Top 10 Best Movie Player Apps For iOS & Android

Now a day’s smartphone have become essential source of entertainment. Whether you want to hear songs, watch movies, or shopping everything is at your fingertip. Movie Player Apps are high in demand for enhancing the movie playing experience.

And along with this you can easily connected with people virtually over your phone. But despite that you need to install some apps to cope with the loneliness when no one is around.

Some years ago offline media was the only source of entertainment but now we are in the world of OTT platform. It gets much easier to watch your favorite shows and movies on these platforms.

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But when you are in no network zone or out of subscriptions these OTT platforms are of no great help. So you must need an external media player that can help you watch movies offline.

Though every smartphone comes with an internal movie player, but sometimes these players don’t support every file.

But you don’t need to stress about anything in the market there are tons of movie player apps available in the market that allows you to watch media offline.

Along with this these apps support multiple file that can easily run on your smartphone. Here we have curated some of the best apps that also allow you to surf video online. Let’s have a look.


Best Movie Player Apps

KM Player

KM Player

KM player is one of the highly rated and easy user interface app that can playback all types of subtitle and video.

It can also work with multi-channel audio. And all thanks to its excellent built-in codec that supports high definition video playback like HD, 4K, 8K and UHD.

It has enormous features like color adjustment, equalizer, speed control, subtitle settings and timer function.

And not even this you can also search video and audio directly from this app. Besides this you can create your own playlist and enjoy as much as you want.

Player Extreme

Player Extreme

Player extreme is another movie player app that is worthy of having on iOS and Android devices.

This app allows us to watch movies in floating window and use other programs. And we can also change the size of window and fully control the playback.

It support many video formats like 3gp, Mp4, mpeg, wmv, and many more. And it’s one of the best feature is that we can hide video from people’s eye by protecting it with password.

We can even download the videos from networked devices and play files from the email attachments.



Photon is an amazing and versatile movie player app that allows watching video in any format. You get many controls with this app like scroll bar, volume slider, and playback control button.

And the whole app works on a simple gesture function all you have to do is swipe and it’s done.

Besides this it has playback content in picture in picture mode and split view. That allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies in background while doing your own business in parallel.

Moreover it takes only a little place in your phone and also allows you to customize the app.

MX Player

MX Player

MX player is handy gesture player with huge number of format support and gestures. This app organizes the content and shows in the form of beautiful posters.

You can also play video in the background. Apart from this you get huge description of a particular movie and show.

In addition to this it also allows you to customize the player with different themes, multiple language support and easy switch b/w audio tracks and.

And its most inciting feature is that you can even trim the favorite part of any video and save in your gallery.



By default VLC move player as just a window active app. But now it’s easily available for both iOS and Android users.

This app has a modest system requirement that contain huge number of settings. It supports mostly all video formats.

It also allows you to launch any video and cut the player window. Along with this you can easily synchronize with other platforms like Google Drive, One box, iTunes and many more.

With this app you can easily download and share to other media services and web.

Power Video

Power Video

Power video player is a powerful tool to playback any type of videos easily on iOS and Android devices.

This app supports many video formats like 3GP, MKV, MOV, MP4, and WMV. It also allows you to import video on cloud service and directly access it from the same place at a time.

However, the features are not limited up to here; it also has many other options like editing tools, import export function, support to open many documents and video recording.

Besides this it easily scan the contents of phone memory and displays all video at one place.

Real Video

Real Video

This movie player is simple yet versatile app for both iOS and Android users. This app enables you to stream videos direct form your phone and from the online networks.

Along with this you can easily sort out and customize videos as per your choice. You can also add video to your personal folder that others can’t access.

This app has minimalist interface that combine the ease of use and functionality needed to view content from device.

Moreover it also provides easy navigation through all the data sources and parental control option.

MP Classic

MP Classic

MP classic is another popular app that comes with multi format support and easy user interface. It also supports the most basic formats, subtitles and external audio tracks.

And it arranges all of your content in a beautiful library that eases the burden of searching any file.

Moreover the whole app interaction is totally based on the gestures. Beside this it also enable you to store your content on cloud service.

And you get many other features like video editing, subtitle selection, zoom in & out and screen lock.

Infuse 6

Infuse 6

Infuse 6 is another beautiful way to watch videos in any formats. This app enables you with powerful streaming options, Track sync, unmatched airplay and subtitle support.

It has gorgeous interface and smooth playback .This app can play high definition video even from other devices and network.

Along with this you get many features like airplay; google cast option, Trakt 2 way sync, optimizes subtitle and much more.

In addition to this you get other options like color schemes, playback history and speed control.

Power Media Player

Power media player

Power media player is an easy user interface app that allows you to enjoy videos and movies in extraordinary way.

It enables you to conveniently organize a media library regardless of its size. And due to multi format support, your collection of series and movies can be easily imported in the app itself.

Along with this you get some other features like hassle free file conversion, streaming photos & music wirelessly, one click touch up to fix lightening and brightness.

And its best feature is that your content is easily categorized as per genre.


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