Best Movie Downloading Apps In 2023!

Is it possible to download movies on our mobile phone? If you thought that there was not the possibility of having all the chapters of your favourite series or the most anticipated film premiere of the year from your smartphone, we invite you to discover two of the best applications to download Android movies.

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The speed of the download, the quality of the files or the graphical interface of each of these proposals, have been the most valued aspects when selecting them. So choose one of them, and start enjoying the audiovisual universe directly from the palm of your hand. 


8 Best Apps for Android to Download Movies


Although this program was quite popular on our PCs and Mac’s, today we can also find a version for Android, so downloading a movie to the internal memory of our smartphone or the microSD card is possible thanks to uTorrent. 

Of course, as it is a protocol to download large files (+100 MB), we must make sure that we have enough space. 

As for speed, it is not necessary to worry, although the official uTorrent application is in the beta phase, it already has many functionalities, all of them aimed at getting the best out of our downloads on the internet.

On the other hand, the design of the application is another point that stands out at first glance. Its interface, while still being attractive, has the greatest possible simplicity, as well as being very intuitive, since we can locate the menus and sections very easily.


Showbox is another application to download movies that you can get via APK. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You do not have to pay a subscription, it is free. It allows you to choose the film of your preference in any language, with a minimum download time.

No matter the size of the multimedia file, with this app you can change the resolution while downloading or while watching the movie online. Also, it gives you the option to share your movies on other devices using syncing.

It has a wide catalogue of movies of any genre in HD. You can’t stop having Showbox. Oh, it has no download limit. So, you can download all the movies you want! We recommend this app exclusively to view content that is not protected by copyright or broadcasting rights.


Probably the first thing that comes to mind is why we consider Telegram as an application to download movies. 

Well, if you still don’t know, this messaging app allows you to download the best feature films through the groups and channels option. At this point, the big question is: how to download movies on Telegram? We tell you to step by step:

  1. Open the Telegram app and go to the ” Chats ” option. Press it to enter.
  2. Search for the channel in the top bar. For example, if you enter “ Movies ”, you will get channels like “Zona Cinefilos HD” and “Dale Play Movie”, among many others.
  3. Tap the channel whose content you want to see. Upon entering, you will see a conversation with all the added movies. Just like in any other chat, you have to swipe up to see the oldest messages.
  4. To download a movie, tap the download icon that appears at the top left of the video thumbnail. Next to it, you will see the size of the file and its duration.
  5. When the process is complete, the file will be ready to open and play from the mobile’s internal storage.

As a user, you can talk to the group administrator through a bot to request a specific movie or join the channel to receive updates with the latest news of the seventh art. Of course, you can also download series chapters and other content!


If uTorrent — for whatever reason — doesn’t work for you, try this sister app. It is from the same company, BitTorrent. With it, you can download movies, songs, soundtracks, books, programs and everything you can think of, as long as you find the torrent, of course. 

This app allows you to divide the file you are downloading into five parts to speed up the download process.

If at any point you experience an interruption, you do not have to download from scratch because it recovers the point where it left off. 

It has no speed limit, makes the torrent search easy and supports magnetic links. Of course, be careful with torrents of doubtful origin and always respect the download laws of your country 


The world’s most popular video platform is also a great tool for moviegoers. Not only does it serve to see the best videos of our favourite influencers, but we also find copyright-free movies. 

It is useful if you are a lover of classic cinema, since we can find them in the best quality and, in addition, we will not have any problem downloading them on our device. 

Whether you are looking for movie classics, the premieres of your favourite series, musicals or television channels, with Show Box everything is possible. 

You can download all the multimedia content you want or play it directly online, check the best movies from IMDB, filter them by year, ratings or genres, and with the help of third-party apps, you are free to download your content.


If you don’t mind paying a monthly fee, Netflix can also adapt to what you are looking for. Simple design and easy to use interface, these two options are suitable for the Netflix app. 

Yes, they have a desktop site with millions of users and now; they have the app version for enjoying movies on the go.

All popular TV series are available in this app which you can choose and start playing. After clicking on a movie thumbnail, you can see basic information like the story, genre, cast, etc. that it is necessary to know before starting to read it. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has more followers and users every day. It has many very popular movies and series, and many other originals from Amazon Prime. 

Do you want to know its catalogue before subscribing? Take advantage of the 30-day free trial period.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an internet connection 100% of your time. With Amazon Prime Video you can download movies – also series – and then watch them from wherever you want. And if you like to watch your favourite movies on the big screen, share them with your smart TV. 

With this Amazon app, you will find many things of interest among its more than 100,000 Subtitles available. 

Also, it gives you access to information about your favourite actors and actresses, the music and many curiosities related to what you choose to see. It’s from one of our favourite download apps. Not to be missed!


If you fancy a good afternoon of popcorn and the best Hollywood movies, Popcornflix is a 100% legal app that offers you more than 700 free movies without subscription or payments. 

What is your secret? Its system is based on the reproduction of films with commercials, that is, as in the typical broadcasts of TV channels.

However, its developers assure that the amount of advertising is lower when compared to traditional cable television. On the other hand, the service adds new titles of all genres to its catalogue daily – comedy, action, thriller, drama … -. It also includes a section for TV series.

Although it is not an app to download movies itself – the content is only seen in streaming – we consider it worthwhile, especially if you want to see movie classics. Popcornflix is available for Android and iOS. To access all its content, you have to use a VPN from the United States. And to pop, it has been said!


These are the Best Free Movie Downloader Apps that you can download and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows. All of these Movie Downloader Apps are Equal, and you will not face any major problem while using them.

Some of the apps are not available in the Google Play Store, but you can get them from a third-party app store; which will work perfectly. So download these apps and tell us which app you liked the most and want to recommend to other users.


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