any mobile number or registration process to use this app.

Lady Popular

Lady Popular

Lady popular is an online social game that empower its player by giving them excess to express their unique fashion style and creativity.

With this app you can join a fashion community, compete with other girls and conquer the fashion podium. It has cool graphics and wide customization option.

Along with this you get many features like beauty salon, arena, wardrobe, fashion arena beauty pageants and contests.

You can even socialize with other player with the help of in-built chat option. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a combination of fashion game, the Sims and ability of socializing then this is the best you can



Roblox is an ultimate virtual universe that let you play, create and anything that you can be. This app has plenty of worlds created by massive community that you can easily join and enjoy.

Apart from this you get an option to build your avatar for each game with the help of huge closet of accessories. Besides that you can travel any world, request and join the completion and even can start your own.

And its best feature is that this app allows you to make a game of your own. So if you are in for an adventurous ride then grab this app and enjoy.



Habbo is an epic social, trading, crafting, building MMO game for both iOS and Android users. It provides an immersive virtual world where you can chat, build, trade, craft, and participate in challenges.

Apart from this you can create your own avatar and edit the minute detail of it.

Besides that there is in-built chat option where you can socialize with people without leaving the game. In brief it is a master builder app with more than 500 million rooms to enhance your creativity.



IMUV is a 3D avatar based social experience world with largest catalog to customize your looks and meet new people.

With this app you can chat with friends, role play, and join a virtual world with millions of others. Along with this you get many features like avatar creation, customized look, personalized animated emoji, access to chat rooms and many more.

Additionally you can chat and socialize with people in 3D avatar with full conversations. Moreover this app is available both in free and paid version.



Sociable is another fun app specially designed for android users only. This app gives you a fun and interactive way to socialize with people while playing your favorite game.

Besides that you can find people near you or from all around the world, break the ice with games, chat, and send videos to share your interest.

Apart from this you get plethora of games options that you can chose as per your choice and enjoy with friends. In brief this game makes socializing more fun with its unique features.

Hey Love Adam

Hey love adam

Hey love Adam is another kind of interactive story game that allows you to chat with your friends. With this app you can build your own story, create certain events and help other in solving their problems.

Along with these you get many features like 1000 possible choices, 33 different chapters, 12 different endings, and plenty of characters.

And moreover you get personalized choice to choose in what emotion you want to interact with your friends such as love, jealousy, ego and many more. It is easily available for both iOS and android users.



POKO is another social interacting app specially designed for android users only. With this app you can make new friends from all around the world.

This app has plethora of mini games that can keep you occupied and interested for long. You can easily choose your friends and game and play with them instantly.

And it’s one of the best feature is that you get match making option to get a desired partner. Isn’t it fun to have such ample amount of feature at one place? So if you want to experience simple yet attractive user interface game then it’s worth having.

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger

Mystic messenger is one of the unique kinds of app for iOS and android users. This app gives you a place where you can chat with stranger mystically.

Apart from this you get many mini games where you can make different characters, act according to events and win the challenges. Additionally you get point on winning which you can use to buy advance feature.

Moreover each storyline comes with different music that brings calmness and set you mood. And it’s easily available for both iOS and android users.



If you want to experience the world’s online festival then this app is must have. This app is only available for iOS users.

It has an incredible user created world filled with group chat, live audio shows, friendship and entertainment.

Along with this you get many features like live audio stages, fun games while chatting, access to completion and many more.

It gives you a platform to enhance your creativity and chance to make friendship with people of your interest. Besides that you can create your own profile and connect with world on your fingertip.


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