Top 10 Best Music Theory Apps For iOS & Android In 2023!

Music is an art which requires perfection through practice and music theory is one of the most integral part in that path. For the ones who want to lay a cemented foundation of skill and knowledge in their journey of music, we have compiled best music theory applications here. 

For a mere listener, it is difficult to differentiate the subtle notes, pitch, chords, tones etc. But as a musician, one must know the importance of each element that goes into composing music. 

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For example, when you are cooking, it is necessary that the blend of spices you add to any dish are balanced and the taste is enhanced to bring out the best flavors. Such is the case with good music, and just like the key to presenting a well balanced meal lies in its recipe, music theory plays a similar role.   


Best Music Theory Apps

Treble Cat 

Treble Cat by Melody Cats is specifically focused on identifying and grasping the concept of notes. This app has been designed by keeping young children in mind, to make their learning process easier, fun and interesting. 

The ability to read and understand notes is one of the most fundamental step when it comes to becoming a good musician. This app has around 80 levels, each becoming more challenging as you keep progressing. 

But no doubt, it will help you overcome the difficult parts where you might feel stuck and ultimately, master the skill of reading and understanding notes. Treble Cat has been formed in collaboration with professionals – both educators and musicians, which makes it definitely worth a try. 

Rhythm Cat – Read Music 

Another one of Melody Cats, Rhythm Cat here lets you read and understand rhythm, as the name suggests. 

This app provides an interactive and engaging platform to learn how to read basic music rhythms through its progressively challenging 60 levels filled with questions. 

Similar to Treble Cat by Melody Cats, this is also formed with the help of professional educators and musicians. This is one of the best apps for kids and its appealing visuals are the cherry on the cake. 

Music Tutor (Sight Reading)

Music tutor is one of the best music theory apps out there which helps you develop your sight reading skills and not just stay rely on your auditory skills. 

This way you will be able to understand music much fluently and it will go a long way towards helping you compose good music. 

With music tutor, you can work on your accuracy and speed through various practice tests available, which are also available to review your mistakes later and improve upon them. 

During these sessions, the note will be displayed on the screen and you will have to identify it. There is also a feature within this to turn on/off the audio of the note displayed. You can either use this to sharpen both auditory and sight reading skills or simply turn the audio off. 

Sheet Music Scanner 

Sheet Music Scanner

This app is one of the most unique and useful app when it comes to Music Theory processing. Whether you are a beginner or expert in music, you may find it difficult to imagine how a sheet music may sound.

You have to play every symbols in order to get the melody it represents. But now by using this app, you could instantly listen the music a sheet represents.

You just have to scan the printed music sheet and this app gives you option to play the sound it offers over so many music instruments along with various configuration.

It supports more than 35 musical instruments and you can learn a music sheet melody over any of these in depth. You could play any part of the sheet on any device.

This app has some super powers like scanning Music sheet from an image, you just have to place it i fromt of camera and you are good to go.

It understand most of symbols and supports speed 50 to 330 beats per minute. It facilitates cloud storage via any external application and have export functionality to fetch your work.

All this is available in just a minimal price over playstore and appstore. Its a must have app for Music enthusiasts.

Chord ai: Real-time cord recognition 

One of the best app available out there, Chord ai can recognize more than 600 different cords and is a really helpful tool for beginners to learn their most favorite songs or skilled musicians to differentiate and understand the music where rare chords are played. 

For you to trace and play the chords on your instrument such as Guitar, Ukulele and Piano, Chord ai has a full dictionary to help you in that. 

This app is quite simple to use, and even works with the exception when you wish to stream music offline from audio or video service platforms. Basically there are three ways the app can be used by you. 

First, whether its a song playing in your vicinity or by your own device, this app tracks it and displays the chords in real time. You can even retrace it to the beginning and listen to it along with the chords again. 

Another way it works is that, it processes the music/audio files present  on your device in a matter of few seconds and presents you the chords of the entire song. Last but not the least, its compatibility with video streaming services is another way it helps the users. 

Music Theory Companion with Piano and Guitar 

This Music Theory Companion app is one of the most inclusive and best app for music theory students and helps you in multiple ways. 

From studying notes and chords to understanding voice leading and modulations, and then applying them later while composing music, this app accompanies you in all. 

One of its many usages is the music theory study wherein it not only provides detailed study of chords but it can also be used a free study guide, containing several music theory articles. 

One of the most used musical tool, Circle of Fifths, is also available and with the help of this, you can also derive chord progressions for the available modes and scales. Another interesting tool, Scale Practice, works as a vocal training for singers. With these and many more tools. Music Theory Companion is definitely worth a try and can be used as Guitar App as well.  

Theory Lessons 

This is an iOS only app featuring around 39 music theory lessons, in original animated version and are derived from You can find the complete list of its 39 lessons in the app store. 

The areas where Theory Lessons focus on include different types of chords, scales and meters. Not only this, you can also find lessons on intervals and triads. You can give this app a try if you want to perfect music theory. 


An app full of 24 exercises, providing high customization as per your needs, is a must try. This app features another fascinating tool, musical calculators. 

It provides access to six musical calculators, namely, intervals, scales, chords, accidentals, twelve tone matrices and analysis symbols. 

Tenuto also has the option to operate in dark mode, with large white areas being dimmed accordingly. The previous issues of audio lag while in Bluetooth mode has also been fixed by the developers.

EarMaster – Music Theory

An app meant for all from a beginner to advanced, EarMaster is the training for your eyes, ears and mouth, i.e., its major focus is on ear training, sight reading and rhythm. 

It is one of the top rated app, with amazing reviews, and thus ultimately making it to this list. The app has two versions – free and paid. In the beginners course, the first 20 lessons are free. 

There are also several other lessons for you to try, ranging from complete ear training, rhythm training to jazz workshops as well as the option to customize almost everything as per your needs. 

EarMaster also keeps a detailed statistics of your performance, to help you track your progress and learn and adapt as per your mistakes. 

Music Theory, with Audio 

A creative brainchild of Brainscapes, Music Theory uses proven cognitive scientific techniques to provide you with an efficient learning experience to help you expand your knowledge of music theory, develop and improve your listening skills, understanding complex chords and also learn in depth about your favorite classical composers. 

With vast variety of tools supported, it could be used as Music Instrument App as well.

The wide variety of training it provides comes in the form of Music Theory Flashcards, which are 15 audio decks in total, namely, composer trivia, music symbols, key signatures, harmonic cadences, world performance halls trivia, common concert instruments, advanced melody ear trainer, beginner rhythm trainer, interval ear trainer, Chord ear trainer, the 7 modes, Non-chord tones, closely related keys, name that chord and beginning chord theory. 


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