Best 7 Naked Scanner (Prank) Apps For Android

If you have searched this topic, you are wanting prank someone. Making Fun of other is funnier than listening to joke. This is even more intersecting when you are with your friends. So, pranking someone in your friend circle male or female makes everybody laugh and makes you the coolest person in your group. The prank is healthier than making a joke of someone as this does not hurt the feeling of other and also make them laugh also.

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Increasing technology makes a sense of fear among us that it can do anything. For example, there is a time that everybody thinks of google which can see under your clothes too. Even though there is thinking also that there are some X-ray cameras which came to see under your clothes. It’s all seems funny for just a moment but if you planned properly then you prank anybody by believing him or her that this is possible and you can see under her or his clothes.

So, we have gathered some fake body scanner apps that will help you prank your friends. And rest is on your performance that whether they believe you or not. Then you check some of the following Naked Scanner Apps.

ap1Body scanner sexy photos prank 18+

This App is for only fun purposes only. They are no such apps that work on such technology which scans your body. This has pre-determine images of the girls in underwear. There is no artificial intelligence in play. You just make Fun by pulling out the phone and create the hype by the icon of the app itself. If you are a master at pranking someone then this app will help you to the half road of your prank.

So, try it on your female friend and scare them that you can see under their clothes with these apps. Unless and until your female friend is comfortable otherwise you can receive a slap on your face too.

ap2Smart Body Scanner Real Camera Prank App

This the second android app in our list by using which you can trick your male and female friends. This asks you a series of questions like whom you want to scan male or female, indoor or outdoor, old or young, in daylight or dark, and so on. In the end, it will open the camera and show you the scanned image. And there is the tricky part about it is the image. In the image every time you have seen the middle finger showing women.

There are no photos of the women or men in their underwear as in the previous app. And the annoying part is that it shows ads very frequently. So, if you want to build suspense for your prank then this is suitable for you.

ap3Body Camera Scanner (Prank)

This app is another fun-making tricky app. This app asks you certain questions like whether you want to scan males or females. Then this will ask you want a front or back scan and a lower or upper scan. And there is no naked scanned image but a black and white image that shows internal organs. So this makes your prank funny and offensive-free as there is no naked image. So if pranking and tricking your friend can be made fun of by this app. So download the app and have fun with your buddies.

ap4Body Scanner: Man & Women Clothes Removers (PRANK)

This App is that justify its work. This means if you truly want something to trick your friends then for sure you must have to check this one. This is different from the other cloth remover prank app. This asks you the as usual question for scanning the image of the body as the other apps of its category ask. Then you have to fit the person figure in the dotted area, the after it shows the scan result. You just have to erase the part of the body, So that you can remove their cloth and see under.

There is the predetermined image of the body of the figures themselves. So if you are pranking someone and involving him or her in the process that how you can remove their clothes with this app, then a moment will come when they truly will in your prank. There is an option to save the image in the gallery so that you can share it with your friend’s group.


ap5Full Audrey Body Scanner-woman Body Scanner Camera

This is very similar to the above app do no confuse with the name of the App or the Icon. This Similarly Ask you the same questions to engage the person whom you are pranking. And then the Dotted women’s outer body diagram comes to fit your figure of concern. And erase the part to the underneath women and men body. The main thing they lack is the images are of the gym person, Yeah they give laughter to the person whose body though not so well fit. If they provide us to choose the image according to the body shape and sizes.

ap6Scanning body and undressing people PRANK

This App is the most liked App and the most downloaded one also. Because of simple to use interface it gives you the best experience than the remaining apps. The functioning is also quite different as you have provided the options of capturing the picture or choose an image from the gallery. As the image is selected there is an image of a female or male figure, which you can change with the option provided, hovering over. You can stretch the image to fit whom you are pranking.


ap7Photo Retouch – AI Remove Objects, Touch & Retouch

This is an awesome option for those who want to take Pranking on another level. But there requires a little bit of expertise to operate this app as this app is an image editing app. Surely, the results are astonishing. You have to just take any picture and use its removing feature which will blend the clothes of any person with its skin color. This will all depend on the person how he or she will use it.

You can also add the desired underwear to the figure or even swap the body. This app will let you prank and also make a joke about some person. The most intersecting feature about this app is its easy-to-use software that is mainly focused on removing the software. Yeah, this, not the naked scanner but yeah this will do what you are looking for.



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