Top 10 Best Offline Cooking Games For iOS And Android In 2023!

Do you love playing games and want to try different genre each time? In this era of technology you can easily find any game and enjoy playing.

Moreover, you can play these games with your friends and family both in offline and online mode.

And in this genre of game one category is quite popular. And that is cooking games.

You must have loved cooking dishes in childhood and loved playing these kinds of games.

So if you want to revive the nostalgia again you can do it very easily. There are many games available for you that can keep you entertained for long.

And the best thing with these games is that they give you the idea of how a restaurant can be run.

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With these games you can learn the skill of an entrepreneur. It is a great chance to brush up your creative skills.

From burger business to coffee house you get every shop through this app.

Besides this another best thing with the app is that you can play this game in offline mode.

You don’t even need Wi-Fi or internet connection to play. You can play solo or in groups.

Here we have dodged out some of the best apps that you can easily access on your smartphone.


10 Best Offline Cooking Games

Cooking Mama


Cooking Mama is one of the most popular cooking apps that are available for iOS and Android users.

With this app you can easily make dishes with easy touch controls.

Along with this it also offer many features such as game village, pizza theme, multiple competitions, ranking option and much more.

You can easily take part in the world cooking competition and can lead on the leader board.

Additionally you can decorates your kitchen with different themes and share your gameplay easily with the world.

In a nutshell, it is a fun & interactive game for both adults and kids.

Toca Kitchen 2


It is another wildly popular game that enables you to cook many dishes with its amazing tools.

Through this app you can invite many chefs from around you and impress them with your cooking skills.

Besides this it has many other features such as a tom of ingredients, multiple characters, stronger character reactions, five kitchen tools and much more.

And the best thing of the app is that there are no rules that mean no stress at all.

You are also allowed to do third party advertising through the app itself.

Restaurant Dash


Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur and want to showcase your business skills?

If you are nodding yes then this app is just made for you. With this app you can take part in cooking battle and can make your chef winner.

There are many other features such as dress theme for chef, cooking tools, food guide, celebrity chef battles and much more.

And one of the most amazing things of the app is that you can earn and trade your best recipes.

You can also collect rare and unique goodies while playing the game.

World Chef


Are you a person who loves burgers and fries the most and want to try more that? If this is your style then this app is just made for you.

With this app you can make so many exotic dishes that too in your own restaurant. This is resource management Game with so many cooking tools.

It has many features such as decoration tools for kitchen, professionally designed studio, kitchen tools, cooking competition and much more.

You can also buy your own dock and boat with the use of this app. In a nutshell you can increase your popularity by creating popular dishes and winning the competition.

Cooking Diary


If you want to open your restaurant and want to learn the business skill, then this app matches your style.

By using this app you can try mouth-watering dishes and become famous.

Along with this it offers many features such as trendy outfits, culinary competition, generous prize, interesting characters, and fascinating storyline, unparalleled animation.

Moreover the best thing with the app is that you can have fun in interactive way.

You can easily design your restaurant with beautiful decoration and themes.

Additionally, can also take part in the culinary competition and become famous.

Cooking Fever


If you want to cook dishes and desserts from all over the world then this app can help you to do the same.

With this app you can cook variety of dishes with so many tools and ingredients.

From Indian to Chinese you get multiple dishes to try on. Along with this you can also add so many appliances such as pressure cooker, microwave oven and coffee machine.

It also offers some other features such as thousands of dishes recipes, huge choice of world famous cuisines, and interior themes for kitchen.

You can play more than 1000 levels to compete.

Good Pizza


If you love eating pizza and also love making it then this app can keep you hook to your phone.

With this app you can make different variety of pizza and earn a lot of money through the app.

Along with this it has many other features such as pizza news network, more than 80 customers with unique pizza orders and personalities.

You also get different topping such as onion, capsicum, corn and many more.

Hence it is a fun yet challenging gameplay that you can play easily.

Cooking In The Kitchen


If you want to make burger, cake, pizza, cocktail and many dishes at one place then this app is just perfect for you.

With this app you can also decorate your dishes with different toppings and sauces.

It has many other features such as 9 different dishes, fries & hamburger dishes, soup making, bakery items and much more.

And the best thing with the app is that you can easily customize your dishes with so many ingredients.

You can also make your own soup in this gameplay. Unfortunately, this app is available only for android users.

Cooking Craze


As the name of the app says this app can keep you entertained for long. With this app you can prepare, cook and serve tasty cuisine as professional chef.

You can easily make you kitchen like professional restaurant.

Along with this it has many features such as more than 1000 ingredients, 400+ levels, multiple decoration themes, easy upgradation of kitchen organic environment and much more.

Besides this you can easily upgrade you kitchen by winning more in the cooking competition.

You can also play this game in offline mode without any issue.

Food Truck Chef


Do you want to travel around the world with exotic dishes and your own favorite cuisine?

If you want this then it is perfect app. With this app you can build you cooking umpire, cook & travel, become super chef, bling your truck, upgrade your game and much more.

Besides this it also allows you chase whacky achievements. Additionally, you can also earn more gems by doing party gigs.

From pasta to cake you can make delicious food through this game and become popular. 

Luckily, this game is available for both iOS and Android users.


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