Top 10 Best Night Vision Apps For Android and iOS

Most of the time your selfie clicking or photos clicking streak with your friends gets hampered due to unavailability of night vision feature in your phone.

 Not every device provides this feature of night vision but now you don’t have to worry about this problem because we have brought you ‘Top 10 Best Night Vision Apps for you.

You just have to download any of the Night Vision Apps mentioned below and Yippee! Now you can capture your best moments with your family and friends.

 Now you might be thinking what night vision actually is? Night Vision provides you visibility in low light environment and is often used by military.

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You might have seen Night vision in many war movies and battle royal games, now this technology is also available in mobile for capturing pictures and videos. Many phones have inbuilt feature of night vision but you have to pay a lot of money for those high end devices.

There are many night vision apps but they don’t give you proper results and crashes while using, to avoid this we have sorted list of best night vision apps which work properly and give proper results.

 If you have good photography skills then these apps will surely help you in clicking some best shots in dark or in low light area, so let’s get started with 10 Best Night Vision Apps. 


Night eyes

Night eyes-Night Camera is night vision app which provides you some amazing features. 

It is exclusively compatible on iOS devices, so iOS users need not to worry about dark because its complex algorithm provides amplification in your camera brightness and clicks best photos. 

You get filters available in many colors allowing you to see smallest of details. App also allows you to change modes like portrait and landscape, 10x zoom and supports LED lights. 

This night vision app provides light enhancement feature which makes your pictures more clear and bright.



As the name suggests this night vision app will surely illuminate your photos with brightness and clarity in dark environment. 

It has features of five apps in one, allowing you to capture photos without causing flash blinding or red eyes. 

You can also use Illumes as a tool to move in dark environment and create a way without any hindrances. 

Illumes will surely make your night outs with friends a night to remember and you will be able to capture some best selfies with your friends. 

You can even search your lost items under your bed or couch where light can’t reach. This app is inly compatible on android devices.

Night Vision Camera Phone Joke

night vision camera jokeNight Vision Camera Phone Joke is a simulator game which allows you to see everything at night. It’s an entertainment app which allows you to have fun at night. 

You can prank your friends using it and play with them. It increases the sensitivity of the light allowing you to see at might. It causes no harm as it is only a simulator night vision gaming app.

NightVision light

Next comes the NightVision Light App which is compatible on both android and iOS devices. 

It usually turns the screen of your smart phone into red lit flash which can be further be adjusted to brighter or dimmer by swiping on the screen. 

You can use this app as a telescope and observe celestial objects to some extent. This Night vision app is very much feasible to use and you can save all settings to use it later.



Elro Night Vision Camera IP is an easy to use app which allows you to view and monitor IP camera by using your iPhone. 

You can keep a watch at your home through this app because it notifies you whenever PIR censor detects a motion. 

It has auto and manual recording, so all your videos will be recorded and saved automatically. 

Your camera will be accessible through 3G or wifi and push notification is supported. This app also gives bright pictures of your home in dark environment, so your home will be safeguarded 24/7 by this app.

Night Camera

night camera

Night Camera is one of the most rated night vision app on App store which gives you perfect pictures at night. 

Picture quality that this app provides is outstanding and even you can use this app in morning because of extended exposure and less interference.

It has 6x zoom allowing you to take HD pictures with great precision and it also has timers for night visions so you can take un-blurred images now.

This app supports LED light, front and back camera and EXIF data. So you can surprise your friends by snapping more HD photos now and boast about your photography skills in front of them.

Night Vision Flashlight thermo

nightvision flashlight

Night Vision Flashlight thermo is another app which provides you night vision which is compatible on both android and iOS devices.

It helps you to see better at night by providing thermal vision. You can even take screenshot of your HD picture. 

So now no need to take torch with you because this app will help you with its thermal vision and it is very much easy to use.

Night Mode Camera

night mode camera

Next is very fast and simple app called Night Mode Camera which is exclusively compatible on android devices. Very feasibly you can take bright and illuminated pictures at night.

 You can record video by changing camera’s sensitivity as well as set any 1-8x zoom and can capture nature’s beauty in one shot. You can also organize your own library and save them in your phone. 

Share your capture photos to Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to show others your skills.

Night Vision Thermal Camera

night vision thermal camera

Next comes another popular night vision app which gives you options like thermo vision filter and UV vision filter allowing you to take better pictures. 

It is a fun app and very easy to use, you can take your thermal pictures and share it with your friends and see how you look through predators eyes. 

It can detect 100 different objects and has zoom functions. This app constantly updates itself keeping it bugs free and has hassle free functioning. 

Virtual Night Vision

virtual night vision

Next on our list is Virtual Night Vision app which is developed by Defpotec studios optimized for android and iOS users.

This app helps you with taking photos in lowest luminosity present and provides some fun feature like thermal imaging, green mode and binoculars. 

It gives you smooth, fast and powerful display along with 8x live zoom. This night vision app provides you some amazing features like multiple live color modes ranging from black to blue filters. Produces HD images with X-ray effect and saves it automatically to your gallery.


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