Top 10 Best Monopoly Game Apps For Android & iOS

If you are a person who likes to play vintage board games then monopoly board game is here for you. These Monopoly apps can make your binge time such a learning process for new skill.

It’s a decade old popular game that gives you a place to test your business tactics, buy and sell properties, bankrupting your rivals and become millionaire or increase your wealth. There are huge variety of monopoly board games for both android and iOS users.

In fact this game is well known for taking many hours to complete. It is not just an aid for the people who want to get in to business world but also it gives you a great deal in spending time with your family and friends.

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Since the time of its origin, game is now available in 114 countries and 47 languages. And billions of people played this game are still continuing with the adventure.

These board games are easy to access on your smartphone that too free of cost and they all are equipped with easy user interface. Here we have selected some best monopoly board game that will compel you to get it as soon as possible.


10 Best Monopoly Apps

Monopoly Bingo

Monopoly bingoMonopoly bingo is one of the most popular and award winning game app. It is one of the best games that give more bingo cards than any other game.

You get to start your game with multiple cards simultaneously on app and win bumper prizes. 

And its interesting feature is that you get access to collect community chest, building houses & hotels and visit different monopoly property to increase your fortune.

This app is easily available to both iOS and android users. So get your board up and start calling Bingo.

Monopoly Slots

Monopoly slotsMonopoly slots  is another popular game that gives you a chance to become a millionaire. This game gives you your favourite elements with best slot machines.

From top hat, battleship, science play to fruit slots mania and casino you get everything free on your smartphone.

Its most interesting feature is that we get a chance card to boost our luck and increase our wealth.

The more you advance in game the more you earn to build and design the city. So step in to this fun zone and be a millionaire.

Landlord Tycoon

landlord tycoon

Landlord tycoon is an interesting monopoly game exclusive only for android users. 

This game is totally based on reality that means you can trade the properties on their actual location using artificial GPS.

You can build, design and upgrade your estate umpire to earn more and get more profit than your rivals. It’s most unique feature is that you earn every time when someone check in to your property.

And you can even invite your friends and challenge them to see who the best is. So if you are looking for an app where you want to brush up your financial skills then this is just for you.



Boardkings is also one of the popular game available for both ios and android users. This game allows you to customise your board.

You can connect to your social sites and invite friends and family to earn more goodies, coins, stickers and much more.

It’s most interesting feature is that you can add famous landmarks and decorate your board.Not even this you can destroy your friend’s board and earn more profit.

It’s free but you can buy some more features with real money and win more.



Quadropoly is classic property trading monopoly board game. It’s most interesting feature is artificial intelligence which helps you to become a trading expert.

You can easily build, rent, buy, sell and rob others to increase your wealth. Along with this you get 6 difficulty levels that you can choose as per your comfortability on game start.

It’s a fun game to brush up your negotiation skills and data science ethics. So look away iOS users this app is exclusively available only for android users

Family’s Game Pack

Family's Game Pack

Family’s Game pack is unique strategy based monopoly board games. You get exclusive collection 45 traditional boards set.

And all these set further categorised in different modes like strategy, family classic, cards, solitaires, dice games and much more. 

This app allows you to play 6 players at a time through Bluetooth or wifi in offline and online mode.

In short it’s a great place to show your strategic mind to the world. And it’s easily available to both android and ios users.



Europoly is an easy user interface board game which can be played among 2, 3, or 4 players. It is the best board game that gives you 15 different avtars that you can even customise.

You get a chance to visit Europe through a pawn and whenever a pawn lands on unknown property you can buy or auction it. See how fun it is to get that too free of cost.

And all this you get free of cost and with three levels of artificial intelligence.



Rento is one of the best dice board monopoly games. You will get this game in 10 different languages.

In this game you can buy, trade, spin the wheel fortune and can get highest place on leader board and earn more.

Its most intriguing feature is that you can bankrupt other players and become richest.And you can play it easily in offline and online mode with your friends or the world.

Business Board

Business Board

Business board is another popular dice game for both ios and android user. If you have ever been a ludo fan then this game is just for you.

The main goal of this game is to buy more property and get a chance to build more and bankrupt you’re rivals. You can buy, sell, rent, build houses trade and to become a millionaire before anyone else.

In short it is interesting and fun and card game that is just made for your entertainment buds.

Banker Free

Banker free is one of the latest and most popular time management genre games. It is an easy user interface game that is exclusively available for ios users.

The main focus of the game is to make you learn how to run a bank. This game gives you a place to become a bank manager and handle the whole staff and satisfy the customer needs.

You just have to fulfil the needs of customer like deposits, printing passbook, setting net banking and much more. And  you get all these exciting features on this small app for free.


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