Top 10 Best No Wi-Fi Game Apps For Android and iOS

Ever since the era of smartphones began, mobile games have taken over our minds as well, be it online or offline. But, sometimes, the connection is not stable causing online games to glitch and you often than not end up losing your progress. In such times, offline games prove the best, so here we have compiled some of the best no wi-fi games for both android and iOS users. 

Whether you are on a road trip or stuck in traffic with no internet connection, these offline games will definitely be there to your rescue. So no need to dread when the wi-fi goes down, because this list will equip you with the best no wi-fi games, no matter you are an android or an iOS user. 


Best Survival Game Apps

Sniper 3D – Gun Shooting Games

Who doesn’t love a shooting game, that too in 3D? Available both online and offline? Yes! One of the best no wi-fi shooting game out there, you are definitely going to have some fun killing characters as well as time in this! 

Featuring many different modes like weekly events and story campaigns where you explore 21 cities, Sniper 3D will keep you engaged with its amazing graphics and fun upgrades for your ammo and your rifles! If you are wondering about Zombies, rest assured, they are there. What’s a shooting game without a zombie feature, right?With valuable rewards waiting for you, get your gund locked and loaded and SHOOT! 

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

One of the most amazing cricket game ever, World Cricket Championship 2 developed by Nextwave Multimedia is another gem in out list of best no wi-fi games. For all the cricket fans out there, this is a definitely a must try. 

With everything you have dreamt and watched in cricket at the tip of your fingers, this game is sure to blow your mind away. You can personalise your characters and your team and enjoy the brilliant graphics of one of the most versatile game of the cricket world. Available both online and offline with the option to play one on one or in multiplayer mode, it allows you to team against people online, or play with your local rivals. 

Candy Crush Soda Saga

Following in the footsteps of one of the most addictive games, Candy Crush Saga, developed by King, here is another one in the lineage, Candy Crush Soda Saga. Available to play both online and offline, it is the king of no wi-fi games. 

With each level becoming more challenging, captivating and delicious in this world of candies and sodas, you are bound to have some sweet fun! From competing in episode races or playing in groups, there is so much to explore. You will earn rewards and special surprises. Moreover, there are new monthly updates being added constantly which bring a plethora of quests, boosters and rewards. 

Bus Simulator : Ultimate

If you have ever been curious about driving a bus, this game will surely give you a slice of that experience. Bus Simulator, developed by Zuuks Games, gives you a very realistic experience with its well drawn maps and graphics representing the real world.

 In this game, you can establish your own bus company and work on growing it and turning it into the largest bus company in the world. The game provides routes of cities in Spain, Italy, France, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey, United States, Russia, Netherlands and Brazil where your buses travel and your company expands. From toll roads to over 250 radio stations, this game has many amazing features. Every detail is made as realistic as possible, including the weather outside, the interior of the buses, the sound effects and even the traffic. 

Ludo King

The app which became the ultimate pandemic game, Ludo King is the digitalised version of the game, pachisi and once you start playing it, you will not want it to end. winning is the ultimate goals, but the journey is what makes it more fun

One of the best no wi-fi games to have on your smartphones, Ludo King is available in many different themes which you get you unlock as you advance and earn more coins. Being a multiplayer as well as both online and offline game, you can compete with anyone from around the world at a given time and when offline, you have the option to play with computer. All you have to do is now roll your dice and make it home! 

Criminal Case

Most of us have played detective before, right? With criminal case. here is your chance to unleash your inner detective and solve murder mystery cases. The game is available offline to play and is free of cost, but there are certain elements which you can purchase in the game if you want. 

Here, you will have to put your investigative skills to use and find the killer of of the character Rosa Wolf in the game, which took place in the town of Grimsborough. Assist the police, and uncover hidden objects throughout the game which will lead you to the murderer. You will also get to interrogate suspects, collect clues and analyze them to solve the case. 

Indian Train Simulator

This game is going to take you a rail journey full of adventure and fun, where you act as Karthik Kumar, who is the Assistant loco Pilot and is just beginning his career with the Indian Railways. 

Indian Train Simulator is played in a story mode where you can find more than 20 challenge levels to choose from. It does not end here. You can even create a trip of your own choice. There are stations in 32 different cities of India – Mumbai, New Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Surat, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune and more. There are many amazing features like AI intelligence trains, photo mode, realistic sounds for horns and motion, etc., which make this game one of the best train simulator in India. 

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Try to survive till this multiplayer shooting game, which has been developed by as an inspired game from the original stickman shooter known as Doodle Army. 

When playing online, this game supports multiplayer feature with maximum six players, and while playing it offline, you have access to the survival mode. There is a wide range of weapon choice available which are all very modern and you can use them in any of the 20 maps available or you to explore. 

Subway Surfers

One of the most popular and best no wi-fi games you can find out there, Subway Surfers is must try, if you have not till now. Did you know it is based on a similar real life incident of the person with same name as the character Jack? 

It is a running game where you are trying not to get caught by the policeman chasing you and while running you have to collect coins, special prizes, boosts and dodge obstacles like trains and walls in your way. The graphics are amazing and there are many new updates being added constantly. Compete with your friends or play offline, it is all up to you. From futuristic hoverboards to jetpacks, you can use them to give yourself a boost when you are falling behind. 

Ashpalt 8 – Car Racing Game

Developed by Gameloft SE, Ashpalt 8 is a perfect fit in this list of best no wi-fi games, which features both offline and online mode as well as multiplayer and single player mode. 

Experience the thrill of fast and furious with this racing game, where you get access to licensed and luxury cars and motorcycles. There are amazing and beautiful scenarios the race takes place in, like Tokyo. You can even customize your vehicles and also collect limited edition and A list vehicles as well. This simulation racing game is one of the best experience you will have, where you can perform many stunts, airborne or on road. 

Ready. Set. Go. 


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